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  1. Full time video/photo pro to work at the Manta Ray Bay Hotel in Yap, Micronesia. Sounds fun! Video/photo pro - land or underwater? Shooting daily videos, yes ... land or uw? Basically manning the dive shop which offer photographic/video services at the hotel or is it just a photo/video studio? Downloading photos and teaching classes, basic photography and video? Or underwater? How long is the contract for? Sounds interesting, Mike. We come as a package, my partner and I. She's a PADI OWSI and CMAS Instructor as well while I'm working on my DM License. She's had over 500 dives, I've already done over 250 dives. We have an underwater website up-pogopus.com. We both do underwatervideo and photography, I also do land as well if not better. I specialize in portraiture. I can teach and train. I've had 25 years of experience in the hotel and restaurant business. We also have a number of equipments and experienced in handling different cameras from the point and shoot film to digital to video. We both come equipped with MacBook Pros and very, very geeky when it comes to computers and multimedia.
  2. I AM, I AM. PLEASE EMAIL ME PHOTOS! What's included in the whole package and how much? Received your email but my smtp server's down, couldn't reply through email.
  3. I've flooded not just one Nikon SLR, but three and all of them came back unrepairable. And guys, thanks for the advices, I appreciate it very much. If I get an ikelite casing, would my other ports be still usable with the digital set-up?
  4. Hi! I'm also looking for an underwatercasing for my D100. How much are you selling your Subai and what's included?
  5. I've decided to switch from Film to digital and jumping in the water with my D100. Looking for Used underwater casing for it and planning to buy either a D80 or a D200 set-up. Which path should I take? D100? D80 or D200?
  6. I'm interested in your Ikelite Housing for the D100. The housing and the port, the whole package of everything of what you have for the Nikon D100. The complete system, how much do you want for them?
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