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  1. Will be fun to watch. We see the lemons off-shore in Jupiter, FL in the winter, and they are beautiful! Hopefully you will count lots of pups! Debbie
  2. Hi Mz Bonnie - Looks like a great time had by all. See you soon. Debbie
  3. Anybody know how to get Photoshop Elements 7 to read CS2 files from Canon Rebel t1i camera? The adobe website says the plug in I downloaded fixes the problem, but it still doesn't work. I downloaded the plug in, didn't work. I uninstalled 7, then reinstalled it, downloaded the plug in, didn't work. I downloaded plug-in, then restated computer, didn't work. When I check Editor help plug ins, the raw file 5.something is there, but still doesn't work. Anybody have a solution? Thanks for any and all help! Debbie
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