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  1. looks very intresting i really like my nauticam Nex-5 house so Im very tempted to by this espelicly if the 45 degree Nauticam viewfinder i useable. sorry for the spelling
  2. Has any one seen the new houseing in action ?
  3. its good to set the 40d to show the camera setting in the back lcd, some times its hard to see it on the top lcd.
  4. hi every one this is my first post on this forum. i em planing to by A UWphoto setup. fuji f31FD and WP-FXF30 housing and a sea and sea YS-110 strobe and optical cable. cold it be a good system? i will upgrade to a houst nikon d200 when the fonds allows it sorry for my bad speling im a from sweden
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