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  1. peanut_butter_01.wav I am trying to record a narrative for my video short. I'm using Adobe Sound Booth with a headphone set and microphone. On saying certain sounds such as B or P, I get, what I can only describe as over amplification of the syllable, which is unacceptable. I have tried various distances from the mic but there comes a point where the mic will not pick up the sound Any ideas as to how I can overcome this? John Dory
  2. Fantastic video and well thought out choreography. Did you have a lot of out takes? John Dory
  3. Lovely video - the dynamicism is fantastic! John Dory
  4. This problem has hopefully been resolved. I sent the housing back to L&M in June but they could not repeat the scratching thus I was charged for a new flip dioptre. I used this but again it was scratching. This time I returned the housing and my camcorder. It was recognised that there was a slght difference in my camera and the one used by L&M and it was pressing against the front of the camera. They have modified the tray which hopefully allows clearence. It would have been tested this weekend but thanks to the great British weather, my planned dive trip has been cancelled. There is always next week! John Dory
  5. Well that's blown my cover - being a girlie diver I posted that question in all innocence! I like Steve's idea of leaving the 'finished' project a few weeks before going back and making final changes - I think I will adopt that approach. I am always thinking I could have tweaked this and that a little more. Like uwxplorer I try different things - moving clips around, swapping start times etc and this is what eats time - getting it acceptable in not only my eyes, but putting myself in someone elses view. I have my favourite critters and must balance the story with what a viewer can put up with! It does take forever, but if one didn't enjoy the post filming aspect of it, I don't think anyone of us would be doing it. So yes it is worth spending the time and getting it perfect. John Dory
  6. This is a question I am often asked and as I have never timed myself, I don't know how long it takes to produce a film. I class my films as being as long as the music track that accompagnies them so could be 3 or 4 minutes long. With my present project I am recording the amount of time spentand so far I have spent about 10 hours on putting a film together against a 3 minute track. I'm probably 3/4 of the way through. How long have others spent putting a film together versus the length of the film John Dory
  7. Thanks very much for feedback re this problem. I had a look at the retaining screw but this is not the problem. I watched the action of flipping the dioptre and it is clearly scratching against the rim of the camera. It is not a superficial scratch - footage taken is unusable as it has a smear right across the centre! Spoke to L&M UK today and they are going to have a look at the housing. I will keep you posted John Dory
  8. Hi Peter Thanks for replying. I'm not sure if it is properly seated - I had assumed it was as it is a new piece of kit. Because it is a positve magnetic seating I cannot see that I could have got this wrong, but I am willing to take any suggestions. It is used with the standard flat glass lens. I will contact Light and Motion about this as it was rather disappointing and didn't allow me to do the macro work I had hoped for. John Dory
  9. I have just found this thread having returned from Lembah with my newly aquired L&M Bluefin housing and have found it very useful. My greatest disappointment with the housing was the flip lens - by day 3, I managed to scratch it in the housing. Had I done something wrong here? I was under the impression that I could quite happily change this when I wanted to change shooting from wide angle to close up. I hadn't touched the lens from inserting it in the housing so no user error from that point of view. I am using a Sony CX550E John Dory
  10. Thanks for all your help. After going back in, I discovered it was the settings. In reply to the computer spec, I have a 32 bit with a 4Gb RAM, but it seems to be coping OK at the moment. I will try putting a few extra channels to see if it still manages to play these. Once again thanks for pointing me in the right direction John Dory
  11. I have just downloaded my first HD video from my Sony CX550 into PremierePro CS4. On playback the clips are very jerky. I'm not sure if the settings are correct. If rendered, the workspace plays OK, however I never had to do this previously. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction for further help. John Dory
  12. Thanks very much for your reply, this has given me a starting point as to where to search John Dory
  13. Hi I have been using my Mako housing with a Sony 1000 camcorder for several years now but wish to upgrade to HD video. I have my eyes set on the Bluefin housing from Light and Motion, with the appropriate camcorder, as I know the systems and am very happy with it. However, my other half got talking to a salesman in an u/w camera shop and he was recommending using a compact stills camera such as Canon 550D in video mode. I have seen some footage and I have to admit I was impressed - the clarity was fantastic with no camera shake. My biggest concern about using this system would be stabilty. I like the Mako housing and feel it is a very robust camera to handle, particulary filming in British waters where one can experience currents. I don't know if I could get the same stability with a small housing such as would be with a compact. Anyone got any comments regarding this? John Dory
  14. Lovely! I am always fascinated with these comb jellies but like you never seen them gyrate! John Dory
  15. Sorry just realised I have put this in the wrong section - can it be moved easily?
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