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  1. Hi Dave I brought my Oly 5050 and inon180 from www.sea optic.com in Adelaide also have a good range of Lens to suit Talk to Carey Or David Cliff
  2. The washer is used for tighten the screw up the same as you wpould use a screw driver Cliff
  3. By leaving the defuser on it helps not to show the suspended particles floating around.
  4. Gooday everyone I had found the problem with the downloading It was actually that I had put another digitial camaera's program (Kodak shareware, I had brought my father in law a Kodak digita)l on the computer and it must of being reading the kodak camera and saying the device was nt ready. Once I removed the program the C5050 down loaded. Thanks Cliff
  5. Having problems with downloading from camedia Pro. Connect camera then ask camedia to down load and sends back message Device not ready has any one got ideas whats wrong Thanks Cliff
  6. Hi This my First post hoping some one can help me find than english Manual for the Inon D-180 stobe as they haven't put one out here in Australia as yet. Thanks Cliff
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