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  1. Just got the email from L&M! A new Tetra will be shipping this summer for the Coolpix 5000 including the ROC remote optical controller first seen on the Titan housings, which allows TTL, TTL bracketing, and manual strobe contol! Details are here: http://www.uwimaging.com/tetra_coolpix_5000/ These guys rock!
  2. Love the Cowfish! btw, your copyright is missing the copyright info... :cool:
  3. I'm working feverishly on getting my Bay Islands gallery ready, but I thought I might slip in a teaser here:
  4. Just got back off of the Bay Islands Aggressor, and the only wierd thing I noticed was when I left my nicad batteries charging overnite. Occasionally one charger (out of three) seemed to loose it's way and would show to be in charge mode in the a.m. when it should have been (and the other two were) fully charged. I suspect it was due to the generator swapping that goes on overnite. Nothing seemed to get damaged, and unplugging the charger and starting it over fixed the problem. As for my laptop, I left it plugged in for the entire week with no ill effects. Richard
  5. Like how quickly? Just got my Oly E20N and the first thing I notice is that they recommend the add-on battery pack for use with the Microdrive. Of course that's not gonna work in a housing! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh! Richard
  6. Are you saying that the LCD is blank, like not functioning? Or that you just cannot see it due to reflection etc.?
  7. True, I should have prefaced my remarks. In this context I was referring to higher end digital cameras. Sea & Sea film cameras (and the Nikonos for that matter) reinforce my point... they are a stable design that could be engineered and produced for a considerable lifespan. They don't release new models three times a year, just to stay current, as is the case with current digicam technology. For example, I purchased my Oly C-3030 in December 2000. Within a span of 8 months, Olympus released two improved versions of the camera. There will probably be a new one any day now. It will be interesting to see how S&S does with their digital offering. It could do very well with the same market segments that purchase their dedicated film cameras. BTW Allan, it would appear that you have the Sony DSC P5 and the PC5 (mini DV) confused.... Richard
  8. ... I think you're shooting for the moon. Dedicated U/W cameras are a drop in the bucket of the overall camera market, hence the demise of the Nikonos. Additionally, digital technology changes so fast that the engineering required to keep digital U/W up to speed, would just add to the economic infeasablility of marketing such a beast. I think that the U/W digital crowd (and the housing manufacturers) have been extremely fortunate the Olympus has kept the physical fomat of the C-3xxx and C-4xxx cameras basically intact allowing for camera interchangability and upgrade capability within a limited # of housings. Granted, your idea would be nice, but the market is driven like everything else in this world by profits. :cool: Richard
  9. Here's my Tetra/TLC/Ikelite rig (which will be for sale as soon as my Titan arrives!) Richard
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