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  1. Sogod Bay - Nov is considered early season so it is a hit and miss. I did have a wonderful experience when i visited in Nov 2006 http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v133/eri...e%20Nov%202006/
  2. pakman, i must say we got really lucky....the day didn't start great with overcast skies and light drizzles.... even the resort owner hasn't seen what we saw that day. And actually, there were 3 whalesharks in the scene, but i was too busy with the 2 at the surface feeding It was right after that that all aboard decided we couldn't top that and should break for lunch and hot tea in the cold weather. unlike your DMs, my guides suggested against using strobes. Politely i must say, for the enjoyment of all underwater. Then they all came round asking for their whaleshark photos. Well don;t blame me for the underexposure
  3. ikelite doesn't have the sexiest looking housing around, but there is 1 reason why I stick with them - Ike. My condolenses to Ike's family and staff. Thanks Ike, for helping rediscover my passion for diving.
  4. tks fellas From now to March would be a great time to go, although the peak is March. If u hate flying into Manila for connection, try via Singapore as i have mentioned. Better shopping in Changi Airport as well for the layover/stopover/connection. There are 2 operators there - Sogod Bay Scuba Resort and Peter's Dive Resort. I went with the latter (www.whaleofadive.com) The dive operators engage the locals at Sonok Village as spotters. The village elders have walkie talkies so they share info on where the whalesharks are along the bay. Are there as many whalesharks? Let's just say the spotters never fail to locate them on my trip, till we got tired of getting in and out of the water By the way, the best reef dives are the 3 house reefs. I wouldn't bother to do any other boat dives, other than Napantau, which is probably the best dive site in Southern Leyte and comparable to Bunaken, Sipadan and Crysrtal Bay (Bali). Dive it during some currents and you definitely see more fish action than when all is calm and easy. The down side is the wall will prob end in 15min during currents. All said, the whalesharks alone are worth the trip. But if you have a week to spare, i would strongly suugest you split the week btw Malapascua and Sogod Bay. I don;t think the resort will do whaleshark dives everyday, unless yours is the only dive group in the resort. Have fun and go before the crowd got wind of this place..... eric
  5. Discovered a place in Philippines which offer a better whaleshark experience than Donsol. The dive boat is bigger and you have the option to be on scuba. Also water vis is way better than Donsol. Season runs from Nov to March. From Singapore, there is even a budget airline (Cebu Pacific) flying directly into Cebu. i paid SGD 251 (USD 163) for my return airfare, all taxes included. Not bad for a 4 hr flight. Only downside is a baggage allowance of only 15kg for check in. Here are some of the pics: even met a fellow wetpixelian on the boat - diverdon a little video on the trip can be viewed here: http://eric7han.multiply.com/video/item/1
  6. I use a Fujifilm F810 to shoot the following video, with Alex's Magic Filter, 640X480 res in natural light......the inbuilt range is hardly wide enough so i use an Inon WA lens. You will prob need one too i guess any cam with a 640X480 res and whose housing has the capability to attach WA lens would work very well http://eric7han.multiply.com/video/item/1 eric
  7. For me , it would be 2 Singapore based photographers - Tony Wu and William Tan. It is not just their work I admire, but also their unselfishness in sharing their passion and knowledge in u/w photography. William sold me my first underwater strobe and both him and Tony started me on this long journey. Subsequently, the digital revolution began and that's where i came to know Eric Cheng, from his own website. His images made me a digital convert and he helped in my re-learning of photography with plenty of email exchanges. And through Eric, i came to know Wetpixel and that's where i met James Wiseman. My first DSLR housing was bought from him, an Ikelite Fuji S2 Pro. Similarly, James has been unselfish in sharing his knowledge and I probably learnt the most from him. There are many other wonderful people I met in this forum and others, but these are the fab 4 i'd like to give my personal thanks to. Eric
  8. WTG Karl...... Is your tiger shark shot one of them? Congrats and I can only droooool! Eric
  9. yes please steve....i notice a cut in my cable plastic casing recently
  10. awesome shots, everyone....tiger sharks, whales, sunbursts in cave and one potent shot which tells a whole lot of story. this is my fav for 2005, last dive of my trip. i had gotten my hippocampuses and harloquin shrimp and after shooting them, it was like, "phew! finally gotten them." but when i saw this fella, i just couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It's always the unexpected that let your heart skip a beat!! Eric
  11. Tried the FE hind another dome. Same problem so I sent the FE to Sigma Service Center and they claimed that lens suffered impacts and has alignment problems. So it could be a lens problem despite being able to take land pics. Anyway, will only find out after getting the lens back and retry it in the dome port. Thanks everyone for their contribution. Wetpixel rocks!
  12. Luiz, the lens focuses fine out of water but i haven't try teh min focusing distance. will do that. i think it should be fine. dealer / friend is away on dive trip, so i guess i can only borrow one next week
  13. how about asking your gf do an open water course in Manado? solve all your future problems as well. Eric
  14. awaiting for your reports on Pulau Weh. Operator claims you can see whalesharks crusing by from the beach at the right time of the year. Hope now is the right time of the year Matt: any u/w pics of Weh to share? Eric
  15. Craig, no problem triggering in MF underwater, except pics were not sharp. dhass, the lens is 3-4 years old. But the lens work perfectly fine onland, even behind the dome port. Problem arises only when i try to trigger underwater. Eric
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