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  1. Mariano, I really appreciate your comments. After my initial investment, camera, housing and strobe, I'm going to experiment in a pool to become familure with this new equipment. In July, I'll be departing to the Happy Island of Aruba and really put it to use. I'm sure after a few dives I'll be looking into getting a wide angle lens, but it will have to wait. Like I mentioned, I'm just getting my feet wet. Thanks Again!!! James from NJ
  2. I'm new to the Underwater Photography World. However, I'm quite experienced on land. I have a Fuji Finepix S2 Pro digital that I simply cannot risk or afford to submerge it. However, to compliment the Fuji, I'm looking into purchasing a Nikon 5000 digital that would serve as a back-up to my S2 as well as underwater photography uses. I've been reviewing articles and pricing on housings and it appears that the Ikelite Housing (6190) seems to be the answer for me as a beginning. I plan on purchasing one with a substrobe DS-50 for starters. However, I can't seem to be assured that the housing's interior TTL connector connects directly to the hotshoe of the Nikon 5000 Can anybody tell me if the TTL connector directly connects to the Nikon 5000 hotshoe? Also, if anyone has experience with this housing and strobes, I would appreciate your comments.
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