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  1. drew look I am fully aware that the camera has not been released yet. I happen to remember wetpixel having access to other new equipment for the purpose of a preview. I was simply asking them expedite the preview for us wetpixel members. The primary function of this camera is a camera. I'm sure as a video expert you were not counting on buying 5d2 then throwing your video camera into the ocean . I am a pro-photographer. Would I expect a video camera to produce a 21 megapixel image? No. With repect to viz'arts post that was for an aquatica housing but it may fit differently in say an ikelite housing. Instead of debating a bunch of forum posts I was hoping to see an official hands on preview by wetpixel. This is where wetpixel can use it's influence as a special interest group to get a production sample.
  2. come on team wetpixel... where's the review and the specs to tell us weather or not us 5d owners can use our existing housings?
  3. free lunch? I bought my 5d for $3100 when it first came out. And I am still happy with the images I can capture with it. Now a professional dslr comes out and has any type of video. HD video mind you. Probably better vid than any consumer video cam and your still not happy? I don't have to buy a video housing for my consumer video camera. I don't know how many lunches that buys you but considering an ikelite consumer vid housing runs around $800. I'm guessing you can get nice and fat. I can dive with one apparatus to capture video and stills. Then you throw in 21 mp in a compact full frame body. For $2699 that's a steal!
  4. Looks awesome! 21 megapixels heck yes. everyones worried about focus but I have a 5d and it is just as fast as my eos 3(45 focus points). Some weather sealing is better than none. I use my old 5d for topside shooting with no probs. The focus speed is super fast with the 16-35l ii. For the price being $2700 for an awesome still camera then hd video capability...there is nothing that can compare. I would rather have this camera than a 1ds mark iii. I have used both and let me tell you it's not the camera its the photographer. Or hd videographer Now
  5. Canon and Nikon dslrs have better focusing abilities than your olympus compact will. Not to mention zero shutter lag. I have a 5d with a ds200 and I do have some problems at night getting the aiming light right where I need it. Other than that It is very good at focusing better than I could do manually. good luck
  6. I was actually kidding about the mighty putty stuff. I bought a fantasea arm for around $15 on ebay and modded it for a ikelite 50. Has flexibility and strength for a light weight strobe.
  7. Wow I haven't read this post for a while. Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you do run a risk of burning the strobe out. That's why I converted a huge old Ikelite 150 that was just sitting there. I have popped the flash above water over 50 times in a row without a problem. I wouldn't take a 400ws strobe and do the same thing. The voltage is another concern you must measure the pc cord voltage. Just be very careful to measure the right prongs in the bulkhead! I actually got around the voltage problem by using radio slaves. I haven't actually used them to shoot anything other than test shots. But it is fun to play with...for a flash that is collecting dust.
  8. Have you tried that miracle paste stuff? You know the stuff that they used to make a coffee mug handle out of?
  9. don't do it! those things a not worth the risk.
  10. Wow, Thanks for all the replies. Could you imagine me showing up in a lousy 3 mil. My guide would have flipped out! I will make sure to check out the aquarium. I haven't been there in over 5 yrs. Thanks MBD for the tip to check out Backscatter.
  11. I will be diving with a guide from bamboo reef. They are the only ones who have replied for a Tuesday dive so far. I almost forgot about the thermocline factor! Temp would probably be in the 40's yikes. I can't wait to be freezing my butt off in the kelp though. I will definitely be renting a "7mm full wetsuit and a 5mm hooded vest. That or a 7mm farmer john/jacket combination" I will hit Catalina and Point Lobos in the future. After my bro gets off his butt and gets certified(he lives in Santa Maria). I am from Dallas so I don't get to dive that often. Thanks Y'all
  12. Thanks, That's good to know! I was kinda scared I might need a drysuit. I have never worn one and I don't care to learn on such a short trip. I will heed your advice and rent one in advance. Sounds like you know the Cali diving.
  13. Hi, I'm diving in cool water for the first time 55 degrees. I'm only doing two shore dives in the kelp. I have a 3mil full suit, gloves and plan to get a hood. Do you think that will be warm enough? I can dive in 83 degree water with just swim trunks for one hour and not get cold. Also does anyone have shooting advice for kelp/cold water? Thanks Robert
  14. Yes sorry was wrong it will give you 2x maginfication. Using Tele-extenders for macro are not an Ideal way to get true macro shots due to the way it magnifies flaws in the lens. Extension tubes are designed to preserve the optical integrity of the lens. However underwater the rules are a little different. Sorry for the confusion.
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