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  1. This is my last item to sell, I am flexible on pricing.
  2. 2 of the 3 fiber optic cords have been sold. One is still left - make a good spare.
  3. I have been out of contact for the past month. I am now back and am accepting offers on this.
  4. I ahve been unreachable for the past month. I am now back and need to sell this. Accepting offers. Thanks, Jerry
  5. I ahve bee out of reach for a month. I am now able to concentrate on selling these. Thanks, Jerry
  6. For sale, 3 Nauticam to Inon fiber optic strobe cables. One is a spare that has never been used. All 3 are in excellent condition. Asking $60.00 each. Please respond via e-mail to jwcondor@gmail.com
  7. For sale, one Fisheye FIX LED500DX focus light in excellent condition. It includes a red filter that flips up when not needed and a hot shoe mount. All is in excellent condition. Asking $135.00. Please respond via e-mail to jwcondor@gmail.com
  8. One Nauticam 180 degree viewfinder in excellent condition - $875.00. Please respond via e-mail to jwcondor@gmail.com
  9. The d90 housing and macro port have sold.
  10. I am splitting the system. I have sold the strobes. I am asking $875.00 for the viewfinder. Please e-mail at jwcondor@gmail.com if interested. Other prices on request.
  11. The Nexus Fisheye port, Nexus to Nauticam port adapter, and D300 housing have been sold.
  12. Attached are some images of the Nauticam D300 housing. The housing has had no major flood issues. It did have a couple of tablespoons leak into on one trip. It was immediately sent to Reef Photo Video for servicing (complete overhaul Jan 2012). It was used on only 2 trips since then. ALSO: I mad a mistake in entering the asking price. It should have been $375.00>
  13. I think I have responded to all the PM's. If not, please let me know and I will respond now.
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