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  1. What Aquatic Images said! Very nice shots and editing. What was the music btw? Videos like this just make me want to get in the water again.. it's been way too long! Cheers, Matt
  2. Hi, it's been a while since I last dived in Sardinia, but I have really good memories of the north-east region, round Isla Maddalena and Lavezzi (that dive site is actually off the south-east coast of Corsica). Lavezzi is a special place, because you can see lots of groupers at a site called Merouville ("Grouper city"). Generally speaking, expect very good visibility, not a huge amount of fish (compared with the Red Sea, obviously...), and nice underwater scenery. Check out these guys: https://www.scubapoint.info/en/ This being Italy, the food and wine are simply amazing! Cheers, Matt
  3. Really nice video Thani, especially for the current situation when most of us can't go diving due to lockdown. A pleasure to watch, all the way through. I love the way the fish just split, e.g. around 4'35", .... and those colours! Looks like a great dive site. Which lens were you using for the crocodile fish at 7'10"? Cheers, Matt
  4. I went looking for whalesharks, earlier this year.... no luck there, but plenty of mantas! [media]https://vimeo.com/352696720[/media] Mantas are at the beginning and again at 2:45. Panasonic GH5, Nauticam housing. Cheers, Matt
  5. Thanks for the comments! Yes, this was all ambient light, and the location was "Sheik Malek" - same general area as Abu Dabbab and Marsa Shagra. Seems there was a period when there were very few sightings and now there are more sightings... but it's probably just the same few individuals that are moving around. @aviator8 - I think you've identified what you have to do. Really look at the screen whilst you're filming. I try and lock my arms and rest my elbows against my body as well, but I think many of us probably have to discard some shaky footage from every trip! Also, sometimes I slow down 50fps footage to make it appear more stable. After that.... practise practise practise! Cheers, Matt
  6. After many attempts, I finally saw a dugong in the Red Sea: [media] [media] The rest of the video is just the usual Red Sea stuff, mostly in the 10-20m range so ambient light/manual white balance/red filter. For GH5 owners: the lizard fish (2'32") is what happens when you insert a 6K photo/video file (i.e. 18 megapixels at 30 fps) into a 50 fps video. The porcupine fish (2'13") was in a place that looked very dark, 15m down under an overhang. However I dropped the frame rate to 25 fps, and shutter to 25 too, with ISO at 1600. Quite good low light capability, at least for something that isn't moving fast. All constructive comments and criticisms welcome! Cheers, Matt
  7. Very nice. I really admire the macro work especially. What was your lens set-up? Cheers, Matt
  8. Hi, I would have thought that a liveaboard in the Maldives would be your best bet, or maybe South Africa but it's the wrong time of year for the sardine run. Having said that, even in the right season and the right area, I still didn't see a whaleshark in the Maldives during my last trip! Cheers, Matt
  9. I think this thread is even more topical now than when it was started, at least as regards video lights, which are becoming incredibly powerful. There's a thread on here at the moment discussing the merits of a light pumping out15000 lumens, e.g. I haven't seen any precise scientific data either, but what String said on 20 Jan is also my experience. Surely, we can use some common sense? who among us likes an incredibly bright light shone in their eyes? what about your kids and pets? isn't it just possible that marine life is, at the very least, going to become more wary over time with divers shining such bright video lights at them? (leaving aside the question of whether or not it's actually harmful). As divers, we surely have a responsibility to our fishy friends! Yeah, OK, morays and hunting lion fish at night don't seem to care.... As for strobes, well, I don't do photography, but 1/250' just doesn't seem like it would be the same as 20 seconds of bright video light in terms of impact on behaviour. Also what that scientific paper concluded with regard to sea horses. Just my 2c. Matt
  10. Very nice, especially the thresher footage. Must have been quite dark at that depth, so early in the day!
  11. Very nice! Especially at 1'45". It's like that nurse shark just wanted to test the autofocus capabilities.... Thanks. Matt
  12. Hey Thani, personally I find those colours absolutely awesome! I'll definitely try experimenting with a grey card next time out but, as you probably know, I'm actually really happy with the MWB on my GH5 (red filter/grey translucent plastic). Using ambient light like in your video gives everything a much more natural feel, IMHO, plus you avoid having to deal with backscatter and annoying the marine life with thousands of lumens in their eyes. At around 2'50" you were filming inside the wreck, and I'm pretty sure the GH5 wouldn't have handled that anything like as well. Very nice video! Matt
  13. GH5 + Nauticam. WB really does work, and 4K 50/60 is just great to have. 10-bit 1080 50p, 10-bit 4K 25p, 1080 up to 180 fps, 4K up to 1.... someone on here said they could not really think of what more to ask for, and I agree. In practice DoF depends on aperture surely? I use the PZ 14-42 3.5-5.6, and DoF isn't really an issue. I guess with your +5 diopter you would have to be careful, but one of the great advantages of 4K is that you can crop and still end up with a full HD image, so you don't always need to be fully zoomed in underwater. Also, 50p slowed down to 25p in post looks very smooth. I don't do macro, but the best macro stuff you see on vimeo etc seems to have been filmed with a tripod. Don't forget that you'll need a decent computer and good NLE to edit! Just my 2 cents! Matt
  14. @bubffm yeah, you may be right. Only way to be sure is to go on another dive trip and do some more testing... Anyway, I've done a revised version with colour correction now, and a different soundtrack of course ;-) https://vimeo.com/257754338 Matt
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