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  1. Congratulation Alex! My most favorite shot is:
  2. My Favorite for 2013 - a Manta Ray in Roca Partida Mexico:
  3. great shot of the Wolf Eel.
  4. You were lucky to meey the Humpbacks underwater I arrived there too late.
  5. I came back from a liveaborad on borad the Solmar V in the Revillagigedos Archipelago and the gallery is here: http://www.pbase.com/ilanbt/revillagigedos_archipelago_march_2013 We had a great time and spent 4 days in Roca Partida with great conditions. here are some samples: Black Manta at Soccoro: White tips in Roca Partida: Manta in Roca Partida:
  6. I had a good uderwater photography in 2012 here are my 2 favourites: 1. Gymnodoris ceylonica eating a sea hare 2. Eagle Ray:
  7. Nice captures, try to shot with bigger F Numbers it will darken the background.
  8. Great Shots! I love your www.flickr.com/photos/alextattersall galleries.
  9. The Anti Aircraft gun of the Thislgorm with the diver is great. I also browsed your pbase gallery and you have lovely shots of the Red Sea.
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