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  1. Congratulation Alex! My most favorite shot is:
  2. My Favorite for 2013 - a Manta Ray in Roca Partida Mexico:
  3. great shot of the Wolf Eel.
  4. You were lucky to meey the Humpbacks underwater I arrived there too late.
  5. I came back from a liveaborad on borad the Solmar V in the Revillagigedos Archipelago and the gallery is here: http://www.pbase.com/ilanbt/revillagigedos_archipelago_march_2013 We had a great time and spent 4 days in Roca Partida with great conditions. here are some samples: Black Manta at Soccoro: White tips in Roca Partida: Manta in Roca Partida:
  6. I had a good uderwater photography in 2012 here are my 2 favourites: 1. Gymnodoris ceylonica eating a sea hare 2. Eagle Ray:
  7. Nice captures, try to shot with bigger F Numbers it will darken the background.
  8. Great Shots! I love your www.flickr.com/photos/alextattersall galleries.
  9. The Anti Aircraft gun of the Thislgorm with the diver is great. I also browsed your pbase gallery and you have lovely shots of the Red Sea.
  10. I loved the moray with the cleaner shrimp.
  11. here is one from the last weekend:
  12. Had some nice uw photography dives and here are some results:
  13. I miss Ras Muhamed :-( wish things were more stable in Egypt... loved the batfish...
  14. Beautiful nudi and shots! well done!
  15. Great gallery, The sunball travellies are my favourite photo!
  16. Looks very impressive, can you add some info about the dive site?
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