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  1. Hey guys, I began UWP about a year ago when I bought a 2ed hand Canon Powershot A85 and WP-DC30 housing off another freediver. Since then, I've been learning from books and just mucking around so I don't know too much about the gear side of things. The camera is beginning to show its age and won't last too much longer so, I'm in the market for a new camera and housing. I've been doing a bit of research myself from backpost and the net but don't really know where to look. I thought if I posted up what I want from the camera I could get some suggestions from you guys in the know! I'm looking at spending $1500 to $2000 (camera and housing) on something which is easy to use and handle while freediving. I'm keen to take some more video which is nice and clear on my computer screen as well as the obvious stills pics and macro. The thing that annoys me about my current camera is that it hasn't got zoom worth using, so something with good zoom would be nice. What are the main differences between point and shoot camera and DSLR cameras? Will I need strobes or does the camera become too bulky when freediving? Do you need a lighting source when taking video or does the shallow water reduce the need for artifical light? I've been suggested a G9 from another freediver. It looks pretty good. Any opinions? Thanks guys, any help or suggestions are really appreciated. I'll get down to the library and do a bit of reading too. Cheers
  2. Hey, I'm a freediver from south coast NSW and am pretty new to UWP so the more suggestions the better. Heres a few pics I have taken. Cheers ]
  3. Gday, Just bought a second hand Canon A85 (4mp 3xOptical Zoom) and Canon Housing WP-DC30. Just wondering how I should clean the housing and O-ring. Can I clean the whole housing in water, inside and out and just let it dry? Thanks, Higgo
  4. Higgo

    Coolpix 5900

    What is a hotshoe? What is a digital slave unit and what does it do? I'm completely new to this and have come from a freediving background. I know little about underwater photography. Thanks again, Higgo
  5. Higgo

    Coolpix 5900

    Awesome thanks heaps for that James. About how long will the ikelite last? Is service avilable for it? Is it expensive? I am aware that there are strobes avilable for the ikelite. Are they neccessary or just something extra that will help with the photos? Thanks again for that, much appreciated.
  6. Hey everyone, new to underwater photography and just have a few questions! I want to start taking some photos but am a bit short of cash. I already have a Nikon coolpix 5900 and am considering just buying a housing for it. I have found a few brands listed below. Will it be worth getting a housing for my camera or should I just stick it out and get a better camera? The camera 5mp and has 3x Optical Zoom. Automatic shutter speeds from 1/2000 sec. to 4 sec's Compatible housings include: (that I can find) Nikon WP-CP4 Depth to 130 feet and doesnt look all that great from the wetsite. Fantasea CP-7 housing Made from molded plastic and depth to 40m. The way the specs have been written suggests that not all bottons are useable underwater. "will provide access to the cameras most important controls and features." Ikelite 6181.79 Made from Solid polycarbonate and depth to 60m. This also has compatible strobes and all buttons useable. Thanks, any help would be great! Higgo
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