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  1. Well i stayed at the hotel so basically i woke up got breakfast, met them on their little shaded table area chilled out for a few minutes then they took us to the boat, i never had to wait for the crowds that do appear a little later, which aren't that big as the pier is small. I always looked at the other organisations and thought phew glad i'm not with them. To be honest they were really approachable about anything what-so-ever my friend a beginner strained her ears, so they moved the desert trek safari forward so we could do that instead while she had a little time off. Two dives were crowded by other dive operaters because it was windy and jackson reef was the choice for the day. but the guides after lunch packed up and went closer inshore to less crowded reefs, in fact each time we we're the only boat that was there. My final dive was amazing, seeing fan corals as big as trees and a feathertail ray, oh and a turtle with me and two other divers, one of them knew this dive and asked for it i'll get its name when i have my dive book. The guide did frown and say "but the visability is no good here" yeah right okay for the redsea it was poor, but was ten meters easily, they also complained that it was cold, us brits just smiled and looked at each other ha ha I've taken loads of pictures but their a little big at the moment and am sorting them out, If its photograpthy you want to do, tell them and i know for a fact that the guides will sort you out a treat, they were so so friendly not to meantion how helpful the guys on the boat were (they cook a tasty lunch as well awesome!!!). Other people on the dive boat had their wishes met as well, a group that met on the boat decided they wanted to do a safari, " hey no problem it was organised for the next day" As i left there were some big bookings coming in. Talking to alex the manager she had a party of 30 odd with a lot of beginners, bless her she was truely worried that they wouldn't have a good time. I really felt like i was diving with friends it was great
  2. Went diving in the redsea a few weeks ago with an outfit called Umbi divers, their a great bunch and would recommend the first two weeks in march as a damn good time as i rarely dived with more than 5 people, sometimes just me and the guide, only two days were on crowded reefs but that was because of the weather still it was to be enjoyed. the rest of the dives were awesome and very very relaxing. My friend Judy learn't to dive with them as well, was learning back home but found it difficult. She found Hussain to be a brillent teacher calming her nerves with his calm manner. They allowed us to change things quite happily, and we're really flexible. Alex the manger always greeted us with a smile and helped us out with everything. Sharks bay is a great bay removed from the LAs Vegas style of Nema bay, i think we have about 6 - 10 years before the resorts get there but i get the impression umbi diving village will keep its divers paradise atmosphere, i hate to recommend them as don't want loads of people desending on the place but they do deserve a lot of praise their an excellent outfit, very professional, very safe and have a lot of knowledge that their willing to pass on. x hope you enjoy the pics (my brand new ikelite strobe failed hmmm )
  3. Okay how do i get DEPP insurence i look online but i have to sift through ten million jhonny depp sites!!!!!!!!
  4. hmmm av mode have heard people talking about this and how the effects and picture are better, but my own results have been poor, perhaps someone could explain it better to me?
  5. Hey people, am heading to the redsea in 10 days 9 hours and 43 minutes. I have my G7 in an ikelite housing and ds-51 strobe, first time i've had a chance to get it wet. An advice on what settings are best. Islandbound had a great thread with settings on it and some amazing photos but that seems to have vanished now. I really don't want to miss a shot. And shock horror i've not insured it, almost forgot any advice on who and how i can do it quickly ONLINE, am stuck in iraq working so communication is a problem!!! Cheers guys x
  6. Hi, Me and my girlfriend are diving with oonsa for two weeks as well, we get there the 2nd of march. I guess we could well see you there. Does anyone have good advice on if its far from town, markets restaurants? cheers
  7. Hi guys i have the Canon G7 in a ikelite housing? Which strobes can be used with this package utilising the eTTL function, or is it only ikelite strobes that can be used, or is it a case of just the correct sync cord. Cheers All
  8. does anyone know which wide angle lenses fit onto the G7 ikelite? I've asked cameraunderwater and they haven't answered me back for quite a while !!!
  9. so do you use any lenses or just the g7 in a case, great if you do i won't bother buying one, was going to get a wide angle, the guy in the shop said i definately needed it. Think he was pushing for the sale now!!! what flash are you using as haven't bought that yet
  10. those are amasing pics, i too bought the G7 only to hear the release of the G9 but how long will it be before theres a case?? and theres only a few extras 12m pixels, 3inch screen, raw, bigger sensor who needs it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what rig are you using with it flash lenses case?
  11. Hi there, am planning on going diving here for two weeks at the start of march. Has anyone been with these guys before or the area? Any comments? Advice?
  12. Hi, I'm an electrician worked at sea for years, and have repaired countless flood damaged electronics. 1) get the batteries out asap this kills the power and stops the chips shorting out and frying 2) get a electrolitic cleaner (the spray can electronic cleaner stuff) or if you don't happen to have such an item on a boat WD40 this displaces the salt and water out of the connections. crack it open, get the boards and stuff hell you've lost it already opening it up carefully won't do anymore damage. 3) let it dry naturally in a dry well ventalated area this can take a couple of days, don't get tempted to stick the batteries back in early, all it takes is that one bit of moister between the pins and its good bye chip. If you can get hold of the cleaner i mentioned keep cleaning it and use the earbud sticks to wipe it off, a bit of a labour of love but can be worth it I'm not saying this is a definate fix, i've repaired loads of stuff got it back up and running but its never quite right again or it dies its final death 2 months later, if you had all the kit insured maybe best to just claim and get new, although after the claim you could try it :glare: if you killed the power quick enough the boards should be fine
  13. LOL no not as bad as it sounds, he used to have the full kit (in film) but sold it all, he used to be a photgrapther in the RAF. Then last month Prince Charles and Camilla visited the village we live in, the vicar asked him to do the photograpths so off he went with his Pro1. and duely loved it I've been picking his brains about cameras while i've been searching, and he let slip that he was thinking of getting a D40x, i can't justify getting an slr for myself i just don't know enough, but getting him one and i could learn a lot, and relighting his interest in photograpthy a bonus
  14. Great pics, i do love that second, can't wait to get my g7 and into the water again
  15. Cheers islandbound, your pics here are great with the G7 and have to say have all but convinced me. Its a long old road trying to decide which camera. First i was all set to get the Sp550uz from olympus but then heard from many people about the focusing problem, and the housing looks huge!!!! oh and no lenses then struggled with the A710is vs G7 decision, then looked at the nikon 8800 in a fantasea housing, then thought about an SLR in a fantasea housing. Then had to stand in front of the mirror and say "its just a hobby, its just a hobby" over and over till the shaking stopped ????? THEN i started to look at the S5is but looking on flickr you can see the noise issues i just wish DPreview would hurry up with their report with its quicker times and swivel screen...... hmm then back to the G7, for my carry around and underwater camera because.............. I came up with a more cunning plan, using the excuse of getting my dad out the house more i'm buying him a D40x he's appartently been saving for a while i've just found out, anyway i'll convince him to buy a decent piece of glass and i can borrow it off him when ever i fancy going out and about....Am i shallow?
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