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  1. Must include dome port for 10-22mm zoom and straight port for 100mm macro lens (the regular one - not the L lens). I have everything else - so don't feel the need to over sell
  2. I just thought I would post up a little piece I did on my blog on nudibranchs. A friend of mine has these now all over her house - i should probably print out some myself. I also find these simple edits the easiest and most effective to apply. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/no...197931676888622
  3. Are you still looking. I have ikelite housing for 20D. I also have .. 2 inon strobes plus arms Zoom rings (so you can use the zoom) port (for 100mm macro but might be ok for your zoom - will check it out) super dome port
  4. Please email if you are interested in selling subs@thefoords.com current Cathay retail is $720 so am looking around $400 thanks Richard
  5. Got mine wet in Sipadan and am looking to buy a replacement body for less than the repair I am in Singapore and will pay shipping if needed. Either PM me here or text me on +65-9622-5613 Richard
  6. I just recently acquired the ikelite 8" super dome for my rig. I tried it out at PG and noticed that there were some issues in nailing the focus on some of the wide angle shots. http://www.pbase.com/richardfoord/image/97168874/original and http://www.pbase.com/richardfoord/image/97168876/original previously I had borrowed a friends 6" dome and even in low viz seem to have got reasonable results in Sydney see http://www.pbase.com/richardfoord/image/92608568/original
  7. The haze on the nembrotha i think is actually as a result of editing as the original was quite dark i think i overdid the fill light tweak. Yes i have only just got my second strobe so am still struggling with the lighting - I have tended to shoot at 8 where possible. Will be trying to bump this up when i go to Sipadan at the end of June. ? for you - how do you find the 40D. I am essentially waiting for the next iteration of the 5D before considering an upgrade.
  8. Yes viz was down a bit. Although because of the amount of water between the lens and the subject i find there is always a level of softness but I can nearly always correct this with the high-pass filter as long as I nail the focal point. Also getting optimal DOF I am still struggling with as it is still very shallow. For underwater macro I also use the centre spot for focus point as well rather than the full 9 points on the sensor. As I shoot in full manual I wouldn't then expect this to be an issue but I do have trouble verifying focus just by looking as the view finder is very small and the ikelite doesn't have an enhanced viewfinder add on.
  9. my latest shots from trip to PG at the beginning of May http://www.pbase.com/richardfoord/puerto_galera_2008
  10. Try some topside creative techniques. 20 steps to the next photo - take 20 fin kicks and take a photo there, then another 20 then take a photo ... forward and reverse - take a photo then turn around and take a photo behind you (might need a little adjustment underwater) get closer, closer, closer - sounds like you are doing that with the super macro option only use 1 type of lens - earlier suggestion take 3 frames - for a specific subject take 3 deliberately alternate carefully framed shots have a photo holiday - take a couple of dives without the camera (and without students or dive guiding) just enjoy the diving and relax - learn to see without the pressure of the camera
  11. I would love to spend a week or so in Sydney doing the dive sites in and around sydney - will probably organise it for a winter when visibility is better and conditions calmer. Greg - the turtle was at Shelly Beach - Manly, grazing on the kelp. You will notice that it is missing it's beak. Bruce - thanks for the correction - gallery updated
  12. If you are down in Aus and going through Sydney then I can highly recommend hooking up with a dive centre and getting out for some diving. A little chilly for us tropical types but so much to see. Am just disappointed I didn't get a chance to do some of the rock shelves or more populous shark sites. http://www.pbase.com/richardfoord/sydney_h...08&page=all
  13. You may also want to get in contact with Aaron Wong who has done this also - you can see a gallery which includes some shots of the setup at http://www.imagestation.com/album/index.html?id=2090415267 His main website is here with contact details http://www.aaronsphotocraft.com/ Looks pretty extensive !! Good luck !!
  14. Best and simplest suggestion. I think that fundamentally is the approach we should have with everyone. Be respectful but let people know when their skills (or lack of) are letting them down.
  15. Nope. Nope. Usually. Not as standard. ... but then again i'm not american - in the US a tip is not a tip - it appears to be more of a tax Out in SE Asia I generally don't tip any expat instructors / DMs / Shop owners but always tip local DMs tank carriers and dive guides. We always give our tips directly to our DM and put generic staff tips in the relevant staff tip box. We also tend to tip towards our own means rather than the means of the locals not because we are showing off but just because we CAN and we enjoyed our stay.
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