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  1. Hi Folks, One down and one to go, the 10-20 Sigma sold. Still available FS: I have a 105mm VR Micro Nikkor 2.8G IF-ED for sale at $750 plus shipping. B&H cost is $899.95. I have two and don't really shoot that much macro so one will do me. It is hardly used. Can send photos if needed. Ships in Nikon box. It has some minor scratches from being in the bag but the glass is immaculate and used maybe 3 times. PayPal or CC is fine. Specs: The Nikon AF-S VR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED brings the benefits of vibration reduction (VR) to the domain of Macro photography. It offers high-resolution, high-optical performance for both digital and 35mm film format SLR cameras. When used with digital cameras, equivalent focal length in 35mm terms is 157.5mm. This lens incorporates Nikon's second-generation vibration reduction system (VR II) that allows flexible hand-held shooting by stabilizing the image to the equivalent stability of a shutter speed that is 4 stops faster when compared with a conventional lens. This in effect eliminates image blur caused by camera shake, particularly when shooting in low-light conditions. Note: G-type lenses are fully compatible with all current camera models Works on most every new Digital Nikon and most of the older film cameras too. • An ED glass element minimizes chromatic aberration. Nano Crystal Coat drastically reduces flare ensuring finely detailed, clear images. • Vibration Reduction (VR) minimizes image blur caused by camera shake (cancelable) • Internal Focusing (IF) design for smoother focusing and better body balance • Built-in M/A switch enables instant switching from autofocus to manual focus • Silent Wave Motor for ultra-fast, ultra-quiet AF • The rounded diaphragm (9 blades) makes out-of-focus elements appear more natural Let me know. timrock@doubleblue.com PayPal and CCs OK. Best, Timbo -- Tim Rock E-Mail: timrock@doubleblue.com
  2. Hi Jim, Yes, every once in a while you come upon a scene that suits video much better that stills. Its nice to know you can capture the moment if the opportunity presents itself. I suspect if I got serious about this and did some Magic Filter work and all that, you could use it pretty effectively for some presentations nd other creative applications. This was just auto and natural light with a wee bit of contrast adjustment in iMovie. Anyway, thank for looking. These shots are just taken where I work and in my backyard. Maybe I'll try it with some Tonga whales later this year. Best, Tim
  3. Ooops, sorry. If anyone tried to look it was on private. Should be public now. AD90 Video clip: Tim
  4. OK, I was testing the new Aquautica housing for the D90 for the folks at Aquatica. While we were shooting the stills, we slipped the camera into Movie mode every once in a while. It's fast and simple. You just have to remember to pre-focus. I put a little 2-minute short from Guam on YouTube:
  5. Did anyone ever answer Karen's question in this thread? Is the marine mesh kit preferrable to the aviation kit? ANy difference? Best, Timbo
  6. Peter et al, That's good information on the 6" dome. Here are a couple of CFWA taken with the Aquatica AD90 Housing and 8" dome with the Tokina at 10mm. Also a wide angle shot. I have been enjoying it so far. Best, Tim
  7. Has anyone tried using the Tamron SP 10-24mm underwater yet? How's it working out? Best, Timbo
  8. I have a D90 in an Aquatica housing I am testing now. So far I like the small, compact size and big trigger as well as large playback screen. Will send full review and pics soon. The Dome chart that comes with the Aquatica body says you need a thin extension ring for the 10-17, although I have just been using the 8" and no ring at 10mm with no problems or reflections. I haven't put the zoomer on to see what it does at 17. But to answer the question above, I doubt it would work with a 6" dome. Best, Timbo
  9. On Guam, GabGab Beach is a very nice walk-in dive. The Naval Station has 2 or 3 branches of MDA (Micronesia Divers Association) on the main base. They offer very reasonable boat dives, great equipment deals and instruction. I wrote the Diver's Guide to Guam a while back for Lonely Planet and have a gallery and gift shop close to the Naval Station at Fish Eye Marine Park. Give me a call when you come in and I'll show you the good beach dives and recommend which boat dives to join. Best, Tim of the Deep 477-3343 PS - Guam isn't a country, its the USA!!!
  10. I was there in Mabul for 10 days during a rather calm period right when Borneo Divers was breaking ground, so about 2004 I'd guess. With not many folks around, the sharking was taking place and a huge tiger shark was brought in one day. At one house you could see a number of large hooks being polished. So this is nothing new and probably more lucrative to some folks in the upper echelons than residuals of conservation for the sake of diving. We also saw a lot of sharks and rays, even eagle rays, in the market. Diving, we did see sharks at Sipadan but nowhere else. I believe they fish in the deep, current-fed dropoffs near Mabul and not especially at dive sites. But the lack of any sharks kind of speaks for itself. I guess all we can do is write letters and hope someone cares, but I think the sharks are probably in for a tough road anywhere in Malaysia. Fin money talks loudly. Mr. Doom and Gloom
  11. Hi Darren, I know this isn't what I started asking about but I did buy a D90 myself last week really just to play with the video. I am also trying to figure out how to house the thing and jump in the water for the 5 minutes it can record HD. Maybe Underwater World is here the answer. You son's first attempt at GB is great. That's what I use too. I think with RED's many options and chip and DSLRs featuring HD, there will be a lot of new options for video in the coming years. Drew, thanks for the various suggestions. I'll look into this. Yes, I am aware of the video adaptations. I was ogling the RED Nikon mount option. Shawn, great intro on your site. I suspect the cameras nowadays are so good on the whole that daytime lights on the reef aren't that necessary most of the time. Your Misool stuff was pretty colorful. I'll keep reading and hunting. Best, Tim of the Deep
  12. Oh yea, while we're getting recommendations, any preferences for a GOOD lighting set-up for one of these? Something with enough power to give the reefs some color in daylight. Best, T
  13. Hi Joe, Thank you. That's quite helpful. I have a personal preference for SONY anyway. Will keep you posted on what I manage to decide on. Best, Tim
  14. Aside from a RED system, what is the best HD cam going now for around USD$7,000-$8000 and who makes a housing for it? I've heard Canon makes some nice ones now. Any other suggestions? Oh, and do any takle Nikon lenes or have Nokin adapters a la RED? Best, Timbo
  15. Hi Guys, Well since Continental just cancelled Bali flights in September from Guam, I am wondering if I can even get there from here. But Drew mentioned he was going to meet with tourism officlas on this subject I don't see the post on that meeting. Did anything ever come of it? Graham, did they actually supply a law to go with their entry alternatives? I still think this is a rather nebulous thing. Best, Timbo
  16. If you want to see molas and not get killed, go with Bali Hai Diving Adventure. Its the pioneer operation out there on Lembongan and its guys know Blue Corner/Jurraisic Point like no other shop. "Michael. J. H. Cortenbach" <diverse@indosat.net.id> It's no country for old divers (or young ones). Currents can be strong. I've had to duck coral flying by on a couple of "dives". But done properly, you can have a good and long interaction with a mola there. Timbo
  17. Hi Allan, Good to hear a happy ending. Perhaps there were no ceremonies that weekend. Sorry to hear he's still on the front lines. ------ Voice raising: I have also tried the voice thing mostly with success. It does have to be done properly, like you're exclaiming surprise at the suggestion of a tax. I think it depends on which supervisors are around how quickly they demure or decide to take you in a room. ------- Best, Tim of the Deep
  18. Hi Graham, Well, good luck with it. It would be enlightening considering no Bali dive operator I have talked to seems to have seen the actual law or form. Many are unaware of any restrictions while a few say they've heard about a form and some vague law but have never actually seen the law or the form. To my knowledge, the people who actually have to deal with divers have never been approached in writing by the government about equipment restrictions and tariffs for their guests. By the way, this is probably a new thread, but look at this: http://www.indonesiancoral.com/about.html It came in my spam! Enjoy your travels and hope to catch up with you in Bali later in the year. Best, Timbo
  19. Thanks Alex, Ol' Thom does keep his pulse on the Nikon scene. I sure like having a 150-560 (or whatever it is) instead of 80-400. Sure adds heft to my zooms with the crop. Guess we'll just see if there a D400 or if the D700 is th shape of things to come. Best, T
  20. Hi Graham and Peter! There isn't anything written down. That's the problem. If it was, everyone would know where they stand and what to expect. As I said, there is also a somewhat suspicious reason for this "bond" as well. The receipt you get says the money or equipment will be forfeited if not reclaimed in 30 days. If for some reason you leave the country at a different airport or can't get there in time, its theirs. That is clear on the receipt which you sign. I have no idea how you would go about reclaiming money or a camera once you leave. There is no information like that on the receipt. Despite Drew's faith in the e-mail address he obtained, I have yet to get any sort of reply to a number of e-mails myself. It hasn't bounced but no on has replied. I guess we'll have to wait and see what Drew's pending meeting produces. However, I have a feeling Customs is its own little fiefdom and doesn't give a flake what Tourism says or requests. I think the proper route is directly to the head of Jakarta Customs or the Gov. of Bali. But we'll see. Hang in there folks and keep working on that innocent look. Tim of the Deep
  21. OK, I like the crop sensor. In any of the reviews or pre-release propaganda is there any word about a new crop sensor Nikon? I'm not about to jump on this horse unless Nikon is definitely phasing out crop sensors? Anybody? Best, Tim of the Deep
  22. Hi Markus, If it did, that would certainly be nice. Didn't they hit you up a while back when you went to Lembeh? Anyway, have a good shoot. All the video and photos people take of Indo's diverse marine life can't help but promote and enhance tourism, so they should be encouraging everyone to haul in a camera. Best, Timbo
  23. Hi Todd, I'll be in DC in August. I'll be sure to stop and take a look at the SI. Best, Timbo
  24. Guam is a hub "city" and they have made the announcement here as flights to HK and a few others have been canned as well as Bali (Oct 2, 2008 is the date we were told to end the Bali route). Some employees are also getting early outs or laid off so it hasn't been happy community news. CO employs a ton of people on Guam. The idea of the flight was really to service Japanese travelers. Guam gets a million Japanese tourists a year so there are many CO flights out of Japan daily. The idea for Bali was to have fairly full planes from Japan continue on to Bali. The extra people that get picked up from Guam or coming from the US are kind of gravy for that leg. But there are many direct flights out of Japan now to Bali that didn't exist a few years ago, so most Japanese don't mess around with the extra stop. Thus, the CO flight loads have been small and Guam folks use OnePass miles a lot to travel to Bali, so revenues for the airline aren't at all strong on the Bali flights. There used to be 4 flights a week and that diminished to 2 a couple of years ago, so they may seem crowded but that's just because there aren't many flights now. I suspect it is a very good business decision but disappointing to us divers. You can still use Continental direct to Narita or Manila and then connect. I think Garuda flies to Bali out of Manila and Narita has quite a few choices and the cost isn't bad. You just can't fly CO all the way in now. Good luck. The folks on Guam are really going to miss that convenient getaway. Back to Palau and Yap for diving I guess. Life could be worse. Best, Timbo
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