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  1. I use the smartdisk flashtrax - 40GB. I just upgraded to the latest firmware and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could view fuji S2 raw images. Very happy with it. I have been thinking about the laptop option so I can view files on a larger screen and also start some of the post prod on the images but I already carry too much kit when I travel so haven't bothered yet.
  2. In answer to my own question anyone looking for info on monitor calibration would be wise to have a look here http://www.wetpixel.com/modules.php?op=mod...on+color+colour
  3. Oh I forgot to mention the reason I was thinking of upgrading is because my prints always come back from the lab looking a lot darker than on the screen. I am doing a mental calibration but it would be nice to have a visually accurate image.
  4. I was also thinking of upgrading my monitor - currently an old Compaq V700. I then started wondering whether it was worth upgrading my video card instead ? When you are calibrating your monitor with a spyder (something I have yet to try) are you making adjustments to the monitor using the monitor menus or the output of the graphics card using colour profiles ?
  5. Happy Birthday Alex, An fantastic selection of images, truly inspirational. You have had a great year. The top down view on the clownfish is my personal favourite - it is a technique I have seen used on hammers and other sharks but never on anything smaller. I am going to have to have a go. Was there much post production to get the image to its present state?
  6. I too looked at the iPod as a storage device but the download time from CF to iPod dissuaded me. I read numerous articles on iPod mad sites and in the end bought the 40GB flashtrax. This decision was all made before the release of the iPod photo so I am not sure how well they have addressed the transfer time. I have found that when I wanted to get an all-in-one device (PDA phones - MP3 photo stores - Self Brewing Beer fridges) too many compromises needed to be made. I personally think that we probably need a couple more generations of combo gadgets before they can compete with the single purpose gadgets. So I ended up using the flashtrax to hold my files and my iPod to listen to music.
  7. Are there any special considerations when using diopters ? Or do you just screw them on and go for it !
  8. In the refurb have they upgraded/refitted the camera room ? If so are the plugs 2 pin or three pin ? and finally are KBR offering a service to copy your images to CD of DVD ? Thanks,
  9. Hi Marriard, These are great shots, particularly the first. Which lens configuration were you using to get this close ?
  10. So its a charge the day before and then into the fridge with my wifes film ! That is until Zanussi design a fridge with a built in battery charger !
  11. I have to agree with Giles - photobox are also awesome on the service front. Files uploaded by midday more than often are on your doormat with the first post the following day! - marvellous ! If you bulk buy your print credits you can get 6x4's for about 12p cannot say fairer than that. Also they give you a generous amount of storage plus an unlimited temp folder so you can load thousands of images for print if you should so desire. That URL again http://www.photobox.co.uk and NO although it probably sounds like it I don't work for them !
  12. I was also looking at the R800 and the cheaper R200. Has anyone had any experience with the R200 ? I tend to send anything I want large off to the lab for printing so will tend to use it for 6x4 and 7x5. Just wondering if the R800 was worth the extra
  13. I am heading out at the begining of March - and will report back ! I went before the Mgmt change over and it was all fairly relaxed once they were confident in your dive ability. Looking forward to nudi falls - cannot wait !
  14. I have just started experimenting in shooting in RAW with my S2 and have read Eric's article and numerous threads. One thing that becomes clear very quickly is that you need to have a stable of convertors at your beck and call. From Erics article I got the impression that quite often the best results are found using the manufacturers convertor. I cannot find Fuji's HyperUtility (which includes the RAW convertor)anywhere ! I know that it is now given away free with the S20 and even S2's (it certainly wasn't with mine) I can download the update from the fuji site but it asks for the original cd to be loaded first. I have checked the fujimall and its not available for purchase there. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on the software ?
  15. I recently grabbed my s2 and headed for the great outdoors hoping to become closer friends with the wee beast. Testing before I headed out I noticed that the batteries were flat - no worries I had charged my entire collection of AA's and carefully stored them in little battery boxes to stop them discharging. or so I thought All 24 were flat - well enough life to power on and tell me that the batteries were on low life too risky to head out into the wilds of South London. My charger is a Sony, if I use batteries hot from the charger they last as expected. I have 4 different makes of battery anasmann, sony, uniross and sunpak What am I doing wrong ? The batteries had probably been charged and stored about 2 mths ago. Are the discharging on there own in the battery box ? If I leave the batteries in the charger after they have finished charging do they start to discharge?
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