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  1. Thanks for the info! I've been reviewing some of my other footage from the week of dives, and find that it gets a bit steadier as the week goes on and I'm more comfortable with the rig. More to come.
  2. No, not that Brian Conner, but good to hear that my name's doing good things elsewhere! Thanks for the insight, Drew! You really hit the nail on the head about 5 seconds being a long time underwater - I was so worried about making my audience bored that I kept my shots short and hurried - like you said, that can always be edited later. While diving, I really thought those shots were more like 10 seconds each! Will have to start counting while filming. Pans were way too fast as well. I didn't really want to use the barn door transition, but was getting bored with the usual "dissolve" trans's. I did have a red filter on, and set MWB on a white slate at about 65' at the deck. As my dive got much deeper than that, I should have set WB again. How much of a depth change do you usually re-set WB? I was messing around with it later in the week on a gradually sloping reef (Carysfort) that went from 15 - 65. I was trying to get a feel for how often it should be re-set, so I'd change it at every 10 feet of depth change, then every 20 feet, etc. I guess experience will just teach me that. Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback, I really appreciate it. Your "edit twice" practice is a great idea and I'll implement it from here on out!
  3. Well folks, some of you may remember me from the "newbie chasing dream" thread. I just got back from Key Largo, with many firsts accomplished. First time u/w shooting, first time editing, first time posting to the net. Take a look, pointers welcome. I know I got lazy on a couple of the transitions. HOW THE HECK DO YOU GUYS KEEP YOUR CAMERAS SO STILL??? I did a search here for "shaky video" (the underlying theme of my short video, lol) and just found a few threads, one about Apple's "shake" program. Is there one for us PC users? In reality, I'd just like to become a better videographer in the first place, so let loose your iron-hand secrets! http://vimeo.com/3403509
  4. Dean, Dean, have another pint my friend! Sorry, I thought I was obvious when I said "diving with the guys types of shots". I don't want to be a pro by any means, I just want to have a good time with my buddies and churn out some great prosumer-esque videos to enjoy at home and with friends. After more research, I'm leaning towards the Sony SR12 with an Ikelite housing, that will leave me some budget for lights/ports, etc. I've also recently learned that I will need a MONSTER pc to edit all of this on, no problem, I'll build a multi=processor multi core goliath, after all, IT is my career so no worries there. I was looking at macs/final cut but man they're expensive! Cheers!
  5. Thank you very much gentlemen for your responses! I am starting to lean towards the HC9, due to price and people telling me that it's really not a bad cam at all, especially for a casual guy that just wants to take some nice vids to put up on the big screen at home - with the $$ I'd save by going with the HC9 over the FX7 combo, I could buy 2 46" Samsung LCD HDTVs! I appreciate the input!
  6. Hey all, I've been wanting to start u/w video for years, but $$ has held me back. I've been lucky enough to snag a great job within my company making more $$ and working half the time, so now's the time to chase the dream. I've been researching around here but still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for, hopefully the pros can help me out. Here's what I'm looking for, and conditions: I'm a warm, clear water diver all the way. Keys, Caribbean, east FL, about the "dirtiest" I'll get is Pensacola. That said, would I even need lights? Maybe just for the deeper wreck dives, the Grove, Duane, O, etc? Some macro, but mostly just diving w/ the guys type of shots. Budget for camera/housing is $5-6K. Don't really know much about the benefits of manual vs. electronic housings, I would like to be able to see what I'm filming, but would also like to have as little electronics as possible for lower failure points. I'm still learning about formats, but am not too worried about PC horsepower; I'm an IT geek and will be building a monster PC in the coming year, so I'm looking for best quality here. When everything's said and done, I'd like to be able to watch my vids on my PS3 w/ blu ray on a 52" Samsung LCD HDTV. I've read up a bit on the HC7, FX7, and would appreciate inputs on those, as well as other brands/models. The ability to snap a high quality still mid-video is a plus also. Any comments/suggestions are welcome.
  7. Thanks, I knew I smelled a rat! $1080's still a good deal IMO. Story on me, I'm VERY new to U/W photo/video, took some decent pics with a $10(not a misprint) 35mm underwater cam(batteries and first roll of film included!). Been researching here and there, decided the HC7 with Ike is for me. My filming will be mostly topside, with the cam coming along for home movies. I will also be fliming in the little-tapped Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana(the rigs, baby!), so who knows if I become freelance in the future? Great community here and I'm looking forward to becoming an active part of it if you'll have me! More to come... Steve, pm'd ya, thanks for the heads up. BTW, here's a pic from Key Largo with my $10 camera. Brian
  8. This look a little low to anyone else??? http://www.usaphotonation.com/products.asp...CFSOPgQodFE3rDQ
  9. Great post everyone! I'm brand new to the underwater video world and am pretty much sold on the HC7/Gates combo thanks to research here and elsewhere. Pablo, thanks for posting that link to the articles, great stuff there!
  10. Hello all, after my much needed trip to Key Largo a few weeks ago(cheers to Silent World, they rocked!), I've decided to make the leap into photography. Looked at video at first, and am now leaning more towards stills instead. Only issue is, a decent HD video system I was lookin at is almost as much as the D200, housings and all considered! So now I'm leaning back the other way..... Suggestions welcome, I'm sure that I'll end up more undecided than when I started! Great site, good being here! Brian
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