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  1. It's a Spanish small company and I got one of the first units, for a very good price... My wife used to have a 50w torch, and was complaining about not getting the colours she wanted... so once I found this, I thought it was a good gift. Coming back to photo.... does it make sense to put a difuser and use it with my Inon z-240 ? Regards
  2. Hi, I just bought a new Led torch 3600 lumens for my wife, so she can enjoy the colours while I shoot. May I use it for anything when she is not using it? Thanks in advance.
  3. So, if I understand correctly, and asuming I keep using fiber optics, in case of failure I would in the same position, keeping aside small light difference and no focus light? If that's the case the cost diference would no be worth, right?
  4. Thank you both of you. I think it makes sense, as well as from the uniformity perspective. However, I don't understand why if the main stops working, I could not continue with the S-2000. I'm using my current Z-240 with fiber optics and should be same, wright? thanks again
  5. Hi, I currently shoot with a Olympus E-410 with 9-18 Zuiko wide lense with one Inon Z-240. I'm considering adding a second strobe, and I'm considering the Inon S-2000 and Z-240. S-2000 is cheaper, and slightly less power. Since I mostly shoot in manual, I was considering is using the S-2000 as slave of the Z-240, using the Z-240 also as the focus light when needed. Any sugestion? Problems? Help!!! Thanks in advance
  6. Olympus 5050 Olympus housing PT0-15 Epoque wide angle lense (100 degrees). Basic arm for one strobe (strobe not included). Soft carry bag where all these items + a small strobe can be stored. The camera, housing and lense are analyzed here : http://www.camerasunderwater.info/equipmen...5050/m67wa.html Asking 350 € (shipping paid by buyer). Everythig in good shape. You can see some pictures taken with this camera at http://picasaweb.google.com/garcialegaz/Sipadan2007# http://picasaweb.google.com/garcialegaz/Mexico2007# http://picasaweb.google.com/garcialegaz/MarRojo# Sold because already in SLR and have two bodies.
  7. Hi, May be I'm repetitive, but I'm going to order it, and in Spain, Olympus Spain is unable to answer the question. PT-03 housing, and I have just bought a new wide lens Zuiko 9-18 on E-410 doesn't require any diopter and neither dome extension, and just the PP0-E04 will work? Has anyone already tried a similar configuration underwater to be sure that there is no need for a diopter? Thanks in advance. Nacho
  8. Hi, After so much reading, and as an ex-5050 shooter, I finally decided for the Oly E-410 mainly due: Live-view Lense quality on basic pack Camera size Housing ergonomics and price I've been using this camera with a Inon Z-240 and fiberoptics. You can see some samples at http://picasaweb.google.es/garcialegaz/RedSea2007OlyE410 Sumarizing: Live view, while nice, it's not necessary. This was my main concern for not buying other brands, but considering the speed of live view and the rewards of using the viewfinder, the transition is a must, and after two dives you get used to it. It doesn't mean I love it; I still believe that better solutions in the future (faster and brighter) will swap the things again, but not now). Ergonomics: it's just great. I was used to keep both hands to change the aperture, and now I manage everything with a single hand, shooter button is very accurate to focus, shoot .... The best thing is afer a while, you realize you don't use the buttons during the dive. Speed: the combination of the flash and camera, with a large memory card it's just an amazing experience. Quality: here is where I can't comment anything. I'm still getting used to the new pack and honestly I think I was taking better light pictures with my old pack.... but mainly because now I have more to play with. It's great being able to go to f22!!! My conclusion: Given the fact that liveview is not necessary, then buying Canon and Nikon are probably as good alternatives , specially if you need a wideangle lense. I'm not discouraging buying a Olympus. In fact, if I had to take the decission again I would probably take the same, mainly because the housing and camera size and picture quality. I know that there are still many 5050 users jumping to DSLR..... so jump! It's great.
  9. Thanks Tropical1, Your comments for me are definitive. Are you using inons fibercables or it doesn't matter? By the way, now I'm decided for the Inon + fiber optics.... I'm wondering if it's usefull to keep my Epoeque 150DS as a twin flash to be connected in the same ring. Even if I can't use it on TTL, I was thinking in putting it to reduce shadows: let's say always a low dump when using TTL on the Inon, and the right power when using both in manual. Any comments?
  10. I think we are in the same situation... I initially would prefer to connect directly with cable instead of fiberoptics: less power consumption and in my experience, fiber cables are a litle bit weak. But on the other hand, if fiber optis works well, less husle.
  11. Thanks Loftus, Do you believe it's worth to have the strobes hardwired by install the TTL adaptor inside the hotshoe? are then, when they work, much more powerful than Inons? Thanks again
  12. Tropical1, Thanks for your post, but I'm refering to the MIDI model, and the comparison doesn't show any clear conclusion. Any real life usage of both strobes? Will I miss power with the Inon z-240?
  13. Hi, I just came back from my camera shop with some serious doubts about my initial idea. For putting you in context, I just come from an Oly-5050 + Epoque 150DS (manual) and I just got a Oly E-410 on a Oly housing. I'm planning on buying a new strobe according to the new camera. Despite I was not sure about the way of connecting the strobe to the camera, I was planning to buy a Inon Z-240... but the cameraman, that had the Inon on stock sugested that the Inon was not going to be at the level. He was sugesting a Subtronic Midi, in theory, from the pure professional perspective. the difference in price, once counted the fiber optic cable for the Inon, exists, but it's not my limiting factor. His comments were in favour of the Subtronic: Much more power. Wider coverage. Full TTL compatibility with Olympus using "traditional" cable. Not need to use internal strobe. Faster recicle time. The cons is clearly the size and weight. When making the numbers, I have the following: Inon Z-240 + Fiber optic cable = 480 + 40 = 520 Inon Z-240 + Divervision TTL adapter + s&s2Inon cable = 480 + 92 + 65 + shipping = 680€ Subronic Midi (including cable to olympus) = 1000€. Any comments? I do need to take my decission in two weeks before leaving to the red sea unless I decide to go with the Epoque. Will I notice a big improvement to any of these strobes from my current one (obviously on the TTL side, but I'm refering to power, light, etc). Thanks again!
  14. Hi, I just came back from Sipadán on Celebes Explorer liveaboard. To sumarize, diving is just impresive but anyone considering going there should have two things in mind: 1. The boat is the best way to dive there, but bring food and cleaning for the WC. 2. Diving in sipadán is limited, so whatever they tell you in advance about the posibility of diving the full week there, once you arrive will be transformed in 4 days diving at Sipadan, and the rest in other places not at the level. Please, feel free to ask if you need further information. Regards,
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