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  1. HOG, dive them for a couple of years then bin them on ebay and pick up another set for less than it costs to service a set of Apeks or ScubaPro They breath the same as the Apex.
  2. For me its all about ultra lightweight, simplicity and comfort. The Zeagle Express Tech ticks all the boxes, love diving this little rig when we are traveling, weighs next to nothing and what ore do you need when shooting underwater ?
  3. Ahh set your camera flash and strobes to TTL, job done.
  4. Hi All After just scratching up a Zen 9" port, (thanks insurance for the new one) I am dead keen to get rid of the poxy Neoprene and replace with a hard cover, does anyone know if there is an off the shelf solution or am I gong to get on the Lathe with a chunk of Delrin Cheers Chriso
  5. Hey Tim the bow has no lead in the scooter and I am running 4 float sticks on the top of the housing on some ultralight arms. The Stern I am running 8 oz (226g) of lead. The Scooter is still slightly bow heavy when stationary but when running at nominal speed it is perfectly balanced, I imagine this is the dynamics of the BIG dome and the water displacement it creates.
  6. Hey Tim Here is a pic of me and my rig from last weekend, photo taken by Shannon Conway Scooter is the CUDA 650 Nikon D7000 in Nauticam, Port is the Zen 9" The camera mount is by XScooter with the added height extension to accommodate the larger dome
  7. Hi Tim As Scooters go I just don't think I could ever ride anything else than the X, they are just well made and the efficiency and run times are just sensational. If you want information in custom designs just contact XScooter directly, they have always been very quick in answering all our questions. Is there any reason you are not wanting to use external buoyancy? I don't know of anyone over here running scooters and camera in salt or fresh that has not had to use some sort of external buoyancy. for me I find a couple of float stix fine but others with more gear are using GATES or Ultralight tubes. Its pretty much essential if you want a perfectly balanced rig.
  8. HI Tim I am running a Nikon D7000 in a Nauticam on a XScooter CUDA 650 and the XScooter Deluxe Camera mount and height extension option for the larger domes. I have the ZEN 9" dome port as it really adds some positive buoyancy to the rig, I tried the Zen 100 Mini dome but it was just too negative. with this rig I find I need three float stix and a small amount of lead in the bum on the scooter. Personally I try and run the lights on another scooter so there is no backscatter. If you wanted to run them on your scooter then I would suggest plugging them into the XScooter battery or if you dont want to drop the runtime use E/O cords and hanging the batteries on yourself. I am running 2X 35W Light Monkey HID's with 15aH packs but planning on going up to the 50W heads for some more grunt in the low light. Here is a video we did a couple of weeks ago in about 3-4m vis, no way you could do this with the lights on the camera scooter. I have to say I don't feel any performance difference with the DSLR hanging off the bow of the CUDA Link to Video http://www.uwphotog.com/p810425504/e11621b87 And some bling pics
  9. I am also shooting the D7000 My advice would be to get the following setups and shoot one or the other for the dive, you will get better images if you just concentrate on one discipline for the duration instead of trying to compromise and shoot everything you see with a zoom lens. There is always going to be another dive to get that shot. - The Nikkor 60mm Marco for grubby water and fish portraits. - The Nikoor 105mm Macro for clear water and standing off from your subject, add the Canon 250D diopter for the really small stuff and to lessen your working distance to the subject. - Tokina 10-17 fisheye for the wide stuff + a 1.4 tele-convertor and mini dome for CFWA if that takes your fancy Some shots from our latest trip to Raja Ampat with the above lens's http://www.uwphotog.com/p412076511
  10. I drowned a Nikon D7000 last month, thankfully only killed the body and everything else survived. I Put it on D7000 body Ebay and sold it for $165 .00
  11. In the past I have had the pleasure or not so much so of owning Dolphin SCR: Crap bubble machine Sport Kiss: CO2 monster Inspo Classic: Handset monster PRISM: Dont forget to bring an extra tube of glue to put it back together Meg: Bomb Proof love it to bits Of all of them the only one that stood the abuse and I never missed a dive on was the MEG I have on order the new ISC Pathfinder that I am hoping will arrive in April, for my diving it is the perfect CCR Ultralight for flying with, good runtimes and depth rating and built to the same quality as the Meg Cant wait for the new toy to arrive
  12. G'day Brett I would suggest heading to Perth and meeting up with Shannon Conway. http://www.underwaterphotography.com.au/
  13. So I finally got round to mounting the D7000 on the front of the XScooter My mate Dave strapped a couple of Light Monkey 35W HID's on the front of a FURY just to see how they went in green water. We had fun mucking around and getting the trim right with all the gear mounted on the scooters. 5 mins on one of our local dive sites. [vimeohd]34729496[/vimeohd]
  14. Hi all Just listed a couple of SEA&SEA YS110's on Ebay. They are in great condition, if yuo would like to purchase them direct just let me know price is $850.00 for the 2 plus any freight. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/190623455139?ss...984.m1586.l2649 Cheers Chriso
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