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  1. I'm looking to do exactly this - any idea where i could get them from cheap - they have been same price in the UK for 4 years.
  2. I think there is a Sony shop in sydney airport (terminal 1? terminal 2?) - if they are nice in there they could easily transfer one form stock to the airport shop for you to purchase on your way through. The might not be nice though.
  3. Check this out! http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/37572/sony...hd-3d-camcorder Even looks like it'll fit in a sensible sized housing! Hand's in the air who wants one...
  4. Nothing is ever learnt at the pub - nothing that's retained anyway! And eye candy? Not unless you're that girl who's attracted to older, rounded men with a tendancy to whine about work and / or their other half.... I'm not that girl! And are you drinking the pool water or a proper beverage?
  5. Hi All, We recently flew with Emirates from Lon - KL, then around malaysia via Air Asia. No problem whatso-ever on Airasia with the hand luggage (it's the small pelican box that's just on the limit of the hand luggage) but it weighs 11KG. Only issue we had was with the flight out of London where they weighed it and woman said it was way heavy. Took out the body of the housing and put the lenses in pockets and then she said it was OK and we walked off and repacked everything into the box so it did seem a little pointless. With the restriction to one piece of hand luggage thing - got a tip from someone (can't even remember who) to invest in a small - what us British would call 'bum bag' and our american friends would call a 'fanny pack' - you can pack this with batteries / tapes etc etc (mine ended up weighing about 3.5kg) and they can't see it when you are checking in and the x-ray staff never seem to care. Although we didn't have any issues - the constant threat of having issues was a killer for all of the flights (about 7 in total) - we decided in the end that it woudl be easier to put the camera in the housing (it's a video camera so housing not small), put on the flat port, stash the other lens in pockets, fill pelican with clothes and check it into the hold and then just take a backpack through to put the camera in when you don't have to carry it past offical looking poeple. Least then you have the potective case to throw on the boat, but don't have to worry that half the handbaggage limit is actually taken up by the expensive box and weridly heavy small wheels. Anyone had any issue with hand carrying?
  6. Wow, - thanks Nick - that's brilliant... i almost feel a bit guilty that instead of going home last night and trying to sort the settings i went to the pub instead... But now i'm definitely going home to try it. Thanks again - i really appreciate that!!
  7. Wagsy, Camera is the HDR-HC7 - I can't justify buying the PAL version with the US$ difference. Shame sony can't install the switch on their cameras so you can chose between PAL and NTSC like all the other cameras seem to be able to do. Must be an expensive switch... ;-)
  8. Hi Wagsy, You mean encoded out from Sony Vegas right? I am in the land of PAL but my camera is from the land of NTSC... OK - i'll check settings when i get home and see if i can get a better result... Thanks for the help!
  9. Gotye - the swedish sounding band... i take it you didn't mean The Knife? Unless my swedish is *that* bad?
  10. Hi Steve - i think the fact i'm not sure what NLE means might be one of the issues. Don't worry too much, i can google, i'm using Sony Vegas. By "system" do you mean Windows Vista (i know, i know) or are you talking more technical processor stuff? What confuses me is if i look at the file i uploaded, it is widescreen and "post above which i now can't see or remember your name" has the music credits on and the dashing star with the grin at the end credit etc too - and, most importantly, not juddery at all. I'm starting to think it might just be an operator error with Vimeo? Maybe i need to read the how to again?
  11. Hi Fergus, Really - not juddery when you watch it? I don't get it - that was my inital thought (home connection not fast enough) but it looks the same at work too - and at my friends. Maybe all the connections are slow - that would be a fairly big coincidence! I am able to watch other poeple's videos fine - and most of the links in this forum too. It should be 16:9. It was when i exported it to tape and to dvd (still not bought a blu-ray writer), and should be for this too - another thing i am yet to figure out. I think maybe i need to buy a book or read some sort of manual or something. Always a great time underwater, just need to manage my bad ratio of "abovewater : underwater" time!
  12. Hi - i've not uploaded my video before to anything and i think i've done it wrong. I can't see to figure out why it's all 'juddery' - i've tried all different settings but this original one still seems to be the best... though it's still not right. Every few weeks i'll have another go but i'm guessing there's something important i'm doing wrong? [vimeohd]14387438[/vimeohd] Any help appreciated!
  13. Suggested itinary if we went to Indo?
  14. Hello all! OK - so i have a question for you all, i have October off work to get over a very painful incident (turning 30) and want to go diving for a month somewhere. Where would you suggest? Hit me with your suggestions please!! Thanks, Chrispie I've been to the following, but not adverse to going somewhere i've been before though with a month it might be ncie to explore somewhere new... Australia New Zeland Fiji Samoa Tonga Hawaii Cayman Islands Thailand Philippines Eygpt Djbouti Costa Rica (but not Cocos)
  15. Guys, using sony vegas movie studio can you do a split shot? Kind of if you film the shot from one side of the boat and the shot from the other and want to play them back side by side. Cheesy i know.. but if there's an easy way i want it! Any help muchly appreciated. Chrispie
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