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  1. I was thinking the same as Karl. I would go with at least 1/160 or 1/200 Kenneth
  2. Port and cable sold. SX extension ring still for sale. Kenneth
  3. IMG_4205 by Kazb75, on Flickr Sea & Sea DX Macro Port Base #30105 and Sea & Sea DX Macro Port 50 #30106 and extra O - Ring set #62101 - 280 $ us Perfect for the Nikon 105mm macro lens. 20140119_204745_resized by Kazb75, on Flickr Sea & Sea 5 pin sync cable - 50 $ us 20140119_204727_resized by Kazb75, on Flickr Sea & Sea SX Extension Ring #50261 - 85 $ us Prices are not including postage. Everything is in very fine condition. No scratches on glass or anything like that. Let me know if you want more pictures. Regards Kenneth
  4. Still have: Sea & Sea SX Extension Ring #50261 - 85$ 1 Sea & Sea 5 pin sync cable - 50$ Sea & Sea macro port base #30105 and Sea & Sea macro port 50 #30106 and extra o ring set - 280 $ us All prices are excluding postage. Regards Kenneth
  5. Strobes gone as well. Still have Nikon VR 18-200mm with circular polarizer and uv filter Nikon 50mm with uv filter Nikon VR 105mm vith uv filter Nikon 12-24mm with zoom gear and with circular polarizer and uv filter Sea & Sea YS TTL converter Sea & Sea SX extension ring. Sea & Sea macro port base Sea & Sea macro port 50 Regards Kenneth
  6. Camera, Housing, Domeport, Tokina 10-17, Arms sold
  7. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51855
  8. Hi all. Have had a couple of mails asking if I will split up the setup. I am open to splitting up the setup, but I need to sell the housing and camera first. Please send me an email if you are interested. Regards Kenneth
  9. Hi I am selling my complete underwater photography setup. Sadly I don't get to use it as much as I wan't anymore partly because of the lack of time and partly because of a slipped disc in my back. The camera and housing is from mid 2010 and has done about 60 dives in tropical waters. Everything is in excellent condition and has never been flooded. I have taken very very good care of it with plenty of fresh water rinsing and the housing has just been serviced just to be sure. Lenses are in perfect order with no sctratches. All have UV filter on for protection. I am selling: - Nikon D300S Camera - Nikon SB-600 Flash unit with Stofen diffuser - Extra battery for the camera - Nikon AF-S VR 18-200mm 3.5-5.6GF IF-ED - Nikon AFD-S 12-24mm 4.0 DX IF-ED with Sea & Sea Zoom Gear - Nikon AF-S VR 105mm 2.8 Micro IF-ED - Nikon 50mm 1.8G - Tokina ATX NI 10-17mm 3.5-4.5 With Sea & Sea Zoom Gear - Sea & Sea MDX300S Housing fittet with 0.8 optical viewfinder - 2 Sea & Sea YS-110Alpha strobes - Sea & Sea TTL YS Converter - 2 Sea & Sea 5 pin sync cables - 2 Sea & Sea optical sync cables - 2 Complete Sea Arm 7 arm systems for flash units - Sea & Sea NX Dome Port with cover - Sea & Sea DX Macro Port Base - Sea & Sea DX Macro Port 50 - Sea & Sea SX Extension ring - Lens shades for lenses, extra O-rings, remote trigger for camera, 0.5 optical viewfinder, pouches for the nikon lenses and flash unit, several different UV and ND filter for the lenses, several memorycards and everything extra I can find . I haven't dared to sum up what I payed for it all. Price for the whole package now: 6000 US Dollar. Price for shipping with FedEX, UPS or similar covered by buyer. Setup is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please contact me if you have any questions or want more pictures. PM me here or at kennethbang75@gmail.com Sorry for my spelling. English is not my first language
  10. So you are saying that you wouldn't go for a full frame ? He has been shooting larger video cameras before and had a short go a gopro, but now want to move on. He can get great prices on Sea and sea housings so what would you do ? Kenneth
  11. My friend has almost decided to go with the D600 in a Sea & Sea housing with 2X1200 Solar lights. Now the questing is what lenses to get. He is looking for a "all purpose" zoom lens if such a thing even excists. He doesn't want to start with a macro lens or a ultra wide (weitwinkel) fisheye lens. I know that you probably have to go either way if you want perfect macro or perfect wide, but is the a good "in between" lens ? I have looked a bit around and found the 16-35 F4 VR lens - Is that even usable for video ? Thanks in advance Kenneth
  12. I don't know if there is a special reason. I just think that he has seen all the nice videos made with cameras like these above water and then wants the same underwater. Is there another way to do this - another camera / videocamera you would suggest. I thought that these were the top of the pop. Kenneth
  13. Thanks for the link so what you are saying is that you think that the Canon 5D MkIII with the custom firmware is the way to go ? Anyone got other thoughts ? Kenneth
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