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  1. Thanks for the response Bill. Sorry, I must not have my terminology down. Here is a photo of what I need. Maybe you can tell me what the part is called: and the quickest place to find one. Also, I am in the market for any SB-102 strobes, working or not. I am most interested in the strobe housing.
  2. I have a Sea&Sea DX 30/60 housing for my Canon D30 that I am adapting for time lapse. I need a bulkhead connector for a Nikonos SB 102 strobe (which is being modified to hold extra batteries to power the camera for more than 10 hours). I have looked everywhere for these bulkhead connectors but can't find them. bvanant said they are easy to get...where? Second problem - neither the housing or the Grip Tray has a tripod mount. Is there a modification to this housing that will allow mounting on a tripod? Thanks! Tony http://www.tonyrath.com
  3. OK Dave, should I send the entire housing or just the rear half of the case?
  4. I bought a S&S housing for my Canon D60 (DX-30/60) almost 2 years ago from UW Photo. I was initially happy with the unit, probably from the joy of using a digital camera underwater. About 3 months ago, I noticed small cracks starting along all four locking latches on the back half of the housing (clear plexiglass half). This is after approximately 60 dives, none deeper than 100 ft, most around 40-60 ft. About a month ago, I noticed small lines of drops on the inside of the housing originating near these cracks and this last week started getting about a 1/4 teaspoon of water inside after every dive. I believe leaks are coming not only from the cracks along the latches, but also some of the thru housing buttons. I would be happy to provide some images if you would like to see the problem. I am now at the point where I do not trust the housing anymore. The housing has never been dropped, or roughly handled, or taken deeper than 100 feet. I searched the Internet to see if others have experienced this and have found nothing. Is it possible I have a bum housing? Is this a usual occurance with S&S digital underwater housings? I will be contacting both Sea&Sea and UW Photo, but thought I would check here first for any known problems. Basically I have been happy with the housing except for a few minor irritations such as: 1. The flash connector inside can occasionally loosen and fail to fire the flash mid dive. 2. Some of the buttons do not reach the camera (trash, select, focus selection) 3. The dials to turn the f-stop, shutter speed and mode wheels eventually weaken (become too flexible) and make it difficult to turn for adjustments. 4. The recent leaking I am thinking of a new housing and will probably not go with Sea&Sea again due to the leaking. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for any replies.
  5. I may also be going to DEMA. Any chance of Tom bringing a rig down with him with the good oppportunity of making a sale there? Or is it late to suggest?
  6. Living in Belize has been a blessing and a curse. The diving and underwater photography is great, but trying to put together a system is hell. I've been researching online for a while now and everytime I think I've found what I need, I am finding it difficult to purchase it online. I have a Canon D60 and D1. I have the Canon 16-35 f2.8L, 100mm f2, and 28-80 f3.5-5.6 with an extender EF1.4x I am looking for a housing for the D60 and have thought the Sea & Sea housing with ultralight bracket and arms is what I want. I am still undecided about strobes, but would like to go with 2 x 550EX Speedlites in housings. I've gone to Sea & Sea's website, but every search on a dealer returns an error. Ikelite requires the camera to build the housing - not practical from Belize. Other mail order sites might have the housing but no way to select ports and gears. Backscatter has the ports, focus and zoom gears, but no housing for Canon D60. Underwater camera pros has the housing but no ports or gears. I've emailed Alan James, which appears to have a complete set, without any reply. In other words, it is difficult to find a single online source for a complete system and provides some support. I could peicemeal the order, but thought I'd check if there were other options. Is this Standard Operating Procedure for underwater photographers? Can anyone recommend a good mail order place with good support (B&H is great, but doesn't handle the housing) for the Canon D60 Sea & Sea housing and ports? As I mentioned in an earlier post, I plan to be at DEMA and was thinking I might pick up the system there...does that sound reasonable to expect. Sorry for the rash of questions and thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. I am in the market for a housing for my Canon D60 and Canon GL2 digital video. I have look online for the last few months and now am thinking of going to DEMA to get a little hands on feel for the different options. Anyone know if there usually good deals at DEMA for camera equipment or are prices inflated for the show?
  8. I am in the market for an underwater housing for a Canon D60. I would like a strong, durable tray and long, lite sturdy arms for dual TTL flashes and be able to use the following Canon lenses (am I asking too much?): EF 17-35 2.8 EF 28-70 2.8 EF 100 2.8 I have settled on the SEA & SEA because of cost and the number of positive reviews I have found for it. I would like to use my Canon flashes in housings, but will go with the YS125 strobes if that is a better solution. My problem comes from trying to purchase the set up I need. Without the possibility of hands on inspection (I live in Belize), I need an online vendor that makes it possible to research what I need, find what I need and to purchase it. I have only been able to find three online vendors, and none of them have stellar online stores. I have looked at: Robert White Camera Specialists Divers Discount Underwater Digital - uh, can't find the URL right now. Because this is a MAJOR purchase, it would be nice to know if I have all the correct parts, and when it is delivered to me here in Belize (or to Florida for shipping to Belize), that I will have a working system. This means that I need a vendor or vendors that sell the housings, ports, extenders, focus rings and allow me to pick which ones I need with some confidence that I am getting the right things. So, after that long preamble, can anyone recommend a good, reputable online store to advise what I need and purchase? Or the best way to purchase online (SEA & SEA lists a bunch of vendors, but none that I've inspected have a online store that instills confidence). Thanks for any advice. P.S. I have checked out DIGIDEEP, which is a wonderful site, but the vendors are sorely out of date and I can't find information on ports, arms, trays, flashes, etc
  9. Any updated information on this housing - sold, updated pricing, etc.?
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