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  1. I like to insert my copyright in a bunch of images. I can not find an easy and fast working program for mac. Do you know one? Thanks for your help. Nadine
  2. Yippiee,this are the best news of this year. I have so many pics of our beautiful girl, here are some...
  3. I really hope that it may not be abused!! It is so goog to see how many shark divers support our beloved friends!!
  4. Hello everybody, I urgently need a zooming for the Tokina 10-17mm lens that fits in my sea and sea housing. Can anybody help me with that? Cheers Nadine
  5. Hello all together, I am looking for a second hand strobe of a subtronic alpha pro. Can anybody suggest me how to find one? I am from Germany and there I couln`t find any! Thank you Nadine
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