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  1. Thanks El. I will try to get FATHOMS MAGAZINE. There are several foreign magazine you can get here in The Netherlands but never heard about this one. Is this there site, www.fathomspub.com ? Maybe the want to send me a copy. There latest one is #11, that's the one with the article? Gr. Mike.
  2. So far thanks guys. Scubacaribe is the dive centre at our stay. The offer a trip to Catalina Island and the wreck "Saint George", both very commercial or really nice to dive?? I read something about cave(rn) diving in a dutch magazine. Does anybody know a site with more information about that? Gr. Mike.
  3. I'm looking for tips, hints and suggestions for our stay in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) begin november. Not only underwater but also the nature above. Gr. Mike.
  4. Alex, Line 14 in the source: <td style="vertical-align: top; width: 150px;" rowspan="1" colspan="1"> Remove the 'width: 150px;' to line it up in IE. Gr. Mike.
  5. Who can help me?! I'm looking for a loc-line distributer in Europe (Netherlands). So far i only found one in the USA, www.modularhose.com, but shipping prices makes it expensive. I needed 4 x 61501 (partnumber loc-line 3/4"). Mike.
  6. I find a nice priced secondhand 17-40L so i went for this one. Yesterday i made some pictures with the 5503.55 dome and the 17-40L from Canon. You can find hem here .
  7. Sorry for the late response .... Whitey, i will try the lens / port combination and post my results when possible. Maybe i try to rent a 17-40 first if possible.
  8. Because of your comment, whitey, i looked up the port list again on Ike's site and notice that i need the 5503.50. S**t then i also need an other port. I thought i got use the 5503.55 which i already own for the sigma 18-50. This one is longer and probably would not work at wide angle (?) and a 16-35 L is way to expensive. (Ike, how far your return policy goes? Only use him ones. )
  9. I want to replace my common lens to use it as a common lens on land and underwater on the Canon 10d. I read some reviews and both the Tamron 17-35 Di and Canon 17-40 L are looking good and covers the range i was looking for. Can anyone tell me more about the Tamron, especially underwater? I already understand the 17-40 L is nice underwater but a Tamron is around $200 less. Is the Tamron really as sharp as the Canon and not soft like some Sigma lenses? (I recently got the money to buy a Canon lens (100mm macro) and discover how sharp a picture can be )
  10. Clear Ike. I will use them manual and later send them for modification. I will ask Mark (scubacompany) how to get them to you when the dollar-euro = 1:1.5 or when i have done enough carwashes in the neighbourhood. :wink: Best wishes for 2005. PS. With or without battery (=weight) when i send them for modification?
  11. I own two DS-125 Ikelite substrobes and want to use them on my Ikelite house for the Canon 10D with eTTL. These substrobes have a serial number far below 2500 and according to Ike's site the need a $150 update each to operate with eTTL, a lot off money and that's without the transport to the Netherlands. So because of that I want to know, is it really needed? I did some test above water and it looks working. I can use TTL, manual and ajust the power. Also did a test underwater, short one because 4 degrees isn't very nice, and again looks nice. Little but because the pictures needed some adjustment (to dark). I shot with f19 en f22 shutter at 1/200 (Av) substrobe can then be already at maximum power?? Wasn't the right way to test. Link to the pictures Who can tell me more about this? Any experience with the same combination? Maybe Ike? Is it that the old DS-125 works with the eTTL but doesn't give a right exposure without the modification or is there more? Gr. Mike.
  12. Now i know why my house for the 10D still not here (only waiting 10 days ). Have fun with it!
  13. Just as a was thinking and because of the 'narrow beam' this looks not to be the problem.
  14. Can i use a longer flat port then Ikelite advise for a lens? This is the case; use a 5505.58 flat port (5.1"-6.1") for the Canon 100mm USM macro and not the 5505.45 flat port (4.5"-5.5"). It is only 0.6" longer so i would say no problem, or am i wrong? Gr. Mike.
  15. Hi Simon, Thanks. The temp was 23 degrees min (at 30m) and 25 degrees max (at 1m). Mike.
  16. Who ... ! That is something else, clear water and 23 degrees celcius. I really like the Red Sea! Duikfoto.com (English) or Duikfoto.com (Dutch) I'm used to cold green water (between 3 - 15 degrees) where you can not see more then 3 metres if you are lucky. So this time not much close up and very relax diving.
  17. I see you guys talking about the Canon rumours but how about Nikon? Or did I missed it? Nikon on dpreview And don't forget 18th febr. Nikon Europe Gr. Mike.
  18. Sh.. Will ship to United States only and I wanted to bid $ 60.
  19. Yes, there is no pre-flash in manual mode but that is no problem for the remote sensor. DS-50 and DS-125 with slave sensor are working properly with the Canon G2. Mike.
  20. So far I didn't see a decrease of the picture quality. I'm happy with the results and 30 euro is not bad. Autofocus is limited but still usefull for a great range, you can even use the zoom. And yes I assemble the filter to the house in the water to avoid air between. I also find out that I can make picture from greater distance with the camera off macro. You are limited but it's possible (autofocus keeps working). Some results you can see on the site, pictures holland, grevelingen, 29/09/'02 den Osse. Next sunday I will do a test with a +4 and +2 together. This can be to much but you never know. If it's not to cold for my buddy (and me), I will do some test without, +2, +4 and +2+4(=6). Water temperature at the moment is 9 degrees celcius.
  21. Hello everybody, I just started using add-on lenses on the Ikelite House (Canon G2). Because it is hard to get an macro lens here in Holland for the Ikelite house and because the price, I used a macro filter for land. It's a 67 mm +4 dioptrie and here is a example: I nottice that the depth of field is not great. Will this be the case if a use a add-on lens such as Inon or S&S? And what is there magnification? More examples on duikfoto.com - Pictures Holland - Grevelingen 29/09/'02 den Osse 10/11/'02 Kijkuitpolder Mike
  22. My first strobe was a DS-50 (last year). Since a few weeks I got a DS-125 and use them 2 times together. I like the setup, but thinking about to sell the DS-50 and buy a second DS-125. Why? Because of the possible power setting. I think you can play with shaddow effects using the different power setting at both. After using it 2 times of course you can't say much so the next two weeks I will use the setup in clear water (Lanzarote, Islas Canarias) and after these experience I think I can say more. Mike.
  23. When I started with making pictures underwater, somebody told me to read this artikel first. http://www.seapix.com/tips.htm This was the most important tip: Tip 1. Spend, Spend, Spend Mike.
  24. I agree absolute with Tio Loco. Also don't forget the TTL / preflash on an automatic camera like the 330. As far as I know only Ikelite DS-50 / DS-125 can handle that. All other strobes will ignore the preflash and then fire full flash. Mike.
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