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  1. Meikon answer : I managed to chat with AliExpress customer support. Indeed the firewall prohibit Youtube. I posted the video on Google Photo and gave the link. It has promised to reopen the appeal within 3 to 5 days.
  2. I understand. But the refund procedure comes from AliExpress and it protects its sellers. It's a lot more honest with Amazon. It remains in the catalog of the Chinese site : http://www.seafrogs.cc/photographic-light/digital-accessory-st-100-underwater-flashlight.html
  3. It is impossible to be refund by AliExpress. They closed the dispute without letting me give my evidence and Aliexpress continues to sell this strobe. Yes they are dishonest ! I'm going to try something with Meikon, but I do not believe it too much.
  4. Do not rely on AliExpress to defend the buyer. The procedure for providing evidence with a video is not applicable. The dishonesty of this seller is obvious.
  5. Hello Barmaglot. I do not see this behavior on three differents SeaFrogs strobes. My test on Youtube in a few hours.
  6. I received the product: SeaFrogs submarine strobe. To start, I want to say that I am an expert in underwater photography. I have written numerous articles in the press and on French specialized websites and in particular on underwater strobes. I know particularly well the Inon strobes which this product is very similar. The product is not at all according to its description. The three main buttons have no function. The main button turns on the strobe but does not allow to switch to different modes: TTL, manual, full. The power adjustment knob has no effect in manual nor in TTL mode. The mode button gives no function: it should cancel the pre-flashes in manual mode. The flash fires well, but always with the same power without anything can be set. To summarize, all functions are fake.
  7. Hi, And with Inon D2000 and Z240 ? Is this new camera work well without the LED accessory. I hope that better than compatibilty with the YZ-110 Because in S-TTL this function is not useful. Normaly in S-TTL the internal flash don't dump full power. The problem exist in manual mode, for exemple in Canon Powershot camera, the trick's in doing reduce the manual power of internal strob. It's possible. But if this option don't increase the price, why not. Otherwise, I am very interested by this camera. It come up my expectations. Greeting fp You can read a french review of Inon S-TTL system on my web site : http://www.fplanglois.com/plongee/technique/inon_sttl.php Sorry for my bad english, I am froggy (but I have my head examined )
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