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  1. I will consider any sensible offers as I need to sell this
  2. I purchased this a year ago on an impulse buy from a classified ad on here as I had just sold my D300 kit and was going to upgrade to a D7000 ( was used once by the previous owner ) Circumstances mean it's still unused packed away since I bought it so it's time to sell as I cannot see myself setting up to use this now An ideal opportunity to purchase a quality housing and port for a D7000 HFN-6.961 HUGYFOT Housing for Nikon D7000 - inc Hugycheck £1,400 FEK-6.608 Fisheye Port Acrylic - L 25 / D 174 £350 I am in the UK but can post worldwide Pics available by email on request Simon
  3. Hi Pete Have sent you a pm Simon
  4. Hi Ben I have a Dual Sync cord to sell Where are you based ? UK or overseas ? Simon
  5. Stever If you email Jean directly at Aquatica he will answer you info@aquatica.ca Simon
  6. Hi Mark What version is the Z240 please ? .. is it still for sale ? Thanks
  7. Hi Does anybody know which Aquatica extension and zoom ring I would need for this lens .. It's not on Aquatica's website and I am struggling to find out .. Also does anyone have any direct comparison views between this and the Sigma 10-20mm .. i would be interested to hear anybodies comments Thanks Simon
  8. Hi .. is this sold yet ?
  9. I have both the D300 and D700 and use the D300 UW .. Even though I love my D700 I would not change for 2 reasons .. 1 .. too much cash involved .. I have an Aquatica set up 2 .. I have both the 10-17 and 17-70 as Alex mentions .. and this covers me for all my needs UW .. I could not think about not having the 10-17 on my wreck dives I also think you would not see the difference between the 2 UW Simon
  10. Scooby00

    DS 125

    Hi Are these still available and would you ship to the UK ? Am looking for 1 only .. are the batteries NiCd or the new NiMh version ? Thanks Simon
  11. With my D300 housing and the 8" dome port I use the 18463 extension ring http://www.aquatica.ca/subpages/catalog/product/rings.asp Simon
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