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  1. I will consider any sensible offers as I need to sell this
  2. I purchased this a year ago on an impulse buy from a classified ad on here as I had just sold my D300 kit and was going to upgrade to a D7000 ( was used once by the previous owner ) Circumstances mean it's still unused packed away since I bought it so it's time to sell as I cannot see myself setting up to use this now An ideal opportunity to purchase a quality housing and port for a D7000 HFN-6.961 HUGYFOT Housing for Nikon D7000 - inc Hugycheck £1,400 FEK-6.608 Fisheye Port Acrylic - L 25 / D 174 £350 I am in the UK but can post worldwide Pics available by email on request Simon
  3. Hi Pete Have sent you a pm Simon
  4. Hi Ben I have a Dual Sync cord to sell Where are you based ? UK or overseas ? Simon
  5. Stever If you email Jean directly at Aquatica he will answer you info@aquatica.ca Simon
  6. Hi Mark What version is the Z240 please ? .. is it still for sale ? Thanks
  7. Hi Does anybody know which Aquatica extension and zoom ring I would need for this lens .. It's not on Aquatica's website and I am struggling to find out .. Also does anyone have any direct comparison views between this and the Sigma 10-20mm .. i would be interested to hear anybodies comments Thanks Simon
  8. Hi .. is this sold yet ?
  9. I have both the D300 and D700 and use the D300 UW .. Even though I love my D700 I would not change for 2 reasons .. 1 .. too much cash involved .. I have an Aquatica set up 2 .. I have both the 10-17 and 17-70 as Alex mentions .. and this covers me for all my needs UW .. I could not think about not having the 10-17 on my wreck dives I also think you would not see the difference between the 2 UW Simon
  10. Scooby00

    DS 125

    Hi Are these still available and would you ship to the UK ? Am looking for 1 only .. are the batteries NiCd or the new NiMh version ? Thanks Simon
  11. With my D300 housing and the 8" dome port I use the 18463 extension ring http://www.aquatica.ca/subpages/catalog/product/rings.asp Simon
  12. Thanks all The new one looks like the one to go for ..
  13. So autofocus seems to be the way to go .. I have a D300 with an Aquatica housing but have not purchased a port yet .. the autofocus only port is cheaper and I cannot see the point of spending the extra cash if I am never going to manual focus. This means I could still choose either lens so it's just a case of picking the best optical choice of the two .. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robin Which focus light would you recommend ? Simon
  14. Hi all So .. I am looking to start some macro work and the 60mm seems to be the best starter lens over the 105mm Both versions are still avaliable to purchase so optically which one should I buy .. the older f2.8D version or the newer AF-S GED version ? With the D version I can also manually focus with the correct port .. AF only with the new version .. does that cast any views as well .. Thanks Simon
  15. Hi all I am off to New York in November and am looking to pick up a second strobe , I use a single DS125 with my D300 .. should I go for a second DS125 or a new DS160 ? Are there any advantages or disadvantages in using a DS160 with a DS125 .. any help or advice greatly appreaciated Thanks Simon
  16. Hi all I pm'd Jean on this and here is his reply to me ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Simon, here is the latest scoop, the new paint scheme of our housing is speckled black, the silver has been discontinued and no longer available. We didn’t have as many conversion demand as anticipated and cannot justify the minimum quantity required for the paint to match the Silver of your housing, that does not mean we are canceling plan for the conversion, it just mean that you would need to send in your housing front and rear for a repaint to our matching D300 housings rear. Retail price for the conversion back is 1199.00 USD and due to the nature of the service involved, I doubt B&H will provide this service. You can go through us for this conversion. We are shipping D300 housing as of last week Regards Jean Bruneau, Aquatica Technical Adviser I then got this replay regarding shipping back to the UK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Repainting is included but not shipping. Also a turn around time of +/- 3 weeks is needed for stripping, re-anodizing, painting and assembling, incidentally that will include overhauling your D200 with new O-rings and a pressure test. Regards Jean Bruneau, Aquatica Technical Adviser -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reference to B&H is I am visiting New York later in the year and was thinking of purchasing the conversion kit from them as it is cheaper the in the UK What Jean is offering is , I think a great service for the price and I will be sending my housing off soon to be converted .. When it is ready I can call and pay over the phone with credit card , the housing will then be shipped back to me ... Simon
  17. It is $570 but not in stock until June according to their website http://www.adorama.com/TN1116EOS.html?sear...a&item_no=6
  18. Sorry Jean .. Forgot to ask .. How are you going to compensate for the LCD being 3" on the D300 .. there certainly is no way to see all of it through the AD200 housing i have got Simon
  19. Jean .. any more definate dates on the D200-D300 upgrade kit yet Simon
  20. Jean Which Port Extension Ring would you use behind the 8" dome port for the 17-70 Thanks
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