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  1. Yes, I know this will make a huge difference from the Kit lens. =) You have helped me decide on the Tokina! Thank you for the replies.
  2. Greetings. I am a long time lurker, seldom poster, and I have a delima you all might be able to help with. The age old What lens to buy. I have a Cannon 20d (1.6 crop), w/Ikelite housing. For the past two years I have been using the kit lens (ouch!). I am still a newb but am getting better. I want to upgrade my glass. I am considering the Sigma 15mm or Tokina 10-17. I am leaning towards the Tokina, but am interested in your opinions on this. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Are there any other wide lenses (in the same price range) that I should consider? Thanks! map
  3. It is 6:40 here. I did not get the email, and I checked my spam folder. Strange. try emailing me at map_fl@yahoo.com that is my alternative, and should work. Thanks, Matt
  4. =) thanks for the reference. I am leery about buying from someone I do not know.
  5. I am interested in the 20D set up. Please contact me at phillips@cfl.rr.com ~Matt Phillips
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