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  1. flash video of turtle seen above. Camera seems to provide better stabilization. flash flv http://www.graceplay.com/bvi2011/00048_flv_orig.html
  2. Clearest water we have seen in a while. Three of us are diving from a 39' bareboat. Quite a chore to read the divingguide, brief the buddys , find the bouy, get the gear on, jumpin, and then get some camera time. Fun sunlight from above. Ok to critque. Still capture from HD video, i think i white balanced deeper then this, and then we are shallow here, thus its getting too red. Still taken from HD video. Manual white balance seem to be in full effect now. Knobby Star Coral ? Flash didnt fire but video lights having some effect in this daylight , but also almost too red since the manual white balance didnt account for that. Flash fired, Defintely having some effect. Fun perpective and near and far. This is using a cx700v in a Top Dawg housing with a flat port. Two prov8 lights and s2000 flash. First trip with having access to the One Touch White Balance button.
  3. Yes the changes from sony are causing housing reprogramming, for those who can do it. CX700 white balance or any feature is available via menu navigation using scripting. This is confirmed for Ir-remote and i think is doable via lanc. Ive seen sample lanc menu navigation so im assume enough of that is there for that to work too. Im the wrong person to compare wb, since the cx700 my first white balance camera, but is powerfull.
  4. Im using the HC9 and the photo button sends code 18-2B to the camera and there is never been a problem with hc9 taking a photo while in video-rec or video-pause mode. (worked every time) Are we looking at a camera difference or a housing differece. (or some combo)
  5. it was a feb03 consumer reports 11 inkjet printers. there were many measurements , overall score, text score, photo score, graphic score, text ink and photo ink costs. score in 5 dots. crbestbuy in photo is hp deskjet3820. 8x10 photo 15min, 80cent (ink and paper) lowest overall score is epson 820 very long times. 1.10 per page cost. no large formats rated. I have read that you get 10 pages per ml of ink for photo. I think i get less because i set photo mode on and it pours more ink on. But printing to a 11x14 would use up ink twice as fast per page.
  6. I am using 1998 lexmark 5700 ($50) which has an optional 6 color mode. Two cart with 3 inks each. I am refilling now and this 6 ink mode is much better then the standard 4 color mode. Photos done the 4 color mode on glossy paper show the ink dots when examined closely , done in 6 color mode on glossy the dots are not visible, it really does like a film print. I guess these days there are printer which can do a good job in 4 color mode. But the paper does matter. Also be careful about the ink costs. Decide if you are willing to refill or not. Then choose a printer with either cheaper ink per page costs when buying a cart or easier refilling procedures. The lexmark line seems to be geared toward low printer, but the highest cart costs. They have new line with smaller cart at the same price. There is consumer’s magazine in store (now?) with an article about inkjet costs and Quality for the current printers. A photo print looks good when the printer is able to print at least 250-300 dots per inch. (real not advertised) Less then 250 starts to make it a visibly fuzzy, more then 350 is resolution not causally visible when handling a photo at normal distances. Again paper matters with the various coated (glossy) papers able to control the dot of ink as it hits the paper soaks in a tiny bit to allow drying but fully covers the white (fibers) of the paper to convey the right color. Hence the Manufacturer with their branded inks and paper at their price.
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