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  1. If money was no object I'd have a Sola 600 on my E-PL1 setup, but they cost more than I'm willing to spend at this time for a light, so I have a Bossk BigBlue FF 1-5w on order from Reefphoto (along with Zen Dome for Panny 7-14mm, and a 2nd INON strobe). Wish the boat with my Zen Dome and S-2000 would hurry up and arrive, been on backorder.
  2. I own and use an E-PL1, no problems here with shutter lag. It auto focus's much faster and than my previous camera's (Oly C-7070, Oly C-8080, Cannon A720IS) and with non existent shutter lag. Imaging Resources never updated the data after the version 1.1 firmware update for the E-PL1. It's simple bench racing without real word use. I'm currently taking an "intro to photo" class at the local community college, and my PEN is doing very good. No one in the class knew what M4/3 was, not even the instructor. Real world owners of PEN camera's do not experience "shutter lag for these PENs has been nearer 1 second", mine is non existent. I dive in Mammoth Lake TX mostly, which has 20' or less vis, and have fun with this camera. The beauty of PEN is the ability to purchase lens and ports to meet your daily needs at a very reasonable cost compared to outfitting a DSLR. I do have a question for DSLR users who use focus lights which cost more than my E-PL1 with kit lens. If DSLR is so great, why do they require such expensive focus lights?
  3. 14x42 zoom gear bhphotovideo 14x42 zoom gear, oceanoptical sales
  4. Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens is $470 shipped from Dell Computer today (ends today), and Olympus PT-EP01 housing is $479 shipped from bhphotovideo. This camera would serve you for years. Don't forget to order the zoom gear when you order the housing.
  5. Why does the images saved from Camera in windows and viewed onscreen look different when opened in Adobe Photoschop Elements 5.0? When I open them with Elements 5, they actually look light and better, like they have been processed some. Why? It makes it hard to edit them when they aren't the same. Can someone please shed some light on what is set wrong in Elements to cause this difference? Used my E-PL1 uw yesterday, love the camera and PT-ep01 housing, love the housing. Using ULCS arms, tray, and INON D-2000 strobe. Had strobe 12 plus inches above camera, very slight angle up, set to EA Auto. I shot mostly f7.1 and f8, iso 100, shutter 100 to 160. Dove in Mammoth Lake Clute TX on the C-130 aircraft just snapping pictures of perch. Here's the deal, I knew they where going to be dark cause I barely touched fish with light due to all the particulates in water, and i didn't want tons of backscatter. Used kit lens set at 14mm wide position. Really believe this wide would be better if I used two strobes to light up the area. Saved MF JPEG and RAW. Only looking at JPEG cause I don't have a way to view these RAW in my copy of Elements.
  6. Have listed the following on EBay, both auctions will end on Oct 17th. Canon WP-DC16 Housing for A720IS camera ebay auction Ikelite 6140.72 Housing for Canon A710IS & A720IS digital cameras ebay auction Both housings have a fiber optic block on them, and both are in excellent condition, never flooded, o'rings stored in ziplock bags when not in use.
  7. All items sold, netted almost enough to purchase an E-PL1 with kit lens. Will watch Amazon and Duydig for next few days, then I'll get one in Champaign.
  8. C-8080 and PT-023 sold today on Buy it Now option. Only thing remaining is the wide angle lens and wide angle port.
  9. Thanks for replying. I posted this on three different forums and heard practically the same thing from all you different people. While it doesn't bother me to take a loss on digital camera and housing, I really hate selling the INON lens simply because it is like new and I know they don't go for much on EBay used, yet it is still a currently manufactured item that sells for over $300 new here in states.
  10. Any reason to keep an INON UWL-100 Type 2 wet lens for use with current or future M4/3 camera platform? I plan on buying an E-PL1 in the very near future. Have all my Oly C-8080 stuff on ebay, once sold I'll order the E-PL1. Then I'll sell off my Cannon A-720IS stuff to fund the PT-EP01 housing. Keeping all tray, strobe, arms, etc. Which brings me to the INON wet lens. I've had it a year or two, it's in excellent condition, lens isn't scratched nor does it have water spots. Should I keep it or sell it? Money could be used towards funding a second strobe which I could use.
  11. C-8080 Camera and PT-023 Housing ebay listing camera and housing PPO-05 wide angle housing port and WCON-08D ebay listing for wide angle housing port and wide angle lens TCON-14D Tele Lens ebay listing for Tele lens
  12. Trying to breath some life back into my OLY. Been using a Cannon A720IS since '08 because of the trouble I was having with broken tabs on OLY PT-023 housing. Haven't used my Oly C-8080 since summer of '07 because I didn't feel the PT-023 housing was secure. Plastic tabs holding port to housing had broken off, and I had used an adhesive that was sort of working to hold the pieces together, but just didn't trust it enough after making 20 dives to continue taking it under water. Well, just had holes drilled and taped, used 6-32 x 1/4 set screws, and some weld-on #16 cement. The weld-on is used to make acrylic aquariums, it actually dissolves and chemically adhears with the polycarbonate housing. Gonna let it set for 24 hrs, and hopefully take the empty housing UW this weekend to see if it will hold up. Really want an Oly E-PL1, but must be content with what I have for now.
  13. Just wanted to update my post above, received adapters today. When I get around to doing this, I'll be using 52 to 67mm adapter with my DC16 housing for A720IS. 58 to 67mm might work, but 62 to 67mm is definitely to large.
  14. Dagobertb, it looks great. Can you show a pic of the bayonet ring you carved before attachment, and then attached but with WA lens off? What glue did you use? Will acrylic glue such as weldon work? What thichness acrylic did you use?
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