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  1. Here's a tip. Get some food grade silicon spray. Take a small bottle (dollar store travel spray bottle). Take a couple of J-cloths or other lint free cloths and some cotton swabs. I am one for cleaning my housing main o-ring when I open it, which is usually once at the end of the day. Grease attracts dirt. I am often shocked at how much junk can collect on the oring and groove, but I do a lot of muck diving. Always dampen the cotton swab with the silicon spray, so as not to leave any fibers behind. I do the same with the port oring and extensions, if I am changing lenses. If not, I'll clean it once or twice in a trip.

  2. Original style snoot w/o laser pointer (Modeling light transmits through acrylic post). Has been used on one dive. Comes with lanyards, original package, instructions, plus extra oring. Paid $120USD @ Backscatter, yours for $90USD OBO plus shipping. Paypal or Bank wire transfer.


    I just never got around to using it. Cleaning out unused gear.




  3. I have dragged this around as a back up to my DSLR and used the housing 5 or 6 times. Everything is in great shape, and there are lots of extras.


    Canon G15 (less than 1200 photos)

    all original packaging and accessories, plus an extra third party battery.


    Fantasea FG15 Housing

    all original packaging and accessories, including diffuser, dual fiber optic connectors, unopened oring grease, plus:

    Red filter and holder

    67mm filter holder

    Eyeholder F67 for strobe arm

    extra Nano fiber optic bushing


    Asking $575USD plus shipping

    Payment by Paypal or bank wire transfer





  4. I missed out on one last November, and there has not been one on Wetpixel since! Must be in excellent shape and preferably v.2.0. Prefer combo fiber optics/electronic or dual fiber optics. Not interested in dual electronic synch. No prior flooding. Recent service with paperwork a bonus, as well as vacuum system/deep springs. This housing has been discontinued. I can continue using my old system, but will switch if the right match comes along. Without these parameters, I will have to ship, service and upgrade the springs, so price expectation will be much lower.




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