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  1. How about the "Make my Day" crab? No clue, sorry.
  2. Although I tend to avoid the usual touristy stuff, after twenty five years of traveling through Singapore, I went to the Night Zoo. Aside from the flame throwing "tribespeople", it was quite interesting if you have an evening to kill before a morning flight. Tang's for shopping. Night markets for eats. Bypass Sentosa. The river cruises can be quite nice at night as well. You don't have to go for the fancy ones with dinners and drinks, and the view is the same. Also booking tours in North America via Isango is cheaper than booking once there. They were efficient and reasonable.
  3. Last time through, had a bit of a hassle from Singapore/Silkair, but as soon as they saw my ticket from Canada, I did not get charged overweight baggage fees. I was on FF points via Air Canada and United to Singapore, then of course on Silk Air. I could not check my bags through to Manado. Stayed at the Crowne Plaza, one of my fav overnight hotels. Changi Village's rooms are definitely by the same designer or a copycat. The only hassle there is the free shuttle to Changi; in the morning, it can be a bit stressful if it is late arriving if you have an early morning flight. It is worth spending a few days in Singapore; there are great online deals on hotels if you book early. We stayed at The Royal Plaza on Scott's. Not the top of the heap, but the place was really nice, included breakfast, and the location was terrific. Cheers, Marli
  4. Here's a good link: http://taxondiversity.fieldofscience.com/2011/02/galeommatidae.html
  5. As others have said, a good start. Get closer, and avoid centering your subject unless you are filling the entire frame. Checking out composition "rules" from any photo website will help you to compose appealing images. Cheers, Marli
  6. Was it moving?It almost looks like a tunicate, but with the debris, it is difficult to make out details. Where was it taken?
  7. Thanks, both Ambon and Anilao are being considered. Cheers, Marli
  8. Looking for an Aquatica Zoom gear #48719 for Sigma 17-70mm and D7000. Cheers, Marli
  9. I have two weeks off in March, 2013. Been a lot of places, and I am seeking something new. Love super-macro, but appreciate wide angle opportunities, but big stuff is not my priority. Probably traveling solo, so huge single supplements are not appealing. Liveaboards are not desirable, as I am done with them for a while. (Man, I am picky, but somewhat claustrophobic). I am looking for relaxed diving with amenities and good guiding, and not in the Caribbean. Bali and Lembeh have been done numerous times...looking for a different opportunity. Any suggestions out there for someone based on the west coast of Canada??? Contacts appreciated. Cheers, Marli
  10. By the way, your frogfish appears to have an aeolid nudibranch on it, just left and down from center. I would love to see a close up. Cheers, Marli
  11. I always thought these were a version of the Hairy frogfish. It is now thought to be a separate species (by Gerry Allen) due to the different esca shape. I have seen them at Lembeh Strait numerous times. Here is some info: http://www.seadb.net/en_Lembeh-frogfish-Antennarius-sp_861.htm Cheers, Marli
  12. I am selling my slide and film scanner on EBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130775672010?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 USA or Canada only, due to shipping costs. Cheers, Marli
  13. I have used the Subsee with my Aquatica system for a few years. What I like is the ability to fold the lens out of the way during a dive. It tucks nicely beside my strobe arm so it doesn't flop about. That way I can switch back and forth between using it and not. I had difficulty with the 10x, so went for the 5x. Now that I am comfortable with it, I have opted to add the 10x. Cheers, Marli
  14. I once saw a documentary that showed this; I can't remember who the producer was. Really interesting, though! Cheers, Marli
  15. It's Flabellina affinis. The second photo shows egg masses. Cheers, Marli
  16. Housing and camera body SOLD. Stix Arms and Sigma 10-20 zoom gear still available.
  17. This housing includes the Aquatica Moisture alarm, with visual and auditory alarm.
  18. Bought a lens and port from NWDiver Martin shipped quickly and packaged everything well. Thanks. Marli
  19. Wrong thread. Should be in classifieds.
  20. Aquatica AD200 for Nikon D200 housing, Stix arms and Sigma 10-20 gear for sale, plus camera body. I am selling my Aquatica AD200 housing, plus a few odds and ends I don't use anymore. The housing is in great shape, and has been maintained well. Any little marks were touched up with automotive paint when they occurred, and it looks great. There are a few marks on the LCD acrylic that do not show when underwater. It was used last in August of this year. The original manual and 5 extra housing o-rings will be included. Everything functions as new. Also included are a TLC focus light mounting ball (fits Ultralight or TLC clamps), and two strobe arm mounting balls for the handles. There are two stainless split rings for a lanyard or accessories. No ports provided. (There have been lots of ports for sale lately, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a good deal on one.) Any reasonable offer considered. Shipping to Continental USA or Canada preferred, and cost born by buyer, along with any import duties or taxes incurred. In a week, it's going on EBay if unsold. I also have two 9" Stix Arms (old style) complete with floats. They work fine; I only used them a few times. They have a custom black neoprene wrap on them to look nicer! $40 for both + shipping. I'll ship these worldwide.. Finally, Aquatica Zoom gear #18698 (used on one trip only) $50 plus shipping. Will ship worldwide. This fits a Sigma 10-20 f4.5-5.6 DC HSM lens for the D200, D300s, D60, D70, D70s, D40X, D100 and Fuji S2Pro Housings by Aquatica or a Sigma 15-30mm f3.5 - 4.5 EXDG for the D300 and D80 Housings by Aquatica. I also have the camera body available, but I will likely sell it on EBay. It has a ton of accessories, such as 5 CF ( 2-2GB, 1-4GB, 2-8GB ) cards, 2 chargers and three Nikon batteries, body cap, MC-30 Remote cord, original packaging, manuals, software, and all original accessories, plus a Magic Lantern Guide. The camera is in great shape, under 13,000 actuations, used mainly while housed, and has had the sensor cleaned in June by Nikon. If you are interested in both, just PM me with an offer. I have been tracking sales of this housing and camera on EBay and Wetpixel, and will consider all reasonable offers. Cheers, Marli
  21. I am. sure that you are correct. However, other sites are linked to his original post. In fact it was the linked site that showed up on Google.http://www.worldsstrangest.com/drb/impossible-plant-animal-hybrid/ Plus the science here is absurd. My image was removed from Avi's blog, but remains on this site. Cheers, Marli
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