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  1. I've had the pleasure of meeting and diving with Randapex and Yahsemtough in the cold waters of Port Hardy...I always appreciate peple that like a fine merlot after a great dive! I'd like to meet those who have posted and PM'd and emailed me their support lately. Thankyou, sincerely. Great, safe dives and photos to you all. Cheers, Marli
  2. Thanks, Art, I suspected as much, but Humann states "known only from Bonaire and Curacao" on Black and White crinoids. I figure as it's a pretty new species and teeny, no one's looking. Its range is probably a lot wider than we know. I concentrated on finding the new shrimp in his book, and found four different ones in three days. Cheers, Marli
  3. Oops, forgot to mention that they do schedule mandarin fish dives. I didn't make it as I was exhausted. Take a hood, or better yet a 5mm. It's cold (and I dive B.C.!) I wore a 3mm and a Polartec lined skin, and after 75 minutes in 73 degee water...brrr!
  4. I went in July two years ago, and although the management has changed, I can understand why they may be concerned about solo diving. Many of the sites have quite ghastly vis (don't worry...it's still very cool)and it would be tough to find someone if they got into trouble. I solo dove off the beach (on the right side of the dock). You really do have to watch that you stay in close to the shore, as there are some nasty currents in the straight itself. I was fortunate to find seven giant cuttlefish vying for the affection of a female. I got to watch her laying eggs in a large coral head. All in 15 feet of water. There was pro photographer there that dove solo. No one seemed to have a problem with it at the time. It's an awesome place for macro. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Cheers, Marli
  5. This little shrimp is 1/4 inch long, so pardon the quality of the photo. It was taken in Belize, on Lighthouse Reef. It looks similar to one in Humann's Reef Creature, Periclimenes meyeri, but has spots and red marks on the tail fan, which P. meyeri does not. May be an adaptation in colour to this crinoid, which is a different one than mentioned as the host crinoid in the reference. Can anyone confirm the ID? Many thanks, Marli
  6. This little fellow is from Turneffe Island in Belize. The striped cirri are quite distinctive. Closest that I can find is a Ringed blenny, but I'm not convinced. Anyone recognize him?? Cheers, Marli
  7. I saw a similar one at Lembeh, while I was busy looking at a pygmy seahorse. It was hiding in the arms of a small sponge, as well. I was told it was a "Pygmy cuttlefish". It was an inch long. Of course, the sponge got between the camera and the critter.
  8. Well, Sorry this took so long but the final version looks too fake, in the water colour. I wish I had ever seen water that blue. Sometimes less is more. I prefer the earlier adjustments, as they look believable. Cheers, Marli
  9. Well, I would tend to agree. You seem to have done a lot of sharpening, which looks great on the web, but may be a bit much for printing, however. My suggestion is to work more on composing the shot instead of relying on post-production. Move your subject off-center, and try interesting angles. Wouldn't you rather spend your time underwater instead in front of a computer? (Gosh, where am I right now?!) Cheers, Marli
  10. Hi guys, Maybe I'm a purist...oh no..one of those FILM people! But doesn't the exaggerated colour bother anyone just a tad? The lovely soft pinks were just fine. The backscatter cleanup looks great. While you're adding the back on to the seahorse, you might just add the back to the coral you have at the left, too. The cropped edge is a little too obvious. Then again, you could add wings, and a chariot....ok, I'll shut up. Great shot...took me years to get a sea horse, and I chopped its nose off, so well done!
  11. I guess the URL would help! http://www.seaslugforum.net/list.cfm Cheers, Marli
  12. For all you nudibranch fans, this is an early Christmas present! Just got a message from Dr. Bill Rudman that the Forum's Message area is alive again. The website also has a number of improvements. You can imagine that there's a huge backlog of messages, so please don't expect any immediate answers to ID questions. This is a valuable resource for the scientific and dive communities, and as we thought it was gone forever, this is particularly good news. Cheers, Marli Wakeling
  13. Great stuff! I enjoyed your galleries immensely. The shrimp pictured here: http://www.reefnet.ca/galleries/2004-07/KW.../srhimp-01.html is a Periclemines rathbunae. Cheers, Marli Wakeling
  14. Project Seahorse has been instrumental in promoting conservation and awareness regarding the seahorse industry around the world. Much of the work is done by volunteers. I have had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Dr. Vincent, and their funding, as with all conservation groups, is never enough. As for the magazine, they should be clearer that any use would be related to Project Seahorse. As for "rich" photographers donating photos....rich?...get serious. Perhaps noone asked them to donate. Perhaps they thought the opportunity to get published while helping a good cause would appeal to amateurs.
  15. Fraud is rampant on the 'net, including EBay. I got ripped off this year (along with many others) by a guy that purported to be selling high end cameras, both film and digital. It took a long time to sort out, (from Feb. to Oct.), but the only reason that I am not out some of the money is that I paid for it with my credit card. Most credit card companies have a zero liability policy for internet fraud, as they want you to feel confident to shop online (and hopefully rack up interest). Do not think that EBay or Paypal will cover all of your loss if defrauded. They will only cover a portion, which on a high ticket item is minimal. EBay will only cover a small amount after you have exhausted all other options. In my case, it would have been $175 on a $700 purchase. Do not wire money, ever. So, if it looks too good to be true, it's probably fraud. Don't buy three day items, check what was being sold in the feedback. These guys build up a reputation selling samll ticket items, then switch to fake listings. Use your credit card to protect yourself. Needless to say, I haven't been EBaying for a while! Marli
  16. The Sigma is substantially longer than the Nikon when extended fully. I thought the same as you, and bought the Sigma, only to have to sell it to get it to fit in my housing. Contact Ikelite to be sure. The Nikon 105 is awesome, however: I don't even use the 60 much any more. Cheers, Marli
  17. I would agree with the Bali option. You can dive very cheaply once there, without doing an expensive liveaboard. Try ENA Dive Centre, or Aquamarine. They'll put a tour together for you which includes both sightseeing and diving. Be sure to include a few days at Tulamben. As for a comparison with Cozumel......well....diving is diving, but the Indo-Pacific is simply astounding in comparison, particularly for photographers. More colour, more variety, more weird critters. Can't wait to get back.
  18. Peppermint goby. Coryphopterus lipernes. 2 inches sounds like a massive one. Usually max of an inch.
  19. I have just purchased a Nikon Coolscan V film scanner, and wanted to know if any film users are familiar with optimum settings for scanning slides: I need max. resolution (approx. 57MB) For example,is it better to scan with 8 or 16 bit depth? It has a few new features, like DEE, which I haven't used (I had a Coolscan IV). In particular, I would like to improve details in shadows areas, and deal with the 'ol sunball dilemma. Cheers, Marli Wakeling
  20. For you branchers out there, Dr. Bill Rudman's Slug Forum is up and running again: redesigned and looking great. Marli
  21. Looks like a Raggy scorpionfish. Scorpaenopsis vennosa (species name may be spelled wrong...Fishbase is down at the moment) Marli
  22. Hi again, At the time, I matched it to a photo on Fish base...the photo doesn't seem to be there any longer: it had the yellow colouration...as it is the only highhat from those parts, it seems logical, but hey... you never know. I haven't been able to find any other photos. It's not an area frequently dived by photographers, unfortunately. New stuff turns up all of the time: particularly nudibranchs. Cheers, Marli
  23. I already answered this back in May...same photo. Here's what I said then..Gungo highhat. Found in the pacific, near Puerto Vallarta. Cheers, Marli
  24. In Coral Reef Animals of the Indo-Pacific, it is called Octopus sp.2, which is an undesribed species found in Sulawesi "with a reticulated pattern of lines on the arms and mantle." Cheers, Marli
  25. Oops, forgot to say that the juvenile could be a triplefin. Marli
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