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  1. OK, I've held back on commenting on this thread, as it may be perceived that I have a vested interest in supporting Rodale's as they have been kind enough to publish some of my articles and photos (of CANADIAN DIVING)...I have seen an improvement in the format of the magazine, in that more photography is included, and there are many 'new' photographers that are seeing their work published. It is certainly designed in a more contemporary fashion, which I appreciate. The one major change that I like is the inclusion of more macro photography, information about marine life and items of interest to the dive community at large. There is less of the formulaic photography. (No, Todd, I won't go there again! ) I like the suggestion of a Photo Annual. However, Skin Diver's was problematic for me as a lot of the photos were virtually antique and many had just been published in other magazines. Newer pro and semi-pro photographers were ignored, or shall I say, not invited to submit. There were some amazing photographers ignored, while some 30 year old photos of average quality were printed. I still think the concept is a good one. It is tremendously expensive to produce, as there are generally a lower ratio of ads: would you be willing to pay the price? There's a lot of griping about dive magazines aiming at new divers; well, if they are the ones that are keen and feeling like they want more information, and want to spend their money on magazines, then the magazines are going to cater their information to them. We seem to forget what pays for magazines...your subscription doesn't cover it. Advertising pays for mass media. ( Gosh, have you looked at a photo magazine's ad section?) If you are willing to pay $20 or $30 an issue for an ad free magazine, then I'll start producing one. I don't like the "advertorials", either, but they are present in a lot of publications these days. Tell the publisher/editor if you don't like something, but also tell them what you do like. Many people like to vent, but rarely take the time to vent directly, where it may make a difference. Write a letter, send an email. Compliment when due...we so often forget to do that! There were some comments that Canada is rarely mentioned, and cold water equipment not being reviewed. I have to disagree. The January/Feb issue have the lovely Wetpixelian Rand on Browning Wall. April has a Fleetham shot from the Sunshine Coast. There have been both articles and photos about Canada over the past few years that have even included some Eastern Canada diving: about a year ago. There have been reviews of drysuits and cold water regulators within the last year. As for them not consulting people that dive here...well the photographers and writers that I've seen work from about the north east Pacific do live and dive here. Ratings, however, come from those readers that take the time to fill in a questionaire on line. Did you? It tends to be those new divers and those just back from a dive holiday that do. Let's face it, this is a US publication, and far superior to anything published in Canada, both in content and quality of photography. They are going to aim for those consumers that will buy products from their advertisers. They have been very supportive of BC diving, regardless of their miniscule Canadian advertiser list. They have increased dive tourism to BC because of their coverage which the industry has sorely needed. The majority of Scuba Diving's customers will never dive in cold water, so it's not surprising that the emphasis lies where it does. The audience base and advertising base in Canada can't support high end printing and payment for contributors/photographers. I buy both the Canadian and American publications, as I enjoy seeing trends both in diving and publishing, and I like to support Canadian ventures. I'd love to see more international dive publications available here, but the demand just isn't high enough, unfortunately. As photographers and divers, we need to encourage magazines to print both quality photographs and quality information. I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop at Scuba Diving magazine, and see what direction the new owners take with the publication. Cheers, Marli
  2. Well another name change for this fellow...not sure why it was suggested to be a Halicampus, as there are none in the Caribbean area. The correct name, courtesy of Sara Lourie, the scientist that described Hippocampus denise, is Micrognathus ensenadae. Now what's weird is the total lack of stripes, which it has as an adult, yet the presence of 'antennae', which are not present in the adult. Go figure. Any ideas or knowledge would be appreciated. Let's just name it after me and call it quits! :wink:
  3. Oops, lousy typing! Halicampus ensenadae.
  4. I got a reply from Rudy Kuiter this morning regarding this little fellow. He says that he is a juvenile Halcampus ensenadae, or Long haired pipefish. Marli
  5. Linda, Murex has liveaboards, one is called the Serenade, which you can book through the resorts. Bangka is fabulous, but weather dependent. It was snarky when I was there, resulting (for the group of 5) two flooded strobes and one flooded housing. Luckily, mine was minor! The soft coral life (particularly Tubastrea) is the most amazing I have seen: so much current it's all open in daylight, and just solid yellow and orange. Pygmies, ribbon eels, Robust ghost pipefish, and nudibranches walking on scorpionfish. Just be prepared that they may not be able to go, and frankly, even though I'm used to BC diving, it was something else due to huge waves on the surface. If too nasty, then you have to dive Lembeh. Shucks, now that's disappointing! Marli
  6. Hi Eric, Seems some spyware was slowing things down. All fixed, and things are up to speed. It was weird, because it didn't affect all sites. Anyway, thanks for looking it to it anyway! Marli
  7. Yup, that was I. I wish I'd bought it sooner, as it was up for some time, but when I went to buy a new one, everyone, including Aquatica, was out, and too busy making all those darn digital bodies to make me one soon. So, once I get the bits and pieces working, I hope to enjoy it. Marli
  8. OK, Let me explain as clearly as I can. When I click on submit, nothing happens. The "send" times out. "Bad Gateway" message appears. That's it. Hope that helps. Marli
  9. Sorry, James, They just don't seem to send. My forum posts work, so I don't think it's my antique computer or connection. Marli
  10. Well the housing arrived today, after sitting a month in customs. As it was a demo that I bought, it arrived, just to test my patience, which is limited to begin with, without the eyepiece diopter. Anyone know which magnification I require so I can test this humoungous :shock: piece of equipment? Marli
  11. Hi, I have had trouble posting personal message on the site over the past couple of days. Marli
  12. Linda, I stayed at Murex to dive Bunaken, and while the dive staff was great, prices reasonable, the diving was so-so. Vis wasn't great (July), and not very pristine. One of the good places was Siladen..loved it. You can stay on Siladen, but charging batteries may be an issue. I think you're better to do a liveaboard, so you can Bangka (amazing site). Depending on how rustic you like it, the best diving that I have done in Indonesia (actually the world) was on one of Grand Komodo's boats to Alor. There are other operators that go there that are more upscale. Amazing visibility, big and small life...just amazing. The downside is that most of the boats go from Flores. That means flying on Merpati, which means plan a few extra days in case your bags don't arrive. Mine didn't. Bribery at Denpasar's airport didn't help. Don't get there too early as we did. It meant our bags were at the bottom of the trolley, and once the plane was full, everyone's bags at the bottom were left behind! If you are going through Bali, and haven't been, plan some time at Tulamben, and diving Nusa Penida. Book a package, as it's much more reasonable than booking diving separately. A good operator is ENA. I have recommended them to many friends, and all were very positive. (Ask for TUDE as a guide) No, I don't get kickbacks! Have a wonderful trip! Marli
  13. For inspirational Macro photography, Coral Seas by Roger Steene can't be beat. As for finances, and time underwater being a factor, a friend once won a trip to the Galapagos with Dave Doubilet. Three weeks, unlimited diving, a camera caddy, and the result? Six photos in the article. Not to knock Doubilet's work, as I'm a great fan, but many 'amateur' photographers, given the consistent opportunity, would develop their skills and style at a faster rate. Some still won't. I think the major factor is a passion for what you do, and to treat the camera as an artist's tool. It isn't the camera that takes good photographs, it's the artist. Mentoring, such as can be found on sites like this, and newsgroups, are also a great aid to developing your vision and skills. I was very fortunate to work on a conservation project with Rick Sammon when I first got my camera. He told me to 'put on my small eyes'. It's the best advice I ever received, as a diver, and underwater photographer. As for publication biases, I think it has a long way to go, but I'm seeing less cheesecake on the covers, and more photography that emphasizes style. You couldn't find a macro shot in a magazine four years ago (except Nat'l Geo., and they have all their employees already). That seems to be changing. I'd like to see a Photo Annual like Skin Diver's (except with recent photos...some of the one's they used were old or just published elsewhere) where photographers are invited to submit their work. Marli
  14. Here's a link to inexpensive, yet archival presentation books: http://www.jerrysartarama.com/art-supply-s...res/online/1806 They are also available from Opus Framing and Supplies in Canada. ( Oops, I meant OpUs.) Marli
  15. Here's another mystery from Grenada. This little guy was about 1 inch long, found in the shallows off the dock in Grenada. Anyone know what it's called (common and in latin?) Cheers, Marli
  16. This a shrimp I found at night in Grenada. I think it's in the newer Humann Reef Creature book, but I only have the last edition, which doesn't have it. I need the Latin name, if anyone knows it. Thanks in advance! Marli
  17. I have an SB105 stobe that started acting up after performing flawlessly on a tropical trip. In our chilly waters, it doesn't always fire. As I have 2 camera bodies and a number of synch cords, including an now obviously unnecessary new one, the strobe misbehaves in every combination. On land it fires just fine every time. The strobe was serviced by Nikon about 10 months before the problem as preventive maintenance. How would cold temperatures create this issue, or is it just an evil coincidence? The contacts have been cleaned. Furthermore, before I enlist Nikon's help (is that an oxymoron??), does anyone have any suggestions to troubleshoot the problem. Frankly, I just bought another new SB105 on EBay for slightly more than Nikon's charge for an "annual" service, which they recommend every two years. Marli
  18. I have two hoods for my new Aquatica A100 housing: one for wide angle lenses, and one for fisheye. As the former is humoungous, I was wondering if anyone has shot with a 20mm lens and the hood for the fisheye, ( with the A90/A100/F5) and had acceptable results. Will I get flare? I just thought it would be better for travelling to take only one shade along. Cheers, Marli
  19. Thanks James, I have a 1.4X converter and the 105mm extension ring. Hopefully that will be long enough to do the trick. Cheers, Marli
  20. OK, the housing's in the mail, and until I can afford the 105mm, is it possible to use a diopter, say +4 with the 60mm micro lens and macro port? (Aquatica A100) Would the results have acceptable sharpness, or would it be just too much glass? Marli
  21. I noticed this 10.5mm fisheye today on Cameta Cameras' EBay store listing. US model, if that matters to anyone. I've dealt with them and they were fine, as long as you don't expect instant replies. Under $800. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5&category=3343 Marli
  22. I think a theme levels the playing field. It also gives members a challenge, and helps them to learn the different and creative ways one can shoot the same subject. Unthemed contests tend to have similar images win...just check the winners in the wide angle category of most photo contests. Ooooh, shark. Oooh, dolphin, Oooh whale, Oooh turtle. Oooh, silouette of diver with light. (Generally a female diver). It's not that I don't appreciate the shots, but it seems a bit according to a formula, rather than artistic. After all, it's not for a magazine cover. Macro tends to do poorly, unless it's a rare creature, even though it can be a much more striking shot. Themes based on ideas, ( such as "the colour red", "togetherness", "texture"rather than equipment would be my preference, though as I noticed us film shooters are no longer eligible, perhaps my opinion is a moot point!
  23. This gorgeous but tiny shrimp is the fairly recently named Periclimenes rathbunae.. I think Humann calls it a Sun Anemone Shrimp in the new Reef creature ID book. I saw the same one in Grenada. Cheers, Marli
  24. Doug's right...Humann's Reef Creatures lists it as branching anemone.
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