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  1. My feeling is that the fish face looks hot: perhaps some increased saturation in that area would help. As well, the centred placement of the fish creates a very static balance. If the face was at an angle, or shot from an angle, more tension and interest would result. If you side light the shot, you may end up with shadows from the tentacles across the subject. Perhaps a diffuser on the strobe would accomplish a softer lighting effect.
  2. Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything definitive. Are there any basic starting points for using Unsharp mask? I am scanning slides using a Nikon Coolscan IV. I don't want to add too much "grain". Is it just a matter of trial and error. I'm scanning for publication, if that helps. Cheers, Marli
  3. I think the first shot could benefit from a little cropping off the bottom, in order to have less of the tentacles, and draw your eye to the fish. Otherwise it's lovely. I find the backgound of the second one distracting. Perhaps a little burning in would improve the shot and make the subject stand out more. Cheers,
  4. As one of the former organizers of an U/W photo competition, and having had debates both warm and heated about rules, it's interesting to see the latest controversy. The rules vary widely between contests. There are some fabulous prizes up for grabs, so people get very competitive. Nobody ever agrees totally on the rules. Most rules state you can't manipulate the image, but how would one check with a digital image? Also, one can say that digital shooters could get a slide made, but frankly a slide from a digital file is very expensive ( here in the Great White North it's $25 in Canuck bucks), so it's not an option many will take. In this instance, the entrant followed the rules. People should nicely suggest a change to the organizers. My attitude is that there be a digital category for digital cameras, and a creative category for manipulated images taken on either film or digital cameras, presented in the same format: either all digital files or all slides, to level the playing field, due to differences in projection quality. My beef is with the vastly differing definition of professional, but that's a whole other discussion! And hey, we use a U in colour :mrgreen: on the west coast of the Dominion, too, Todd and Bob. Methinks the copyright may have to shared with some wetpixelians down under, as well.
  5. I use these and they work beautifully to keep sync cords from flopping about, without wrapping the cord around the strobe arms. Marli
  6. Gosh, you guys work so hard, I wonder when you find the time to go diving. I was wondering why there is no topic now on the forums last post section. (adding up hits for some reason?) I now have to open each forum to see if it's something I want to look at.
  7. As I thought, this is a Hypselodoris, which is currently undescribed. On the following link, you'll see more info, with your photo, so it looks like Erwin has not been so silent, after all. http://www.philippine-sea-slugs.com/DORIDI...odoris_sp_A.htm
  8. Hi again, This appears to be a Hypselodoris or possibly a Noumea. I have searched through every source that I have, with no exact match. Hypselodoris emma, (named for Bill Riuman's daughter) has some similarities. Not to disappoint you, but new species of nudibranchs are found all the time. Check the unknown species link under topics on the site where species sit awaiting an expert's opinion. I've had one from Lembeh Straight sitting for a year and a half with no ID. That's one of the things that make these critters so fascinating. Be patient with The Slug Forum. Dr. Rudman is probably checking with other experts before he posts your image. He does have a real job too, and gets dozens of posts every day. As for naming it after yourself, no such luck. A scientist has to dissect 2 specimens, and describe it. They may choose to name it after the discoverer, but could just as soon name it after their cat, which has been done with a nudibranch: Sclerodoris tanya. The scientist may be unaware of who the first person to see it was, and name it after someone they think saw it first, which happened with the new Pygmy seahorse, Hippocampus denise. There were others that had seen it, photographed and published it, but the photographer that showed the scientist the seahorse got the honour. Hope someone knows what this gorgeous creature is, or at least sees this, and names it after you eventually.
  9. Where was this taken? Helps to narrow the choices! Marli
  10. Before I had a clue about colour profiles for publication, I scanned a ton of slides using sRGB. If I convert the files (TIFF), to Adobe RGB 1998, will there be a loss of quality? Are the gamuts so different that I should rescan everything? Cheers, Marli
  11. I like the composition of the first shot, but the bright yellow mask takes too much attention away from the seahorse with its more muted tones. Given that this is a digital forum, how about changing the intensity of the yellow mask (don't ask me how! :freak: ) Marli
  12. Any idea where I can get one in North America? Marli
  13. Does anyone know if a second bulkhead connector can be added to a single bulkhead Aquatica housing for the Nikon F100? Marli
  14. I found an interesting link about about this Polychaete worm (thought it was an urchin when I saw it): It's an Aphrodite species, and its spines have interesting light transmitting properties. It's supposed to be from deep water.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/1099278.stm Marli
  15. Hi, Your second trip photos show a flair for the abstract, and good composition! And you obviously love nudibranchs, so I really liked your shots! Marli
  16. This is on EBAY shipping from Hong Kong for $799 U.S. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=2967417147 Cheers, Marli
  17. Thanks, that's what I thought, but had heard conflicting info. Cheers, Marli
  18. Well, I'm almost there with the housing purchase..donations gratefully accepted! I'm getting confused about diopter use. I understand that they are necessary for zoom lenses because of the short minimum focussing distance, but are they necessary for single length wide angle lenses? I have a Nikon 20mm, which focuses to 10", and Sigma 24mm macro, which focusses down to 7". I'll be using an 8" dome port on an Aquatica Housing. Any clarification would be appreciated! There are some benefits to my Nikonos, after all...it doesn't confuse me, at least. Marli
  19. Looks like a cleaner mimic, albeit a little yellower than usual. I've found the colours in Lieske and Myers a bit paler than in reality sometimes. I saw cleaner mimics both in Bali and Alor, usually poking out of sponges or discarded bottles. Aspidontus taeniatus Have a look here: http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSum...tus%20taeniatus They imitate a cleaner wrasse, and when a fish goes to get cleaned they take a chunk out of them! Nasty little critters, but clever! Marli
  20. There are a few routes, but it's very competitive, and extremely time consuming. You need the right gear (if digital, an DSLR, because of resolution). There are stock agencies, like Marine Themes, and Painet. You need tons of images, and they keep 50% of everything they sell. You often have to pay for dupes (from slides) or have hi-res scans made. You will not get rich. You can approach magazines, but again competitive. Ask to be put on their needs lists, and you might just have what they're looking for. You could have your own web page, as long as it has a searchable data base. You may also want to check a resource which comes out every year, Photographer's Market, which lists agencies and magazines that accept free-lance work. Good luck, Marli
  21. Hi again, I suggest the society route as it's really helpful to hear an unbiased judgement, if the judging is done with comments only, by trained judges. I often see contests judged by celebrity type judges, and frankly, have seen the same wide angle girl with cleavage and dive light shot (I know, guys, what's wrong with THAT???!!) rewarded time and again. A trained judge values focus, composition and technical considerations more than the rareness of the shot or the expense it took to get to the place it was taken. Although pros aren't involved as much due to their incredibly busy lives, I've had to chance to brainstorm, compare notes and go diving with some incredibly accomplished photographers from whom I'm indebted for their ideas and suggestions. These photographers do it because they're passionate, and not tied to following advertiser's and publisher's needs. As for her impatience, she's probably a perfectionist, like most artists! In the long run, that tendency may help her to persevere and get some really great shots. She may not ever be satisfied with her shots if she is constantly comparing to the pros. I remember how devastated one of members was upon discovering she didn't win our International Photo Contest (she'd only been shooting 6 months). Some people simply place higher expectations on themselves. Give it five years if you're only shooting while on holiday. She might want to do self-assignments on a limited topic, say, this dive I'm only going to shoot nudibranchs, or anemones. Try to pre-visualize what she wants to achieve, and try different angles, for example. If she's frustrated with not getting fish shots....well, learn to acknowledge the system's strengths and weaknesses. You just ain't gonna get too many fish faces with a framer, but it is possible. Hang in there! Marli
  22. I think I may have figured this one out: Istogobius rigilius Try this link: http://species.fishindex.com/photo_32085is...s_rigilius.html Cheers, Marli
  23. Hi again, I knew I'd seen this critter, and although I love to be right with IDs, I just found a photo in Roger Steen's Coral Reefs book (p.101)...same eye, same colour, same ugly mug, and it's Brachsomophis henshawi. Cheers, Marli
  24. It looks like a crocodile snake eel. I saw beige ones at Lembeh, and here's a link with a red headed one: http://species.fishindex.com/photo_28501br...ocodilinus.html Marli
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