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  1. You must either commit to shooting manually for the whole dive with the old 105mm, unless you also buy the focus selection ring. The old lens has a manual/AF switch. You absolutely need the macro port with manual focus knob with the 105mm, due to the extension ring. Cheers, Marli
  2. Hard to tell due to the lack of light, but appears to be a Pseudobiceros bedfordi. Cheers, Marli
  3. Buy this adapter, screw it on to the end of your synch cord, attach it to the front of your digicam housing with velcro, duct tape or whatever works, and you will get TTL..more or less. That's it. Cheers, Marli
  4. Marine Flatworms of the World Cheers, Marli
  5. Use old strobes Hope that helps you out. Cheers, Marli
  6. My first thought was Stylocheilus longicauda, but I can't see any blue dots at this size. If you can zoom in and see them, then there's your I.D. Cheers, Marli
  7. ...when the possibility that there is at long last a fix for longitudinal chromatic aberration gets you excited.
  8. Sorry; I just assumed it was the opening sequence. I didn't catch the time reference. These shrimp have been through a ton of revisions. Sammy de Grave mentioned that most info out there is totally out of date, taxonomically speaking. Cheers, Marli
  9. Not if you live outside the USA. Cheers, Marli
  10. These shrimp are very particular about where they live. Your shrimp is not on a crinoid, so you can rule out Crinotonia. There are lots of undescribed shrimp and lots of described ones that have no photo available. Your appears to be free swimming and moving its appendages like a cleaner shrimp, which is not what you get from Crinoid shrimp. If you do a Google image search on Urocaridella, you will see lots of examples. Your image has a lot of colour fringing, which makes it look like it has some purple, but I think it's the Chromatic aberration. Most likely it's Urocaridella antonbrunnii or Urocaridella sp. 2 in Reef Creature I.D. by Humann and Deloach. Cheers, Marli
  11. The Rocio del Mar was going to do a plexi cage dive with Humboldts. (not that that would make photo very easy). I am not sure if they have it going this year. Cheers, Marli
  12. It's not P. commensalis. That is a crinoid shrimp. Here is a link: Poppe Images: P. commensalis Do you have anything where the back half of the shrimp is in focus? It appears to be a Urocaridella sp. but with the shallow DOF, it's tough to pin down, and many are undescribed. Cheers, Marli
  13. Here is another Lembeh mystery: a swimming crab (Caphyra???). The markings are distinctive, but I have not been able to find one without many more "teeth" between the eyes. It was very small; this is cropped and was shot with a 5x subsee on a 105mm lens. Any ideas appreciated. Cheers, Marli
  14. I would love to know what you did to get paid; although I have never filed one. I simply assumed that they were gone. I have been unable to find anything even in the least affordable with water damage covered. Cheers, Marli ps this probably needs to go into a different category on the forum.
  15. I was there this March. The visibility was not ideal for photography. Weather was cool, windy, hence some sites were not available. Water temps were chilly. You'll need a 5mm with hooded vest or 7mm with hood. Cheers, Marli
  16. Apparently this has all been sold.
  17. and I am interested in the housing...sent a PM a few days back. Cheers, Marli
  18. Unfortunately, I am trying to plan a course without having the equipment. I will have beginner students with this set-up. It's weird to plan without having your hands on the equipment. Thanks for your reply, Marli
  19. Fantastic. Beautiful shots of a gorgeous critter. Marli
  20. Here's another question: The few times I used my Canon digicam, I always shot on manual, and triggered my external strobe with my internal flash on 2/3 power, to save battery power. Will this be possible and still achieve TTL in A, P and S modes, with a S&S YS01 or will they have to have the internal strobe on full power? When they start out, I would like them to be able to attain TTL if possible. Any advice from those that use this combo appreciated. Marli
  21. Thanks! That makes planning a teensy bit easier. Cheers, Marli
  22. I am just amazed that 10 year olds can now be certified. Like a 10 year old is capable of making a calm decision when their adult supervisor runs into trouble. This was purely a money making decision, rather than a safe and sensible one. Interesting letter. There are great PADI operations out there. It likely has less to do with PADI than the people that own and run the operation. It probably wouldn't matter who their agency was; they would be great regardless. The problem is with a lack of accountability with those that are not. Cheers, Marli
  23. My students this summer are going to have a Canon S100/Canon housing combo and a Sea & Sea YS-01. Does anyone here know whether the camera has a pre-flash or not? I am just wanting to know whether they will be able to use the DS-TTL feature on the strobe. Thanks for any info, Cheers, Marli
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