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  1. Oh, my. They must have annoyed even more people than us two teachers. You are either telepathic or have heard stories from Josh or others on board. Marli
  2. With the 60mm, you will probably find that you have to get too darn close to your subject with the 10x. I found it a very challenging set-up to use with the 105mm. I have friends that have had great success with the 60mm and teleconverter (1.4X): just remember that you will require a port extension. Cheers, Marli
  3. There are two Subsees: a x5 and a x10. They are stronger than the macromate, I believe. I use the Subsee x5 with a 105, rather than the 60mm. Cheers, Marli
  4. I could not have said it better. Perfect. Most contests for underwater are fundraisers, at least for Photo Societies. It is interesting that some are obviously commercial ventures, as most prizes are donated. That being stated, it is extremely important that everything is well defined to preserve the integrity of the competition. Cheers, Marli
  5. A tropical vacation with spas treatments. Win/Win, as long as the diving's good. Bali would be perfect. Marli
  6. I have two feelings about this, having been a film photographer first, and running photo contests in the days of slides, when it was common for competitors to touch up backscatter with pens. Cloning body parts is ridiculous; no one would disagree with that: I have had photo editors clone in bits to fit a given space, but that was their choice, and although I may not have liked it, so be it. Digital has allowed us to improve upon the environment we deal with. Judges should be judging on artistic merit, rather than "gosh, their guide found a six gilled giant pygmy squid reproducing". I have no issue with removing a few spots here and there, and increasing contrast and bumping saturation to mimic Velvia: I think a lot of contests originated in film days and have still not transitioned in terms of how photographic media and the process has changed. There is a much higher artistic content aspect now, if the advantages of digital technology are embraced. My personal feeling is that UW photo contests have relied on the big animal, girl with flashlight, formulaic choices for too long: in other words, editorial shots versus artistic. Digital photography allows for artistic changes, much like a painter enhances a painting with their technique. If this creates a philosophical quandary, then have specific rules disallowing any changes: the nature of shooting RAW requires some changes. If you define what is allowed and not, have the winners submit RAW files, but don't crucify them for following what is necessary to process their shots. It is difficult to compare workflows, as some of us may do everything in Lightroom or Camera Raw, and others may enlist Photoshop. My gut feeling is that if you can do the changes in a Raw processor, let it be. Others would disagree. It is only in the Underwater contests that I see such finickiness. In General photography contests, which include underwater shots this is a non-issue. I get that people want a level playing field. However, unless we are all in the same place with the same equipment and guides, it will never be an equal field, hence the need for artistic standards, which have seemed to take second place to unusual critters/rare situations and sexy pool shots. Just my 2 cents, which is worth 1.7 cents today! (Canuck bucks). You don't need to ask for Raw files from everyone; just let everyone know that the files are expected to claim a prize. Cheers, Marli
  7. Glossodoris cincta. They vary a lot, but the turquoise band nails it. Cheers, Marli
  8. Great stuff; looks like you found the same Phycocaris species of shrimp that Serge did at Lembeh. (the green one) Cheers, Marli
  9. It's definitely a Phestilla; perhaps Phestilla sp. 2 in Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs. Here is a similar one: Phestilla sp. Cheers, Marli
  10. Wow, So glad I bumped this request. Thanks to all for the great help. Cheers, Marli
  11. It really depends on your points of departure. Sydney was great, Brisbane was pure hell. Good luck! Cheers, Marli
  12. I am always fascinated with the patterns of coral polyps and then struggle to I.D. the darn things, as I have no idea as to the form of the coral later, as I am shooting so small. I think the second one is a Turbinaria sp., but a second opinion and any guess on the first one would be useful. Cheers, Marli
  13. Having had a claim with Travel Guard, I would be wary. Although mine was a one trip coverage, and the coverage was for $2000 worth of baggage, when I claimed they stated that this was "supplemental insurance" and that anything over the deductible on my Homeowners policy would have to be claimed through my homeowner's policy. Luckily, I managed to repair my BCD for $80, and so I was o.k. RBC coverage does the same thing. Who wants to mess up their home insurance with a claim of several hundred dollars? Who is your policy with, Drew? Cheers, Marli
  14. O.K., the verdict from Sammy de Graves is in: Cheers, Marli
  15. Reuben's son was a seasoned traveler when I met the family in the Solomons. As a teacher, I am really sensitive to escaping kids while on holiday, and Mr. Cahn junior is an exception to most children that I have encountered on liveaboards. I have been on a liveaboard in PNG (no longer in business) where the Guides/ DM's were entirely monopolized by two young divers, aged 12 and 13. They had no interest in the dive; trying to pull out regulators and horsing around was the rule of the day. The rest of the guests (14) were on our own. The parents certainly enjoyed their freedom. I am sure that the DM's thought a huge tip would be coming from these two Swiss doctors for the careful babysitting that took place. They stiffed the crew entirely, citing that it was already expensive enough to bring a family of four. If a child is on their own, there is no one their own age to relate to. They can inadvertently and innocently monopolize the tv/video, common areas, and jeopardize camera equipment (I have had a kid dump their wet mask more than once next to my open housing). They are teens or children, and cannot know all of the issues that can occur even with adults that should know better. Who would want to have their child annoy other guests? Who as a vacationer wants to be put in the position of complaining to a parent about their child's behavior? I certainly don't. I think that it would be most uncomfortable. The worst situation was when as a single female traveling solo, I have had to share a cabin with a young teen, while Mom and Dad could have had them in the upper bunk in their cabin. They were unhappy, lonely and I spent my week counseling a teen that constantly complained. So, as you can guess, my recommendation is to aim for family weeks or land based family oriented resorts. Unfortunately, resorts in far flung areas are not family oriented. The Caribbean resorts are. Roatan, in particular, has resorts with lots of family oriented programs. Try Anthony's Key. I know it is not the home of the six gilled pygmy blue ringed nudibranch, but your kids will have a great time and you won't annoy anyone. Then everyone in the family will be relaxed and enjoy a well deserved vacation and diving experience. Cheers, Marli
  16. I have sent it off to one of the shrimp doc...hopefully we will hear back. I wonder if it is a recently molted Hairy shrimp. It's incredibly cool, whatever it is. I am in Lembeh withdrawal. Cheers, Marli
  17. This adjustment was done in Photoshop CS5. There was no sharpening applied at all. Cheers, Marli
  18. These are such difficult critters to shoot, so congrats on getting an interesting shot. It is soft, however. I played with the Shadows and Highlights adjustment in order to try to tone down the blown out center. Without intention, the default setting for Shadows pulled in some details that IMO make the image "pop" more. I pulled it back a bit, and adjusted the Highlights slightly. Cheers, Marli
  19. Very cool. I have searched all of my North Eastern Pacific references, and there is noting with this pattern. I wonder if it might be a variation of a Marbled snailfish? Cheers, Marli
  20. It really depends on what sort of diving you like. As my diving "tropical" is limited to several times a year, I enjoy the blue waters of Bunaken before heading over to Lembeh. (I have done 4 combination trips over the years). Siladen is my favorite dive site in the park, as well as Tanjung Kelapa on the mainland at the far southern range of the park. Depending on the time of year, you may not be able to dive the coral sites on Lembeh Island (I was skunked one year due to high winds). I agree that Bangka diving is superb, but also not always possible if conditions do not cooperate. I have stayed at 6 different resorts both at Lembeh and Bunaken. My last few stays at Manado area resorts were not impressive. If I had my choice, I would probably stay at Siladen. My issue with some operations is that instead of staying out at the islands for three dives, they "muck" dive on the way back to the mainland, which sucks if you are shooting wide angle with a housed camera. Some operators use large boats, and dumping 16 to 20 divers on a site is not my cup of tea. I prefer the smaller dive boats, where guests numbers are a maximum of 6 to 8. I will stay on one of the islands next visit. As far as Lembeh is concerned, Lembeh Resort is my favorite, but costly. The service, food and guiding are superb. Black Sand is also good if you want a smaller resort, and it is situated on a great site for shore diving. Rooms are lovely and service and food are great. Have a great trip, Marli
  21. It doesn't look like a Grass shrimp, but does look like a Periclimenes of some sort. No clue. Perhaps Leslie can send it off to one of the shrimp experts, like Sammy or Art. Cheers, Marli
  22. This was done as a joke. Too many people take things online too seriously. The restaurant owner had received a ton of publicity, and likely will see an increase in business. Pee sign story Cheers, Marli
  23. HAHAHAHAHA. Only where we are encouraged to grow wheat in our front yards, have chickens in the back, with a shack demanding 2 million dollars plus...that's my home. Cheers, Marli
  24. I ended up not having to rebuild my catalogues. After removing most ,not all, of Catalyst..(it is a bi$#h to remove)I did a few cleanings, Spyware and finally defragged every drive, including the externals. LR is running fine now. I remain a little unwilling to update, but I feel pretty confident it will work fine now. By the way, insults from Lightroom Forums has me unwilling to go THAT route again. Too bad Adobe's help is not better. I am sure it would be blamed on my system, rather than something they have not considered. It seems LR is really tapping into a computer's resources, for a better word more than ever before. Anyway, I am a huge fan of Lightroom, but I feel they use the public to test their software before it is totally debugged. Anyway, hopefully eberyone else will not experience what I and others have in dealing with LR 3.5. Cheers, and happy processing, Marli
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