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  1. Enjoy Dean. I did my training in Malta and loved it, can't wait to get back to their waters.
  2. Makes you wonder if they have permission to use the photos which replaced yours.
  3. First dive with Fuji F31fd last night and although I didn't find the wrecks (poor vis and it looks like some builders removed our reference markers) I did get some decent photos. Below is my favourite, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/nand for more. I'd also appreciate any thoughts on what kind of starfish this is. EDIT: Someone on another forum suggested Ophiura ophiura (no common name).
  4. Thanks ce4jesus, I guess I'll just use the F31 without the strobe to start with, to save any complications, problem is I was getting a lot of scatter in my shots when I was using the internal flash on the DC310 which I expect will be the same for the F31.
  5. Hello all, new member here. I've not been diving long, did my PADI OW and AOW in Malta (island in the Mediterranean) and got back into diving last October in Scotland (home). I bought a SeaLife DC310 from eBay which got me hooked on U/W photography though my photos were of variable quality (for a long time I didn't realise that the camera was fixed focus). I recently bought a SeaLife SL960 Strobe for use with the camera though I've only taken a handful of photos in that combination. Instead of spending more money on the old DC310 I've gone and bought a Fuji F31fd and an underwater housing for it. Looking forward to playing with it at the weekend if it arrives in time. I intend to set the Fuji up with the SL960 strobe, if that combination isn't much good then the DC310 and strobe will find themselves on eBay or in the hands of a club-member. So, I was hoping that I could have some feedback on my previous photos and perhaps shed some light on where I had gone wrong in the past so I can get a running start with the new camera. On to some of my better photos (you're more than welcome to visit my flickr profile to see the whole lot):
  6. I made a diffuser for my strobe using a thermal plastic called "Polymorph". This stuff melts at 60degC so you drop it in boiling water and it you can reshape it. I boiled it up in a pan and then used a rolling pin to flatten it out a little before placing it on my strobe and bending the sides down. It doesn't even need a method of mounting as it's pretty well attached as-is. I'll try and take a photo of it when I get a chance to let you see what I mean. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Module...rph&doy=9m7
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