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    I am a passionate diver and underwater videographer involved in marine conservation. My favorite motto is "No one can do everything but everyone can do something" and my wife and I are trying very hard to make a difference, especially with regards of sharks, the whale shark being our "flag ship"<br />

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    sony Z1 & HC 9
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    ampibico, light & motion
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  1. Dear all, here a short documentary about whale sharks and conservation efforts, enjoy! http://vimeo.com/23125193 [vimeohd]23125193[/vimeohd]
  2. Hi Drew, thank you for your advise, I'll get clearance for rebreather diving, winter time, viz is so much better. Once the DVD\BD is ready I'll upload a 720p version. Kind regards Volker
  3. Hi, I am planning to continue with this project until iv'e covered most top dive destinations, I know it will take time and it's a "tuff" job But somebody's got to do it Regarding the whale sharks you see being tagged, one is tagged with a acustic tag in Holbox/Mexico, while the other one is beeing tagged by me with a pop-off satelite archival tag off the coast of Kenya. Kind regards Volker
  4. Hello Steve, Noted, am actually planning to shoot kelps off ZA, Regarding Cocos, my wife and I are actually arguing (which only happens the few moments we are above water ) wether to go to Norway and film Orcas (my choice) while she wants to go to Cocos! (she'll probably win, she ALWAYS DOES!) At least we both agree on Galapagos, so that's up next. Kind regards Volker
  5. Hi Karel, Thank you for your input! Yes, you are right, I'll add some text regarding the locations direct on the clips. The final DVD/BD will have 5-8 minutes footage from each of these locations, wetpixel has kindly offered me a press release once the DVD/BD is ready (in about 2-3 weeks) The proceeds from the sales of this DVD/BD will go to the East African Whale Shark Trust in order to conserve and spread awareness about these gentle giants in Kenya (where I live) I started the trust 6 years ago, if these things interests you (or anyone else) see our web site at www.giantsharks.org we also have a whale shark update on www.wildlifedirect.org which will give you more information regarding tagging expeditions that we've made and research in general. Kind regards Volker
  6. Hi Simon, Thank you for your kind remark, glad you like it, means a lot to me/us! I use a Z1 with a phenom housing, my wife is using a HC 9 with a L&M stingray housing. Kind regards Volker + Nimu
  7. Hi All, I've been working on this project together with my wife for about 3 years now. This is the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfpwRLBAEMg filmed at the following locations; Raja Ampat, Sipadan, Komodo, Similand islands, French Polynesia (Fakarava & Rangiroa) Tonga (Ha'apai, Vava'u & Eua) Pemba Island, Kenya, South Africa (Gansbaai & Aliwal) Mexio (Holbox, Cozumel & Cenotes) The eventual DVD/BD will be sort of a 'visual guide' for divers. Since it's my first I would like to get some feedback & suggestions from you guys regarding my editing, choice of music, transitions, colors, choice of dive destinations (I plan to include Galapagos & Norway, Orcas next year) etc etc. Anything would be highly appreciated. Keep wet Volker
  8. Thank you guys! Your replies really gave me a good insight and I'll try to negotiate a better deal and ask for an estimate regarding advertising revenue, I'll keep you guys informed. One question; Do you know of any 'good agents' for this kind of film? Kind regards Volker
  9. Hi All, I would really appreciate some advice on this one! I just produced a short documentary about whale sharks, the docu won "Best short documentary film" as well as "Best conservation message" at the "Celebrate the sea festival" in Manila, in June. Among the jury was Peter Scoones, BBC blue planet as well as David Doubilet. There was several TV channels present as well and one, The underwater channel, showed great interest in my film and wanted to purchase it. I thought, GREAT! but was somewhat surprised when I received an email from them the other day. They offered to pay me 300U$ for it and a 50/50 percent share on advertising which is their 'standard offer' to independent producers. They would also like a 2 year license for the film. I spent weeks filming whale sharks not to mention the editing, the film is 'only' 14 minutes but took me a long time to make! The entire film was shot with the Z1, Phenom housing. Can someone maybe give me an advice regarding "standard rates" if there are any? 300 U$ just doesn't seem fair, or? VOLKER BASSEN
  10. Hello guys, I have a question regarding HDV- DVD, was hoping to find an answer... I heard someone saying that she 'converted' HDV to DVD and that the quality was 'almost' as good as a blue ray disk?! She said that her DVD will play on any DVD player. I am a begginer using final cut (she also uses final cut) do I convert my footage using quick time conversion, which settings should I use? I have converted HDV to PAL DV before but the quality is not comparable to HDV. I of course asked her how to burn these 'magical DVD's but she said it is her secret! Can anyone help me? Regards Volker
  11. Dear all, Very glad to become a member I am looking for a Sony HDV-Z1U and visited B&H photo video web site where I found the Z1U for 4600U$. A good mate of mine suggested to check out BestPriceCameras.com and I was surprised to find a HDV- Z1 for 1399U$ What I can't figure out is whether it's the same camera, it sure looks the same, even the product information is the same. Is there maybe a difference between HDV-Z1U and HDV-Z1? The U is missing, what am I missing If it's the same camera, how comes there is such a huge price difference? If Not... What is the difference between the two cameras? Has anyone dealt with both stores? Here some of my research; B&H Z1U = 4600U$ B&H FX1 = 3349U$ NexTag Z1U = 3579U$ NexTag FX1 = 2644U$ BestPriceCameras Z1 (no U) = 1399U$ BestPriceCameras FX 1 = 1099U$ I am about to buy a Phenom housing from Jim Kegley, JDK Designs Inc who told me; Z1u's, believe me, are not available for the price you have seen! Is it all a trick Is there anyone out there who can advice me? Looking forward hearing from you! Until then, all the best. Volker
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