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  1. Hey Ike, Would you mind also adding some info about why you stopped making the S&S sync cord? I was kind of curious about that myself.... And btw, I found out the other day that S&S has discontinued all support for the YS60 strobe and will now focus only on strobes with a completely detachable sync cord. So... if you have an S&S YS 30, 50, or 60, pick up any spare parts now!!!!!
  2. Sorry about that Andi... I didn't realize you were talking about the strobe housings. And Stu... YES!!!!!!!!! The Subal housing is very, very expensive. I actually had one on order and I am absolutely positive of that price. And by the way, don't forget the Jonah housings for the 10D. They will be available soon as well and I know a lot of people are looking forward to getting them (they are already available for the Nikon D100 I think... is that right Andi?) The Jonah housings are priced around $2000, I think. Definitely in the same price range as some others, but the advantage is that the Jonah housings are machined metal!
  3. Actually, I need to correct Andi on a comment. The Subal housing is available for the Canon 10D. For about $4300, you can get the housing, a 50mm port, and a lens collar for the 100mm. (Cha-ching!) Keep in mind, you will not get a wide angle port nor any other required accessories, such as strobe arms, etc. Additionally, Ikelite and Sea&Sea are both working on housings for the 10D that will be available towards the end of the year. You can figure the basic housing will run about $2000, and ports will cost you extra. Sorry Andi, but I had to give some love to Ikelite - even when they knew I couldn't use their product they still bent over backwards in the customer service department to answer questions and help me out.
  4. Btw... about diving flashlights... I accidentally left the batteries in one once and during the flight the switch turned to "On." By the time I saw it, the plastic and a portion of the front cover had all melted. This was a light using only 4 C batteries and a moderately sized bulb (about the size of the last digit of your pinky finger). Some of the larger lights using D batteries would get a LOT hotter than that! I now routinely take one battery (if not all of them) out of my flashlights before traveling....
  5. I thought I would pitch in a thought real quick... I agree with James - using a UW strobe topside results in a lot of heat. From a purely physics standpoint, water dissipates heat MUCH faster than air and using your strobe topside could very quickly destroy your strobe and possibly even result in someone getting hurt. Theoretically, a chemical change could happen within the strobe, causing a pressure change to great for your cover to withstand - resulting in your battery cover (or the strobe itself) to "give" and release the internal pressure of the strobe. In fact, I seem to recall Sea&Sea had to recall a lot of YS50s because something in the battery cover was not designed properly, causing a few serious accidents when the cover forcefully popped off the back of the strobe. In what case I remember a diver got hit in the head underwater. And it appears as though you are saying this particular strobe was flooded and you didn't send it in for repair - even if the strobe works there could be (and probably is) some level of internal damage. That seems problematic to me, at best. To be more direct - if it were me, I dont think I would use a UW strobe (previously flooded or not) topside as a replacement for a hot-shoe mounted flash for regular shooting.
  6. It does seem odd the D60 writes faster than the 10D - I am guessing (hoping!) it must have something to do with better picture quality.
  7. I compared the Lexar 40x 512M card (which I am personally using and am very happy with). The 10D is 1221K/sec and the Fuji S2 Pro is 1699K/sec. (The D60 is 1497K/sec.) The difference between the S2 and 10D is barely 478 hundredths of a second. Would anyone really notice that? It is strange that the 10D writes slower than the D60, but the image quality in the 10D is much better than the D60 and I will gladly give up 200 hundredths of a second for a sharper image, better color, and a better all-around camera!
  8. In case anyone cares... Capture One makes me smile. Very, very big.
  9. I think Andi means me (Jason)... and yes, I have ordered a Subal housing. I am "number two" on the list of people receiving the housing here in the States. Still dont know when I will get it, but it could be any day now it could be the end of the month. I too was excited about the Jonah housing, but it wont be ready in time for my trip.
  10. Yes... we are definitely in the minority with our 10Ds, but I sure do love my images and my Canon glass. Does Capture One Limited Edition allow you to specify the ppi for the TIF file? I am _very_ frustrated with the software that came with the 10D because all of the RAW files I converted to TIFs are 180ppi. Although I can choose a higher ppi when moving from RAW to JPEG, I apparently cannot choose a different ppi when moving from RAW to TIF. The Photoshop plug-in requires an update to version 7.0.1, which for some reason wont recognize the program (It's a known bug on Adobe's website, but the "solution" doesnt work either). I will look into the other product you mentioned... I have to find a solution soon.
  11. Is anyone using Capture 1 Limited Edition with a 10D? I am _very_ unhappy with the RAW conversion program I picked up and am neutral on the software that came with the camera... I dont understand why some software has to make this so complicated - I just need to do some simple RAW > TIF conversions. Just wondering if anyone is using Capture 1 LE. I can handle shelling out $100, but not $600. I will just have to be more patient with Canon's software or something. How about Photoshop plug ins?
  12. I found some Lexar 512 ____48x____ for $229 here in Dallas if anyone is interested! I may just be more impressed with this than anyone else, but finding it at that price made even my toenails happy.
  13. By the way... the unstated point here is that it looks like I will be buying a WA card even though the 10D doesnt really support it... just thought someone here might be able to pitch in some expert advice and maybe save me some bucks :-)
  14. Don't know if anyone else has talked about this, but I just discovered it and it was very unexpected. I have been looking at buying a 1G Lexar CF card for my 10D - in particular looking at a card with "Write Acceleration Technology." The WA cards are more expensive of course, but I just discovered the 10D doesn't even SUPPORT the WA functionality! Someone please let me know if I am off base here - I was planning on buying the card today (alongside a new lens Im buying online), but now I have to re-evaluate my card options. I was planning to buy a 1G and a 512, and am leaning heavily towards Lexar (primarily because the name is respected and the speeds seem a little faster than some of the others, with the exception of Sandisk, which I am just not sure about). Here is a list of cameras that support WA cards (according to B&H) Kodak DCS 14n DCS 760 DCS 760m DCS 720x DCS Pro Back Plus DCS Pro Back 645 Nikon D1x D1h D100 Sanyo DSC MZ3
  15. LOL Craig.... You just won "Best Smart-ass Remark from a Posting" with that one.
  16. The Ikelite housing for the Canon 10D will be available sometime around November, as will the Jonah. The Subal housing should be shipping in a matter of weeks (I hope!). Sea&Sea is also putting one out, but I dont know when.
  17. LOL James... btw, if you are going you better book your room soon. I hear that there is another convention in town or something and that there will be some availability problems later. It's too bad that they moved it to the beginning of Oct rather than the end of Oct.
  18. Just wondering if anyone was going to DEMA this year in Miami? Several people I have talked to (both individuals and businesses) are saying that they wont be going this year for reasons ranging from the price of airfare to get all the way to Miami, to the exorbitant hotel rates once you get there, to the financial recession making it economically un-feasible to go. Personally, I was planning to go to this year, but I wont be back in time from my trip to go. Anyway... just curious if anyone here was going. Thought there might be some interesting products being shown that may be of interest to us here...
  19. Ooops... go to the Lexar page. http://www.pictureline.com/digital/dmemory...xar/dlexar.html
  20. Gary... check out the prices for memory cards on pictureline.com (link below) - those are pretty good prices. Personally, I am leaning towards the 512 for $200, but 256 is plenty of storage space for a mere $100. http://www.pictureline.com/digital/dmemory/index.html
  21. I just checked out Pictureline.com and WHOA! I am impressed! I typically use B&H, but I may float some money towards Pictureline if they are doing same day shipping with those prices! (same as B&H!)
  22. Just out of curiousity, do you have the site that was discussing focus problems with the 10D? I am sure a lot of people would like to to counter that argument. Was it an article or a message board?
  23. Hmmm... that is the first I have heard of anyone saying there was a focus problem with the Canon 10D. I have been researching this for awhile too, even reading the Nikon d100 user reviews where people compared the two and many Nikon users profess the greatness that is the 10D. I know for sure the 10D resolves a known and well-documented focusing issue with the Canon D60. You mentioned you use the 1D, but were considering getting a 1D as well? Assuming one of those was a typo, are you looking to buy a 1D or a 10D? I know what you mean about the upside of shooting slide (as well as print film) in terms of color, contrast, etc.... but there are simply too many advantages to shooting digital. I don't think Canon will be replacing the 10D for awhile... I could see a replacement coming in Spring 2005 maybe, but I dont see them replacing it in 2004, purely from an engineering perspective and the time and effort involved in analysis and development. The 10D has many clear advantages over the D60... I used to have an article that discussed them, but I will have to dig around my files at home to find the link. I will post it when I do, but I think you will be much happier with the 10D, particularly it's significantly improved focusing abilities.
  24. Here is the latest on housings for the Canon 10D. Subal - Late July/Early August (limited numbers shipping to US) Jonah Housings - September/October Ikelite - roughly October/November (probably) Sea&Sea - Still verifying, could be November or December As for whether my Subal housing will be here in time for my trip, still don't know. I will keep you posted!
  25. Dave, Just to make sure I understand, are you saying your housing has a button connected to the lens switch that lets you move back and forth from manual and auto focus?
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