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  1. Last I heard it will be sometime in November. I have a friend who is a rep who may know more, but S&S tends to keep them in the dark sometimes.
  2. I was under the impression that any card with 32x was considered "fast." - Or at least fast enough. Is this incorrect? Has anyone run a post about which cards people are using and which manufacturers or cards that might be avoided? Now I am curious about what other people are using but dont remember if anyone has ever asked about this before. I was planning to use Lexar cards.
  3. Well, this is interesting. I was looking on UniquePhoto.com and they have a 1 gig Lexar card for $289 and a 512 listed for $189. Am I missing something, or would it not be completely worth it to spend about $300 and get one 1 gig card rather than spend about $400 for two 512s? I am pretty sure either card would work in the Nikon D100, Fuji S2, or the Canon 10D. This is the 1 gig http://www.uniquephoto.com/index.php?expan...ail=LRDALX321GB This is the 512 http://www.uniquephoto.com/index.php?expan...ail=LRDALX40512
  4. I am starting this thread mostly out of curiousity, just to see where it goes since we have so many seasoned photographers that post replies and so many others who read the replies without posting. I am assuming a lot of these viewers are relatively new to underwater photography and might benefit from this thread. Assuming that most of us here use Autofocus for macro work, I am wondering how many people set the camera's focus on a specific point and then move in/out on a subject to obtain focus and how many people will continually adjust the lens while shooting a specific subject. Anyone want to share any tips or tricks related to obtaining a crisply focused picture?
  5. Don't forget the Ikelite housing for the 10D.... it is coming out sometime in Q3 of 2003 probably. Im not sure on the price, but I think it is somewhere around $1500-$1800.
  6. James, would you mind sharing a little more about these "bouyancy arm segments"? I am curious... are you using some sort of small device to provide positive bouyancy to the rig to help offset the weight and make it more neutral? I hadn't ever thought about doing that before, but it's a fantastic idea.
  7. Guess who's a happy little Triggerfish? By the way, I must also state for anyone new to this forum that Ikelite has the best customer service department I have ever experienced in ANY industry. I had the privelege of talking to a guy named Brett over the phone who gave me straight, honest, down to earth answers to every question I had. They have a housing for the 10D that will be available possibly in September. Also, the people with OceanBrite (the distributors for Jonah) were very helpful when I called. Subal, Ikelite, and Jonah will all have housings for the 10D coming out sometime in Aug-Oct probably, with Subal apparently in the lead with a possible July release. (I cannot WAIT to see how this turns out!)
  8. This is one of the things that interests me the most about moving to digital - some people say they use smaller degrees of light power from their strobes and others say they use full power. I am forced to wonder if the former group are using very powerful strobes (powerful enough for wide angle for example) and the latter group are using smaller, much less powerful strobes, which would be why they use their strobes at "full" or "half" power. Regardless, I am eagerly awaiting the decision I will make and the opportunity to shoot digital because it will give me an opportunity for so much more compositional creativity. I plan on shooting many many test shots to determine which strobe settings work most effectively between dark and light backgrounds and I will use that as a barometer in the field (hopefully with good results!)
  9. I must admit, I am somewhat torn over the loss of TTL. Initially, I will be using the digital to shoot only macro and am wondering whether TTL will be that important anyway. I figure a dozen test shots will enable me to find the "sweet spot" of light that I need in terms of the appropriate strobe power to use. I have heard a lot of people are using a very reduced amount of power when shooting dual strobes with digital... somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/4 or 1/8 power. Obviously the sweet spot would change somewhat depending on the subject.
  10. Brilliantly stated Bob... anyone out there with any business sense at all would have to see the tremendous sales opportunity here. I think the reason this has been a lesser issue is possibly because most professional or semi-professional topside photographers use studio lighting (or an amateur equivalent) and most true amateurs dont understand enough about photography to understand when TTL works best and when it doesnt, so the manufacturers assume the former do not use TTL and the latter either do not use it or do not need it. Additionally, top-side photography provides much more latitude towards adjusting your light, where as TTL can become crucial with underwater photography. (I am currently facing a huge dilemna related to TTL and digital... choosing between the camera I want (D10) and a camera that supports TTL (S2).) I am curious about Canon's and Nikon's take on this issue. I wonder if we could get someone from there to comment?
  11. :angryfire: You Nikon guys and your plethora of housings.... MUST BE NICE! LOL Can't wait to see the pics Alex! Hope you have some great dives!
  12. I'm sorry... but did I miss something? He was asking about using the Nikon 12-24 zoom on the Canon 10D... or was that a typo and he meant the Nikon D100? Just curious...
  13. I'm just fascinated that people are using so few options out there. Granted, I have been using Photoshop for nearly seven years, which probably gives me a distinct advantage over people new to the program and/or new to digital photography, but I am struggling to objectively determine where the RAW programs end and Photoshop begins. Truth be told, all I really need the RAW program to do is convert the file into a TIFF. I haven't found anything yet in a RAW proggie that enables me to do something I cannot already do in Photoshop. Am I missing anything?
  14. Hmmmm... that's a good point, about multiple chargers. For those of you shooting 10Ds or D100s, have you found that you must manually set your strobes down to a much lower poiwer setting? I am curious because with the loss of TTL and the forced transition back to manually setting the strobe, I am both anxious and excited about where that might lead.
  15. A friend of mine and I are evaluating a RAW conversion program called PowerShovel (it's freeware). Although I am pleased with some of the features it offers (especially considering it is freeware), I am rather curious about other programs that some of you may be using. Freeware or consumer software products are both on the playing field for this discussion... just looking for alternatives and other ideas. Also wondering if there is anything that I can outright avoid.
  16. LOL! Uh huh.... As Han Solo so eloquently stated... "Laugh it up, Fuzz ball..."
  17. You Nikon people... I swear. You dont know how good you have it! Housings here, housings there. Housings EVERYWHERE!
  18. Excellent question Stu - why would I want to use Nikon when I am used to Canon? The answer is simple: I don't. The problem is this: I could get ahold of the D60 and a housing fairly easily because I know someone who put together a system last winter then never had a chance to even use it. However, if I bought his system (which I still consider as an option), then I would still be wishing I had the 10D simply because it is a better camera. Unfortunately, the housings for the 10D may not be available by the timeframe I am working under (although I may have that resolved now) - I have to have the housing no later than say... early- to mid-August. Since I am determined to bring a DSLR on this trip, I am very loosely considering buying the Nikon D100 or the Fuji S2 simply because housings are readily available for both cameras. The downside is that this would require me to buy Nikon lenses (at least two), and as you said, this would be a huge change for me. Would it be intolerable? No... probably not. The good part is that once you get underwater, I would simply need to know how to navigate the camera. The bad part is that I would have to maintain an entirely separate set of lenses for underwater use. The good part about that (maybe?) is that this means any damage done to the lenses I am using underwater would not impact top-side photography since I would continue using my Canon lenses for that. Basically, switching to Nikon lenses (and the D100 or S2) is an absolute last resort. A very last resort. And I think you are right... I do think it could get confusing. I can already envision me underwater... going .... thinking, "ok... now what setting was I supposed to use?"
  19. This seems strange to me, but I thought I would go ahead and run it by you guys. The Canon 10D has a hotshoe mounted flash (the 550EX) that someone built an underwater housing for. At this time, this is apparently the only "strobe" that will allow a 10D to fire using TTL. Is it just me, or does it seem like there is no way in Hades that this flash would be strong enough to shoot anything past a few feet? And even if you were shooting macro, it seems like you would be pretty limited to what you could do with it. And what would you mount it to - you couldn't stick it on the top of the housing because the shadows would look too harsh. What I was planning to do was to shoot dual strobes, setting one manually and using one for my primary light and then using the other as a slave at a significantly reduced power setting for fill light. Is anyone here planning on using the 550EX underwater? If so, would you enlighten me as to what advantage you see by doing so? I dont want to stick with the "old" way of doing things just because ... but I dont see how this flash would really work effectively underwater for anything other than macro shots. (And even with that, I see issues.)
  20. It's funny how small the world can be. James and I bumped into each other at least half a dozen times last weekend without knowing each other - I recognized him from a picture he posted while field testing something... and Woody.... Woody is actually in DUPS (Dallas Underwater Photographic Society) with me and we have been talking quite a bit the past two weeks. He _loves_ his D100 but also understands my dilemna: Do I say a prayer (and chew my fingernails) and hope a housing for the 10D is available by August or do I bite the bullet and get the S2 or the D100 and get a more readily available housing, purchasing an additional set of lenses along the way? I sure do love my Canon lenses... especially the macro lenses. Decisions, decisions... Thanks for the suggestions on chargers.
  21. Anyone else have any recommendations about battery chargers? Specifically, manufacturers to avoid? I dont want to have my charger catching on fire when I am 400 miles from shore.
  22. James, what kind of charger are you using? I have been given so many choices by so many different people... From a purely logical perspective, I am thinking I need a charger with 8 slots, so I can fully recharge two complete sets of four (while using a second two sets of four). Or is that overkill? Just thinking out loud here...
  23. As far as strobes go, I was planning on using one large strobe (Sea&Sea YS90DX or Ikelite DS-125) and one smaller strobe for fill. I own a YS90DX and have been extremely happy with it, but have had good luck with Ikelite strobes in the past too, I would just need to buy the DS-125 at this point if I decide to go with that. Since all strobes only work manually with the 10D, I will probably just stick with the ones I have. The word of the day is "semi-neutral" - right now, I am focused on resolving the housing issue and trying to understand which batteries and chargers to go with depending on which camera I get. Two people have recommended the Fuji S2 over the Nikon D100, but the issue here is that I would still have to buy Nikon lenses regardless of which camera I bought. I read through the info about the S2 on DPreview and the two cameras look basically identical. James... you shoot with the S2. Would you mind if I asked why you chose it over the D100?
  24. Going off topic here for a second... but if any of you missed SeaSpace this year, you missed a good show. The film festival had a great showing of a film by Stefan Shultz called "Save the Whales" and a blinding display of 900+ photographs that flew by your eyes in just over two minutes. (The images were displayed against the digital song "Popcorn" with a new image displayed alongside each musical note of the song - I promise you that you have never seen anything quite like this.) Moving back on topic... I am curious about the types of batteries people are using in their 10Ds. Specifically, does any suggest avoiding any particular brand? Does anyone highly recommend any particular brand? Also, what about chargers? Sorry for the general questions, but I will literally be buying everything at once and need to ensure I get it perfect because once I get to where I am going, there will be no second chances.
  25. PS - James, did you happen to ask if the Ultralight strobe arms would work with the Jonah housing? Or would I need to buy arms specifically from them?
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