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  1. Well, foot. I must have walked by that housing 437 times... I wish I had known they were in the mix for a Canon housing. Mental note for next year I guess - I should have asked around more. By the way James... did you see the "Northwest Diver" piece by the Drafahls? It was _hilarious_. Rumor has it that there is a "Part Two."
  2. Has anyone here used Jonah Housings before? Just curious about a few things... I am going to spend some time on their website and maybe that will reveal a few answers..
  3. Thanks for the tip Andi.... Hmmmm. Looks like everyone's housings will be available sometime in August. I need the camera housing by early September if I am to take it with me to Asia and these August time frames are going to be cutting it REAL close. Pardon me while I go chew my fingernails.... Decisions, decisions. I dont exactly relish the thought of buying and maintaining a set of Nikon lenses just because the D100 was the only camera I could easily find a housing for. Too bad the camera manufacturers can't work more closely with the housing companies and provide dimensional specs or something to help us divers get housings when the cameras are released. Andi, what are your thoughts about using the 10D? Any additional thoughts you would like to share? What batteries are you using? I am about 90% determined to go ahead and just buy the 10D and then pray very very hard that I can find a housing before I leave in September.
  4. DOH! You have a UK 30 housing, huh? Hmmm. Actually, I live in Dallas, but a ticket down there is only $100 usually. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  5. Thanks for the thread James... (Just realized who you were, btw... we ran into each other a few times at SeaSpace this weekend. I was sitting in the back row of the Drafahl's workshop and we passed right by each other a few other times.) Can I just take a moment to say AUGH! I _really_ want to put this 10D in a housing. I am hesitant to buy a UK Germany housing for several reasons. I _may_ have a lead on another custom builder and will post the outcome as soon as I get it. I am also awaiting an email from Ikelite in response to a question I asked this morning.... they responded VERY quickly to the previous email I sent (literally a matter of hours) so I will probably hear back from them soon. I have not yet heard back from Subal... I have one main problem with putting the 10D into a D30 housing, namely, Has anyone ever tried to put the 10D in a Sea&Sea D60 housing? I know a Sea&Sea rep and could probably talk him into letting me test it, assuming he can get his hands on the housing.
  6. Reefkeep... James mentioned that you had a 10D in a housing for a 30? Could you provide a little more info on what works and what doesn't? Am I correct in understanding that there are simply no housings for the 10D currently available? Subal's website says they will have one ready in July 2003 and Ikelite's website says they will have a housing for the D60 available in Q2 2003, but some of the controls are in different places between the D60 and 10D, so the D60 housing probably won't work.
  7. I was actually looking at the D60, but the 10D is definitely a superior camera - and I figure why buy the 60 and a housing only to sit there craving the 10D? I actually know someone who bought the 60 and a housing and never even got it wet - now he is looking at the 10D too. I could buy his rig from him as a "Plan B" just for this trip... but the 10D is calling to me.... Buy me.... love my pixels... house me and share my shots with your new friends at Wetpixel....
  8. Thanks for the response James. Technically, I don't need the housing until 10 September or so because I don't have to be in Bali until sometime by September 12th. However, to be more technical, I would like to have the housing/camera decision made by sometime in August because I was given a free opportunity to go to Roatan for a week, which would give me a chance to get in the water and practice with the camera in a "real" environment. Too bad I can't afford a pool-sized aquarium! The issue at hand is that I REALLY want to stick with Canon because I have shot Canon for years and already have quality lenses. I have read many good things about the 10D and am more than prepared to buy the camera, but I am waiting until I am positive I can get a housing for it. (Subal states they will release one in July, but I am concerned that the July release date could easily become August - and then I could get placed in a really tight spot.) Does anyone know if Subal's "release dates" are historically actually the dates predicted? If the housing situation cannot be resolved by the August timeframe, then I may have to go with a Nikon D100, which would require me to purchase at least two or three Nikon lenses, which would be frustrating but tolerable. This trip will absolutely require the use of a quality DSLR, and I am pretty determined to get either a Canon 10D or Nikon D100 (with the preference towards Canon). I read about Subal's housing for the Canon 10D but am unclear as to whether it supports some control options, such as auto-focus. Also... I am also somewhat concerned that Subal will be overwhelmed with orders for the housing and that I could be placed on a very very long waiting list. So that is the situation I am facing. I figured there would be more housings available by now...
  9. I was just hoping I could get a little help here... I am leaving for Southeast Asia in a few months and hope to take a Canon 10D and a housing with me underwater; however, I am having problems finding housings for the camera. I live in Dallas Texas and do not relish the import fees I will have to pay if I order a housing from Subal, but they are the highest quality 10D housing makers I have found so far. Is anyone here shooting with a 10D? What housing are you using? If I dont find a housing solution by the end of June, I may have to buy a Nikon D100 instead of the Canon 10D, which will blow because it means I will have to buy several Nikon lenses as well. (I shoot Canon currently, but this trip requires a digital camera because I will be shooting thousands of images.) Thanks for any help! Direct emails are welcome. And if anyone here is shooting with the Canon 10D underwater now, I welcome any "insider tips" about issues you encountered.
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