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  1. Sorry to be such a neophyte with this question... but I am totally confused about the meaning of some terms and how they relate! Ok. Here's the question... How does a WA zoom (like a 12-24) differ from a fisheye? And please define 'rectilinear' cuz I know it will be a term that will be used! And can someone tell me what we might see different between shots taken with a Nikonos w/15mm WA lens and a DSLR with either the WA zoom or fisheye? Thanks so much all you very smart people! (Any photographic knowledge I had while using an SLR many years ago has disappeared from the brain )
  2. Thanks Yeang, Since U/W SLR is totally new to us (me especially) we are totally in the dark! What you have told me is helpful... Hopefully I can translate it into something that makes sense to me! (So many terms I read here and other photog sites is like a foreign language to me!!!)
  3. Thanks Marty! I will do some more searching as well...
  4. Hi, My husband and I are debating about which digital Canon to get (I'm biased... I work for Canon...) the Rebel or the 10D. My main use for the camera is to get back into SLR photography above water. My husband's use will be both, but he will probably win the fight over who gets to use it U/W! After all, I have my housed S45... which did great in Palau! We are not professional photographers, nor have any inclination to ever do so... I say that the Rebel is enough and the 10D is overkill for us. However... His main concern is the use of strobes... he has Sea&Sea strobes (forgot which ones), and has always shot TTL with his Nikonos. We have heard that with the Rebel, since there is no PC port, he would have to go Manual control on the strobes. Is this true? (He admits that he is lazy and doesn't want the added stress to learn how to do manual control as well as learn how to use the camera!!) Next question - lenses... he likes to do macro and the debate is between a 50mm Macro and the 100mm Macro. Will the housings available for either camera accomodate the longer lens? I guess the question is are there ports available? And what are people using for wide angle? With the 1.6x chip factor, a 15mm fisheye is equivalent to a 24mm WA and he feels this isn't wide enough. Any comments? Thanks for your excellent help in these matters!
  5. Regarding using a microdrive while scuba diving... Yes, it works. Recently returned from Palau where I used my S45 with a 1GB microdrive... dove to depths of 100ft, with an average depth of about 70ft. It worked great!
  6. Seeing all the wonderful pics here led me back to the book published by one of my friends/aquaintances... he doesn't shoot digital (as far as I know) but I think everyone will be pleased with his pictures. Tony Wu of Singapore (as well as another photographer friend of his), has got to be one of my all time favorite u/w photographers... a friend of Carl Roessler, Tony is also a shark-finning foe! He is published frequently in the Asian dive magazines... as both photographer and writer. Take a look at his websites... www.silent-symphony.com www.tony-wu.com (Hope it's ok that I posted them here...) Karen
  7. Oh! One more question about the costco printing... Do the images need to be in any particular format or size?
  8. Thanks John. I will check out the Costco and see if they have that machine. Oh. Do you know if it will read DVDs as well? Karen
  9. This is my first original post here, so I hope I'm doing this correctly! I have just returned from Palau and took a bunch of digital pics with my S45... my first foray into underwater still photography. From what I can tell, my husband is jealous of the good to great results! He lugged his NikonosV and I think he may want to change! (I can see a Canon 10D in our future!) Anyway, I know there was a previous post about getting prints made at Costco. However, the terminology is new to me and can someone post the whys/wherefores and what do I do's? I don't relish the thought of printing out on my S800 or CP-100... I have an album to complete! Thanks for any and all help! K.
  10. Hi, I'm Karen, a basketcase and am just getting into the realm of digital u/w photography... I work for Canon (not the imaging group, darn it! They get to play with all the new stuff!) and decided that I would dabble with my S45, Canon housing and Ikelite M50 strobe with a sensor. (Strobe and Ultralight tray and arm are hand me downs from my husband who shoots a NikonosV.) So for relatively little outlay, I think I have a pretty decent set-up! The gear hasn't gotten wet yet... but next week, we are off to Palau aboard the Ocean Hunter! Hopefully I will have good luck as some of the other newbies with their cameras! (And, the gear will at least get wet in a pool... unless I can manage a trip to Monterey this weekend!)
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