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  1. I received this email today. Is it a legit request for image use? The attached W-8 is a tax form with 7 pages of fine print. Hi Andrew, We'd like to use the attached Canberra image in Sport Diver Asia Pacific's Sept/Oct 2013 issue. May I please have the high resolution file? I've also attached a W-8 for you to complete when you can. Please email it back with your phone number. I'll use your contact information to send you our stock photography contracts. Sport Diver Asia Pacific is a digital, subscription based, password protected publication. We're licensing for an audience of 30,000, but because it is new we're nowhere near that number yet. The "page rates" are: Cover $250 New Inside Usage $75 Pickup from Sport Diver for an altered use $50 Sport Diver is our print, North American magazine. Here are the pages rates for future usages. Cover $1000 2-Pg Spread $550 Full Pg+ $325 Full Pg $200 1/2 Pg or less $100 Thank you! Have a great weekend. Carrie CARRIE GARCIA Sport Diver Photo Editor
  2. In really dirty water you just can't avoid lighting up the stuff in the water. What you can do is make it blend in to the lighter background. Shoot up towards the surface and play with shutter speed for more or less ambient exposure.
  3. Probably can't. Just create a new account.
  4. More likely there is something wrong with your version of Photoshop or operating system. Can you open the Photoshop file in someone else's Photoshop? Resize an offending image to Email able size and I'll check it on mine if you want. apnewton at gmail etc
  5. For a one off trip it's probably not worth it. You really need an external flash as well and a macro lens for a functional underwater setup. Best to concentrate on enjoying the diving and don't let the camera take over. Don't expect photos of a lifetime on your first attempt and without the appropriate gear. You might find video will give you better results first off
  6. No problem divengolfenfish, Anyway I think I learned all I know from Aussiebyron
  7. Same here, AF-S, although I leave it on multi point through laziness. You need to think in terms of single clips of a specific subject, rather than making up your mind as you're recording. Choose the subject, focus then record the clip. Refocus for the next clip, record, etc. You can refocus during a clip but you would want to edit out the refocussing section. A page of my settings here.
  8. My rule of thumb is... As good as brand new, Mint condition, for latest model camera - 3/4 new price Used, for latest model camera - 1/2 new price Used, superseded camera - someone please buy my housing
  9. Good blog Interceptor. Keep it up. The GoPro is great for "Guerrilla" timelapse but any lighting changes send the WB haywire
  10. Spit, rub around, dip under, then shoot as you're lifting up. Works for me. Spit level examples
  11. Fantastic. I'm sitting here shaking my head in awe.
  12. Looks like fun. Vis would have been zero. Here's some kite flying by GoPro near our dive sites.
  13. Not for the way I work, maybe I'm the odd one out here. I have standard starting aperture and shutter for macro or wide, then make adjustments after looking at the result on the screen. The meter has no role in that workflow. You have me intrigued now, how do you use the meter in manual mode?
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