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  1. Hello, I got the following issue. I have currently a Canon A80 with Canon housing and external flash INON d-2000. Unfortunately, my A80 is not working anymore – So I plan to purchase a new set of equipment compatible with my strobe INON. After many searches on Internet, I short listed two configurations: - Olympus SP-550uz + PT-037 + optical cable/cape INON W37 o Pros: - Lens starting at 28mn - Inon kit available for the PT-037 housing - Several underwater mode (UW macro, UW 1 and UW2…) - Seems good macro mode - Good Underwater Housing o Cons: - Quality of the SP-550uz compared to the Powershot G7? Start-up speed, focusing time in low light? - 7 Mp versus 10 Mp - More expensive (~760 Euros) than Canon Solution (~436 Euros) - Seems no possibility to attach WA lens on PT-037? - Canon Powershot G7 + WP-DC11 o Pros : - Powershot G7 seems to have better feedback on several reviews than the Olympus sp-550uz - Cheaper price - Possibility to connect Wet Wide Angle lens by purchasing Dyron kit. o Cons: - No kit INON for Canon housing WP-DC11 – But I will try to connect it on the internal flash plate (If I do that, I don’t know if it is causing issue for the DYRON lens kit?) - WP-DC11 housing requires to use multiple keys combination for Aperture and Speed adjustment I have excluded Ikelite + flat port solution as it is too much expensive and difficult to find in Thailand. I am going to Maldives in two weeks but I still hesitate on the solution… Please help me !!! Thank you in advance for your help… Best Regards…
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