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  1. NOW SOLD! Thanks to all who expressed an interest...
  2. Due to a recent upgrade, I'm moving on a Sea&Sea YS90 Duo strobe. Offers nikonos wired or fibre optic triggering, full TLL control or manual (half or full power). In full working order and good condition. Comes complete with YS mount bolt and wide angle diffuser. Can be used with a compact camera via a fibre optic cable available from Cameras Underwater etc. Will sell for £120 + delivery (UK only)
  3. Hmm... been doing a bit of research on the new Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobe. Although it looks good on paper (mostly), I was a little concerned by this line in the manual... "CAUTION: If the full flash has been activated 10 times in a row, allow the product to rest for 10 minutes before attempting to use it again." That suggests to me that the strobe has a tendency to overheat. Am I the only one that thinks this sounds very similar to the problem Nikon had with its SB900 slave gun? ie. they tried to pack too much power into too small a package. The manual is here for those that want a read... http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/strobe/ysd1/index.html
  4. Thanks again, Ryan! Looks like I'll be investing in an SX Extension ring very shortly (plus a dremmel tool to remove the 'nub') :-)
  5. Cheers Ryan - which ring is required for the 105VR? Sea&Sea seem to make a few of them.
  6. Thanks for the reply, Donald - out of interest, what extension ring are you using to allow you to use the 105mm with the standard NX port?
  7. Anyone know if the Nikon 60mm AF-S is compatible with the Sea&Sea Standard NX flat port (ie. the port with the rubber bumper front?). The S&S port table claims that you need to buy the compact macro port base (56201) + compact macro port S (56211) but from what I can see, there's no reason why the AF-S wouldn't happily work behind the NX Standard flat port (56101) - anyone tried it?
  8. Here's my three favourite shots of 2011... Taken in the Resurgence du Ressel back in June - this is probably my favourite photo of the year... brings back some great memories of some fabulous diving! Cave diving rocks!!!!!!! And I'm also quite pleased with this shot I took on the Rowella back in September... And - last but not least - my favourite remote strobe shot...
  9. Hi - thanks for the offer but both strobes are now sold. Thanks to all who expressed an interest!
  10. I have a pair of Sea&Sea YS110 strobes for sale. They're about just over 2 years old but are still in excellent condition and have *never* been flooded (I take care of my kit). They can be triggered via either Nikonos sync cable or via fibre optic cable (ie. perfect for compact cameras!). New price for one of these things through Cameras Underwater is £410 + delivery. I'll accept £250 each + delivery.
  11. As per my reply on Digigreen, I dive with a guy who uses a YS120 with an 850is and - although he does have 'complications' with this setup, it does work. I know it's not ideal and is still another work around, try running the strobe in 'manual 2' mode with the strobe power output set to 50% rather than full power - as per my mate's setup, you may find that the strobe will suddenly start working with your camera. Quite why it works in half power but not full power is still a complete mystery. If you want to get a more pernament 'fix' for this issue, I honestly think the only solution is to speak to Sea&Sea direct - their boffins in Japan are sure to have tested the YS-110 with Canon compact cameras so they'll be aware of any problems. Personally I suspect there isn't a fix for this...
  12. Thanks for the reply, James! Well I had quite an 'illuminating' day today (if you'll pardon the pun) which has resulted in me discovering a couple of things... 1. The TTL circuitry in my YS-110 is knackered which explains why it worked very briefly and then stopped working. I tried another YS-110 in Alan James' shop today and the DS-TTL worked fine on his strobe. I then connected my strobe to a F90x in a Sea&Sea housing via a hard-wired sync cable and it refused to fire. Nett result? TTL circuitry is clearly dead... 2. I managed to find a work around to my problems getting the IXUS 75 to trigger my YS-110 in manual mode. Still can't get it to work in 'manual 1' mode (ie. preflash mode) but I have managed to successfully get it to work every time in manual 2 mode (ie. basic single-flash slave mode). It's a bit of a botch but it does work. Here's how I do it... After flicking through the IXUS manual last night, I stumbled across a little known feature of the camera called 'Flash Exposure Lock' which - as you've probably already guessed - let's you override the automatic exposure setting each time you take a photo by locking the exposure to a predetermined setting. All you do is point the camera at something that's either light or dark (simplistic, eh!) and then half press the shutter button. When the camera locks the focus, hit the 'up' button (ie. the ISO setting button) and 'FEL' will be displayed on the LCD screen. Once this appears, the exposure is locked and will not change regardless of the light level. Once exposure lock is engaged, you simply press the shutter and the camera and strobe fire in sync. Now what I think is going on here is that activating exposure lock basically turns off the camera's preflash, forcing it to generate just a single flash instead of the usual two. As it's now only firing a single flash, the YS-110 is illuminated whilst the shutter is open. Naturally you'll get some pics that are over or underexposed but this can be easily fixed simply by using the 12-point power control on the strobe. Oh, and another thing I found out today... 3. Alan James is a bloody helpful guy. Can't recommend him highly enough - if you're in the UK and looking to buy Sea&Sea stuff and you want to buy it from a guy that genuinely knows what he's talking about, Alan is your man... His website is http://www.marine-cameras.com/ Thanks again, Alan!
  13. Ok, I'm pulling my hair out here. I've just purchased a Sea&Sea YS-110 strobe which I was hoping to use with my Canon IXUS 75 (SD750). The strobe has two manual modes - Manual 1 and Manual 2 - which, when used in connection with the 'slave on' switch, lets the strobe trigger from a fibre optic connection on my IXUS 75. Reading through the YS manual, it seems that Manual 1 is for cameras with pre-flash and Manual 2 is for cameras without (ie. single flash). Now the problem is that although the strobe will fire when used in manual 2 mode, it looks like the strobe is firing either before or after the camera shutter is opened - ie. I just get a dark photo! Is it possible that the strobe and the camera's own flash are firing slightly out of sync? I've tried using the strobe in pre-flash mode (ie. manual 1) but it then doesn't get triggered when the IXUS' own flash fires. Now I know that all compact digital cameras do pre-flash for metering etc but is it possible that the pre-flash from the IXUS isn't recognised by the strobe? The odd thing is that I know the strobe is working fine as I used it in pre-flash mode with my old Olympus 8080WZ surface camera and they paired up perfectly - ie. the strobe fired and I had a nicely illuminated frame captured on the camera but, try as I might, I can't get the strobe to work in either manual mode with the IXUS... For your information, I'm running with camera in manual mode at ISO 80 with forced flash. Ideas anyone? (other than 'buy another camera')
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