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  1. Cal The last shot is exceptional! bow bow bow to you Master.
  2. Drooling.... can't wait to visit you minus the great white and box jellyfish encounter.
  3. Cal was already asking me if he could have my D300 if I die, right after I told him what happen to me. And you want to feed me to the Great Whites It must be wonderful and scary living in a continent with the world most deadliest creatures. But I will visit next year, I just have to decide if I want a Weedy or Leafy. Which kind do you have in your area? Cheers Jeff
  4. Wobby, I am using a Canon 100mm macro, +4 closeup, Woody Diopter, Steve, Lots of rubble and debris in the area we went to, I think it was a piece of wood or perhaps bamboo. Jim, Feeling a lot better today - that incident with the box jelly really freaked me out. Thank you for the link to the facial mask. I am going to check if it is available here in the Philippines. Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments. I really appreciate it a lot.
  5. Thank you James - Please send my regards to Matt Sven - he was hovering but not touching the reef he has very good buoyancy. Gary - many thanks my friend.
  6. Hi - wonderful set... My favorite is the pipefish
  7. Species: Melibe viridis Species: Melibe viridis Ambon Scorpion Fish Yellow Reef Fish Sunset at Club O I hoped you enjoyed the show... Cheers Jeff
  8. Species: Chromodoris cf. annae Species: Phyllidia ocellata Juvenile Sole Spirals Species: Chromodoris willani Species: Risbecia tryoni Species - Spotter! LOL Uncle Ed Silhouette I hoped you enjoyed the show... Cheers Jeff
  9. I love those poka dot Nudibranchs!!! Beautiful Nudibranchs Jim. And that is a huge Stargazer. cheers jeff
  10. I don't know if I did this correctly Little Pink Frogfish Fingered Dragonet Bobtail Squid - burying itself in the sand
  11. Thanks Gary - My friend Liz spotted this Nudi for me. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it had 5 Rhinopores. James - forgive my ignorance - where can I find that option? I just borrowed a Monitor calibrator from my brother, but each time i use it, I get different colors in Photoshop. It is very frustrating. What looks ok on my computer, looks like crap on another. I am going to save up for a nice monitor calibrator for X'mas. Thank you Sir AMW
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