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  1. The ability to shoot RAW like I do topside is the reason I was looking at the Fuji E900. I will research the Canon RAW hack. Thanks. Thank you also for the advice on bayonet vs screw mount for the WA and the magic filter.
  2. Hi, I am sorry if this type of question gets asked often. I am going on a trip to Hawaii and would like to try to do some UW photography. I am a published wildlife photographer (birds mostly) so I care about image quality but, I am only looking to have some fun, not publish or compete. Maybe I'll print a couple 8X10's if I get anything good, so that sets a bar on image quality. I only dive once every other year or so, therefore a housing for my SLR doesn't seem like a good use of money. I was thinking that for something around $600, I good get a compact and a decent housing. I wanted a compact for kid snaps anyway. Any advice on what to get? So far the Fuji E900, F31, F40, and Nikon P5000 with an Ikelite housing seems like my best options. Can I get okay results without an external flash? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please help me pick a decent setup. Have I missed any inexpensive SLR options? I will do mostly (or all) snorkeling. Shallow water (< 10 meters). Subjects include turtles, my kids' first attempts at free diving, butterfly and trigger fish, moray eels, manta rays (last time had a great close encounter), and anything else that looks good. I tried a cheap film camera last time and although I had fun, the pictures were dissapointing. For the subjects I listed, should I also invest in a WA adaptor lens. I will probably more wide angle than macro. Thanks in advance for any and all help, John
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